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7 Disciplines of a Spiritual Leader

Ron Edmondson

A spiritual leader, in my opinion, is called to lead well. Leading well takes discipline. It’s almost a challenge to dream bigger dreams.

Connecting-The-Dots: TRUTH Matters

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Earlier this month I read two articles in the same week that emphasized the same ingredient in highly effective organizations. Connecting-The-Dots: TRUTH Matters. Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Character-based Leadership Leadership trust

10 Current thoughts on mid-life…

Ron Edmondson

I’m concentrating on the next half of my career. I’m “mid-life” I previously wrote 10 Benefits of Being Middle-Aged.

Discovering Your Leadership Development Needs


No leader is perfect. Some of them know exactly what leadership development areas they want to work on with their coach. Others struggle to figure out what they need or want to work on. I get it – it’s hard. A coach can help them to figure it out with early coaching conversations, but

November 2011 Edition - Strategy Execution Newsletter - On Managing Processes

Six Disciplines

Welcome to the November issue of the Strategy Execution Newsletter from Six Disciplines. In this month's issue, we're focusing on managing processes. Do You Have The "Master Process" In Your Organization? Think about it: all professions (sports, music, art, entertainment, education, architecture, to name just a few.) Find out how! The Fundamentals.

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Do You Have a Foundation of Great Experience & Culture?

Modern Servant Leader

Much of what I practice in both leadership and technology roles, I first learned early in my career. Experience & Culture. Our Failures.

The LIFE Business

Orrin Woodward

Michael Dell Changed My LIFE. In the winter of 2000, I had the privilege of hearing Michael Dell speak live at the Detroit Economic Club. This short meeting changed my life forever. In fact, it was probably the most significant business meeting that I ever attended. From Networking to Community Building. People Move Products. LIFE Business Launch.

How to Select Moderators and Staff Members on an Established Online Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: OttoKristensen We’re getting toward the end of of the latest round of new staff members on KarateForums.com, which is an established online community that I have run for over 10 years. Managing Staff

Team 21

Living Together


Words can’t express the numerous thoughts that went through my head as I looked upon these three cars. Maybe they were friends and parked together.


Self-Discipline – The Key to Productivity

Your Voice of Encouragement

He publishes one or two books each year and contributes original articles to several newsletters every month. Working to deadlines.

Covey 15

Are Americans Overworked?


Productivity is the holy grail of business. In this infographic, Good.is explores how Americans appear to be working longer hours to less pay.

Emotions in the Workplace: It’s Always Personal

Erika Andersen

Yesterday I sent out my twice-monthly Insider List newsletter, taking advantage of the Halloween timing to talk about fear. She worked with Walter J.

Consider your point of view

Tony Mayo

A key benefit of discussing important decisions with your executive coach is the exploration of alternative explanations for observed events. Managers, particularly business owners, have a very distinct point-of-view, a set of filters that leads them to interpret the data differently than their coach, employees, and customers might.

Don't Send That Email. Pick up the Phone!

Harvard Business Review

Around this time last year, I wrote about how we need to get back to allowing conversation to occur without texting, emailing, browsing, Tweeting, Facebooking, or doing whatever else zeros and ones can do these days on smart phones, iPads, notebooks, etc. But the bigger need is just for more live conversations to occur, period.

Leading Change When it Bursts Through the Doors

Linked 2 Leadership

Whether it is a planned or unplanned change, the disruption through a transition is often underestimated. Are you ready for change? 4 Key Drivers Common to businesses are four key drivers and the organizational strategy for each one of them. Keep in [.].

Idolize Bill Gates, Not Steve Jobs

Harvard Business Review

Apple is undoubtedly the gold standard of today's tech world. In fact, it's probably the gold standard of American industry at the moment.

Are Americans Overworked?


Productivity is the holy grail of business. In this infographic, Good.is explores how Americans appear to be working longer hours to less pay.

Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By

Harvard Business Review

Myth #1: Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand. This myth is based on the assumption that human beings are capable of doing two cognitive tasks at the same time. We're not. Instead, we learn to move rapidly between tasks. When we're doing one, we're actually not even aware of the other. What adjectives come to mind?

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!


