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Book Giveway: Man Shoes by Tom Watson

Ron Edmondson

I explained recently that I have a new heart stirring. You can read about it HERE. Talk about perfect timing! They give away a kit!

Managing with integrity

Bud to Boss

“It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.”. Will Rogers. Investigations are ongoing. Lying. Playing favorites.

Let’s Talk Mentoring

Ron Edmondson

I have had mentors in my life since I was in my early twenties. These men have added so much to the quality of my life. Hopefully more to come!

The Importance of Tracking Your Time

Six Disciplines

If you want to improve performance (or increase capacity or capability), you need to track the one thing that you'll never get back: time. In order to improve effectiveness and efficiency, you must understand how your time is being used. In other words, all of these advances have taught us how to be more efficient. made us more effective ?

Covey 30

Sit and Wait?

Kevin Eikenberry

“You want to take action every day, not sit around waiting for something to happen.&# -Richard Bolles, Author Questions to Ponder What action have I taken today? What action will I take next? Action Steps Get up and get going. Decide what action will make a difference for you and your future, even if it [.].

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Observation for Innovative and Creative Solutions

Management is a Journey

Let’s face it busy operational managers and senior leaders need solutions! They recognize that today ordinary, quick-fix solutions have limited benefit in an environment where constant change is routine. These managers and leaders want innovative solutions to the problems they face in the workplace.

Made to Stick: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Chip Heath and Dan Heath Random House (2007) The art and science of devising ideas that have impact and endurance This is one of the most entertaining as well as one of the most thought-provoking and informative books I have read in recent years. Chip [.].

Do Something Important


It's Friday. Stop thinking about the weekend before your mind runs out into the street. Saturday will be all the sweeter


The Big Picture of Business – Fine Wine, Aged Cheese and Valuable Antiques: Part II

Strategy Driven

The successful professional person takes the time and appropriates the resources to develop a Body of Work, rather than just hold jobs. by Hank Moore.

Happy birthday to The Office - what does the future hold for office life?

Chartered Management Institute

The sitcom The Office first aired in Britain 10 years ago tomorrow, and through the following 14 episodes placed the antics of David Brent firmly into the public consciousness. & Brent is now so synonymous with bad management that whenever such a story hits the newstands his image is often placed alongside.

The focus of busy

Reiter Thinks

What is busy? Each of us have our own personal definition. It could be getting up and rushing out the door to your job in the morning feels “busy”. Or it could be the stay at home mother (or father) with a couple of children who has to juggle appointments, nap time, lunch, play dates and a myriad of other daily ventures is equally busy.

Possibility Maximizer: Alltop - All The Top Stories

Maximizing Possibility

Every week I like to feature an online resource that will help you to Maximize Possibility in your organization and your life at work. Today I have an excellent online resource that I am confident will add considerable value to your professional life. Enjoy! On Alltop you will find great blog posts and news stories on

Please Get the LinkedIn Invitation Right!

Management Excellence

LinkedIn is an increasingly popular and powerful professional tool. Like many other professionals, I enjoy connecting with others via LinkedIn, and find it a remarkably useful tool for making new contacts, remaining in contact and conducting talent and firm research of all types. Cut it out!

Enchant Your Employees

Harvard Business Review

Enchantment defines a relationship with employees that is deep, delightful, and long-lasting. If you can enchant your employees, they will work harder, longer, and smarter for you — and, ideally, you for them too. Here are the ten best ways to enchant your employees. Provide a MAP. Empower them to do what's right. Suck it up.

Book Review: “The Final Summit” by Andy Andrews

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development Reviews This post is reprinted from “The Conversations Around Us&# with the permission of its author, Tara Alemany. I first “discovered” Andy Andrews when he started following me on Twitter. (He’s He’s @AndyAndrews.) From that point onward, I was [.]

What Google's Quiet Failure Says About Its Innovation Health

Harvard Business Review

Let social media mavens debate whether Google+ will succeed as a 'Facebook killer' where Buzz did not. I think they'd benefit from a quick look back at a failed innovation Google quietly DNR'ed. Not even for Google. There's a valuable lesson here. All the essential ingredients were there. Literally hundreds of billions of dollars of opportunity.

Book Giveway: Man Shoes by Tom Watson

Ron Edmondson

I explained recently that I have a new heart stirring. You can read about it HERE. Talk about perfect timing! They give away a kit!

