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The Relationship Economy

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T HE ONE SKILL that matters more than any other in leadership and life is the ability to connect with others. We generally learn this through example, but if those we emulated didn’t know how to do it (or its importance), we are at a disadvantage.

Helping Your Team Navigate Changes

Joseph Lalonde

Leading Through Change. Change will not only impact you. Your team will be impacted by changes in their lives and in your organization. Are you prepared to help navigate them through the changes they will face? You better.

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How To Make The Transition From Engineer To Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

Some people think that engineers don’t make the best leaders, though this isn’t necessarily the case. Engineers are known for being detail-oriented, problem-solving, deep level thinking and working alone. The challenge is cultivating the ability to motivate a team.

The Path From Empathy to Accountability

Leadership Freak

The ability to manage schedules, operate machines, or take someone’s temperature has nothing to do with leading. The challenges of leadership are human, not technical.

The HR Playbook: Reduce Turnover with Employee Benefits

Companies with the right mix of benefits saw a 138% drop in employee turnover. Learn how you can lower your employee attrition rate and retain top talent.

Best Practices To Optimize Your Self Employment Taxes

Strategy Driven

It’s great to be your own boss and this is the reason that a large number of people are picking up freelancing. Even those in full-time jobs are embracing it as a side hustle. While you can make good money from a part-time or full-time freelance project, you are expected to pay your taxes as well.

Weekly Round-Up: 5 Tools for Communicating Vision, Understanding Narcissistic CEOs, Growing Team Trust with Listening, 4 Leadership Mindsets for the New Economy, Committing to Change Initiatives


Welcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts. This Week's Round-Up of Leadership and Communication Blogs: Five Tools for Communicating Vision By Mark Cole ( @JohnMaxwellTeam via @JohnCMaxwell ), John C.

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Resolve To Find A Mentor In 2020

Eric Jacobson

Having a mentor is one of the best things you can do to advance your career as a leader. So, decide today to secure a mentor who will work with you during 2020. A mentor can benefit leaders new to their leadership role and they can benefit experienced and seasoned leaders, as well.

How to Limit Personal Risk When Starting a Business

Strategy Driven

You’ve got to be pretty brave to start a company. The failure rate is pretty high, it’s a lot of hard work, and, if it goes wrong, you might find that you’re in a difficult position.

Leadership Caffeine Podcast #30—Charlene Li

Management Excellence

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Leadership Caffeine Podcast #30—Charlene Li

Art Petty

In this episode of the Leadership Caffeine podcast, Art Petty talks with author and digital transformation expert, Charlene Li, about her new book, The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail.

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How to Build a Competitive Benefits Package

An attractive benefits program can be a highly effective recruiting and retention tool. But to make benefits a competitive advantage, employers must get creative with their benefits strategy or risk losing out on the best talent. Learn how to build a benefits package that your employees will love.

How to Seize Opportunity in a World of Disruption

Skip Prichard

Navigate through Change. “Agile organizations treat disruption and adversity as opportunities.” ” -Tilman, Jacoby. Today’s organizations face the unknown on a weekly basis. In this environment of constant change, I often hear that we should be agile.

Two Talent Development Mistakes Leaders Make

Let's Grow Leaders

There are two common mistakes leaders make in developing their people. You can make both mistakes easily and they can end your leadership career. In this episode, David discusses both mistakes and how to ensure you help your team members to […].

Effective Strategies To Grow Your Business

Strategy Driven

The ultimate goal of most businesses is to develop and increase revenue potential. While scaling your business can be challenging, there are plenty of ways to improve business operations, increase sales, and boost profits within your company.

Create an Ethics Committee to Keep Your AI Initiative in Check

Harvard Business Review

It’s about more than just mitigating bias. Ethics Risk management Technology Digital Article

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

Raising Money When You Want to Start a Small Business

Strategy Driven

Starting a business is a common dream, and while you may only need a small investment to get off the ground, it can lead to big things. However, getting that initial seed money can be difficult, especially when you’ve still got rent and bills to pay while you wait for your first profit to arrive.

Why So Many CEOs Don’t Realize They’ve Got a Bad Jobs Problem

Harvard Business Review

They’re using the wrong data to assess job quality. Labor Operations Digital Article

How to Get More Men to Take Gender Balance Seriously

Harvard Business Review

Make it a business issue, not a diversity issue. Gender Digital Article

Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Ecosystem

Harvard Business Review

It creates a pipeline that helps good ideas emerge. Innovation Business models Digital Article

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

Examining five years of anonymous data from over 6 million users in 170+ countries, Spigit has discovered that a culture of innovation can be measured – with a 99% statistical confidence level – by a metric called "ideation rate." Download the eBook now for an in-depth look at this groundbreaking study.

Is Sustainable Investing Moving Into the Mainstream? - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM UBS

Harvard Business Review

Sponsor content from UBS. Sponsor Content

Getting Your Team to Do More Than Meet Deadlines

Harvard Business Review

Here’s a system to help them set aside time for their most important work. Time management Digital Article