Thoreau and simplicity are hanging out at The Hammock Papers. Thoughts worth pondering


Social Media Success Is About Purpose (Not Technology)

Harvard Business Review

In the real estate world, there is a saying: "The three considerations that most impact value are location, location, and location." In the world of social media, they are purpose, purpose, and purpose. Nothing impacts the success of a social media effort more than the choice of its purpose. What is a good purpose for social media? The lesson?

The Four Waves Every Successful Business Goes Through - Part I

Six Disciplines

Most every successful organization cycles through all four "waves" of these quadrants in this model - and does so repeatedly through their lives.

Who's Been Trafficking in Your Data?

Harvard Business Review

In the movie Enemy of the State , John Voight, playing an NSA official who suspects Will Smith's character of wrongdoing, says: "Let's get into his life." Through satellite technologies, communications monitoring, and active tracking devices, he proceeds to do just that. Not some security official in the U.S. Who is tracking me?" Remember cash?).

One of the Clearer Explanations


At Ricochet , an animated explanation of the Euro bailout


You Can't Impress Stock Analysts.and Shouldn't Try

Harvard Business Review

ExxonMobil reported last week that its net income reached $10.3 billion.in just the third quarter. The oil giant is arguably the most profitable corporation in history. Ten billion in three months is historic, but as the New York Times reported, " analysts were not impressed.". And yet.I Nobody writes a paean to the search for 9 percent EPS growth.

What's On Your Stop-Doing List

Six Disciplines

According to Michael Porter, the essence of strategy is deciding what not to do. BusinessWeek published an article " Are You Losing Control of Your Business? " in which it advised: "No. 1 on your to-do list? Make a "stop doing" list". BOTTOMLINE: As part of the strategic planning process, a distinctive step in Discipline I.

Be Prepared for What You Don't See Coming

Harvard Business Review

Author's Note: My colleague Holly Newman contributed ideas and research for this post. Have you ever worked on a project that produced unexpected results ? Unintended consequences are common in business. For example, sometimes when a senior manager makes a request, it causes a cascade of activity that is far beyond what she intended.

Productivity and Your Daily Email Routine

Six Disciplines

As the pace of technology continues to quicken, email is still the mainstream business communication tool, and most of us are "in" email (85+% of us - use Microsoft Outlook) - all day long. 39% of office workers feel lost and even frustrated when it comes to organizing and managing email. According to the research from MarketTools, Inc.,

What's In a (First) Name

Harvard Business Review

Back in the day when I was growing up (think early 80's) there wasn't an adult whom I didn't address as Mr. or Mrs. so and so. Grown ups were addressed with deference, distance, and formality and we kids knew what the protocol was. As goes our social world, so too goes the workplace. Level the playing field. I'm Jodi Glickman. Winfrey.

Halloween Count


The invasion started slowly. We began to talk about possible reasons for the dramatic decline from last year. Then, around seven o'clock, the doorbell started ringing. By the end of the night, we'd had around 225 trick or treaters come to our door. A few arrived after we'd run out of candy. The good news: All were polite and friendly.

From Viktor Frankl to Jim Collins – We are Free to Choose

First Friday Book Synopsis

Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Viktor Frankl We cannot predict the future. But we can create it. Jim Collins, Great by Choice ———— It’s been a lot [.].

CEO Survey on Candidates


From Chief Executive : Which candidate do CEOs believe has the greatest potential to turn the U.S. economy around

Corporate Cultures – Supervisor Initiated, Knowledge and Skills Controlled Environment

Strategy Driven

The Supervisor Initiated, Knowledge and Skills Controlled Environment represents a somewhat centrally controlled environment. However, the general lack of guiding processes or standards allows a great deal of operational flexibility; limiting the degree of consistency gained by these organizations. Want to learn more? Consider leaving a comment!

Expanding Service to the Client


I have beaten this drum before but will do so again. Once upon a time, you would buy blankets in one store, aspirin in another, and a radio in still another. Now, we are not surprised to find all of those sold in one place. As a management consultant, I often think of that precedent. Some law firms employ management consultants but most do not.

The value of observing others

The Organized Executive's Blog

The judge answered his own phone, and that’s how the reporter managed to get a rare quote from him. The judge’s secretary never would have put through a call from a newspaper reporter. My fellow reporter knew that, and Terry knew something else too: The secretary left the office around the same time each morning to fetch coffee for the judge.