FBR (Friday Book Review): Poke the Box by Seth Godin

Jason Womack

It shipped a few weeks later. If you lived in that world, what would you do? 9: "What do you do here?". 23: When in doubt.Look for the fear.

Let’s Talk Mentoring

Ron Edmondson

I have had mentors in my life since I was in my early twenties. These men have added so much to the quality of my life. Hopefully more to come!

Mini Saga #112 – Nothing to Lose

Rajesh Setty

You can’t lose what you don’t have. Mini Saga #112 – Nothing to Lose. Note: 1. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. on Flickr.

For an Organization… With People…

From the Principal's Pen

When people mention anything about working ‘for’ me, I quickly correct them saying they work ‘with’ me. This is not just some politically correct line in my book – it holds deeper meaning for me. People who know me, recognize that I hold strong opinions on different issues. And why do they need to know? With people.

97% Solution: Exceptional Leaders


A thought-provoking piece: Wally Bock has some great recommendations on the use of exceptional leaders. An excerpt: Use the exceptional leaders as instructors in leadership. They're the most credible instructors you can have, especially if they use their own stories as part of their teaching.

The Leading Obstacles To Strategy Execution

Six Disciplines

" The Keys to Strategy Execution: A Global Study of Current Trends and Future Possibilities ", was a research study commissioned by the American Management Association and conducted by the Human Resource Institute. The research identified the leading obstacles that hinder strategy execution - and what companies can do to overcome them.

And Now, The Litigation


Miller said his group consented to help search for Caylee on the premise that she was missing. That’s a notion at odds, he said, with the scenario set out by Anthony’s defense team during their opening statement, when they said Caylee had died by drowning in the family pool. “It’s Read the rest at The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution

Six Disciplines

"A brilliant strategy, blockbuster product, or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there. ". So begins the Harvard Business review article " The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution ," written by executives from management consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Music Break


"People coming up the hills from all around you. Making up your memories and thinking they have found you." Judy Collins, Albatross

Eight Reasons Why Change Initiatives Fail - And What To Do About Them

Six Disciplines

So goes the phrase: "If nothing changes, nothing changes.". According to John Kotter, change expert and author of "A Force For Change: How Leadership Differs from Management" there are eight reasons why change initiatives fail : Too much complexity. Failure to building coalition and support. Not understanding the need for a clear vision.

Book Review - You Can't Not Communicate

CEO Blog

I finally got a New York cell phone so anyone who needs it, email me. On a personal note, I was blessed by a visit by my daughters Beth and Laura this week. Had a great time. We went out to see the Daniel Radcliffe and John Laroquette musical " How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying ". My kids picked it. It was an awesome play.

Customer Service: The Small Things


The last time I bought lenses for my eye glasses, they gave me a Kodak lens cleaning cloth. Although normally used for cameras, it is absolutely great for glasses. Every time I use it, that store scores a few more points


Pixar’s “Daily” – Yes, You Do Accomplish What You Meet About (Reinforcing one of the “takeaways” from Josh Linkner’s Disciplined Dreaming)

First Friday Book Synopsis

This morning, I presented my synopsis of Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven Guide to Drive Breakthrough Creativity by Josh Linkner, at the July First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas. It is hard to come up with the most important portion of the book. It could be this one: Businesses have systems and processes for everything, from [.].

Quote of the Day


It is easy to acquire an enemy, but difficult to acquire a friend. Anonymous


Incumbentitis ? The Anti-Innovation Disease

Mills Scofield

Well, will congress put the country or their own political careers first? You’d think they should be one and the same but we know they aren’t. With the upcoming elections, getting re-elected will matter more. In 2010, it was out with the ‘old’, in with the new, mostly.

Atlantis Lifts Off - Last Shuttle and End of an Era

Building Personal Strength

It was an historical event - the final launch of the space shuttle program. The first launch happened on April 12, 1981. Exciting stuff. more shuttles.

Closeout for 7.8.11


Every friday we review the posts from LeaderLab contributors that has appeared on this blog and elsewhere online. The latest episode of our podcast was released on Tuesday, it features Jesse Lyn Stoner discussing the important of vision and how to build a collaborative one (all conveniently packaged in her book, Full Steam Ahead.). Elsewhere.