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Can Forgiveness in Leadership Be Empowering for All?

C-Level Strategies

As many of my long-standing readers know, I have been on a soulful journey for many months now – focused on personal growth - and I spend time each morning focusing on letting go of what may be holding me back.

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Stanley Hudson from The Office on Christmas

Ron Edmondson

I’m with Stanley: How about you? Related posts: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 … Andy Stanley. Catalyst One Day Chicago Session One: Andy Stanley on Momentum. Catalyst One Day Chicago: Andy Stanley on Momentum in our Practices. Culture Funny


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Doing More With Less

Leading Blog

Most companies are asking employees to do more with less. These demands may produce positive results in the short term, but they are not sustainable in the long term. Organizations can do more with less simply by not leaving so much untapped performance on the table.” The frustration people often face in these conditions is not an engagement problem; it is more often an enablement problem.

Laying the Groundword for Change

Ron Edmondson

I once asked one of my mentor pastors, (make sure you have one of those) who is in his 90′s now, how he was able to implement major changes in a large, traditional church. (If If you’ve never tried it…trust me…it’s not easy.)

Five Ways to Fill Others with Courage

Leadership Freak

I wanted to make a difference when I was a teenager but lacked courage. Encourage means to fill with courage. You have the power to give courage to others. You also have the power to drain people’s courage, to discourage. The hardest thing about my nearly fatal accident isn’t the pain and recovery. It’s the [.]. Courage Criticism Marks of leaders Optimism Personal Growth Power Taking others higher weaknesses courageous action dance of courage great leaders Leadership Development

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Smarter Workplaces: Why High Achievers Flounder

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Many high performers would rather do the wrong things well than do the right thing poorly. Thomas J. DeLong and Sara DeLong, “The Paradox of Excellence,” Harvard Business Review, June 2011 Leaders are often high achievers who continually grow as professionals. But in many organizations, there are high achievers who are floundering. They’re smart, ambitious [.]. Leadership Development achie certification HBR high-achievers reciprocity

Anthony J. Mayo: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Tony Mayo is the Thomas S. Murphy Senior Lecturer of Business Administration in the Organizational Behavior Unit of Harvard Business School (HBS). He currently teaches FIELD, Field Immersion and Experiential Leadership Development, a new required experiential, field-based course in the first year of the MBA Program. Previously, he co-created and taught the course, “Great Business [.]. Bob's blog entries Anthony J.

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Book Review: The Decision to Trust


Leaders lead through trust. More specifically, they lead when the decision to trust has been made by the follower. This is a basic premise of Dr. Robert Hurley’s new book The Decision to Trust. Hurley addresses this book to the seemingly permanent lack of trust currently felt for our businesses and government.

The stop signs

Rajesh Setty

The general rule to follow at the stop sign is to stop and then go. Exceptions apply (in some places in India, you stop when you absolutely need to stop, otherwise you just go.). OK, assuming that everyone is following the rules, life becomes simple for you and for everyone else who is on the road.

Mentoring Paradox

Mills Scofield

I believe mentoring is a gift for the mentee and the mentor. Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed with incredible mentors who, perhaps unknowingly, taught me how to mentor. It’s something I take seriously and joyfully. It is a paradox - an incredibly selfless thing that is also very selfish. Recently, my mentoring has increased.

Quote of the Day


In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it "Christmas" and went to church; the Jews called it "Hanukkah" and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Hanukkah!" or (to the atheists) "Look out for the wall!" - Dave Barry


The great management guru hoax

Chartered Management Institute

Trial and error, or to use its proper title reinforcement learning , is without doubt one of the most effective ways for us to learn. That our behaviour is shaped by the feedback we receive as a result of our actions is perhaps not a new concept, but with our things like the pay and reward given to many in our finance sector still such a hot topic it seems an issue that still has not been resolved. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

L2L Book Review: “The Talent Code” and “Start With Why”

Linked 2 Leadership

Questions: As growing leaders in the business world, we might ask ourselves these questions. Why are some people and organizations more innovative, influential, and profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees? Why do some have repeat success? Question Behind the Questions: “What can we do to enhance this in our organizations?” L2L Book Reviews To continue answering the questions above, [.].

The conversation of race: Never an easy one.

ReThink HR

A SIMPLE COMMENT. Recently I left a very short comment on a popular industry blog (not HR). The overall post included the topic of bling and writing. It also had a number of images that were typical of what anyone would find in a bing search for images on the term BLING (i.e.

Lessons on leadership: Shackleton

Talent Technologies

We’d like to share with our readers in the Tropics looking for a good heartwarming Christmas tale some lessons on leadership provided by one of the most acclaimed leaders of all time. Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic offers lessons of courage, decisionmaking in the most difficult of circumstances, and leadership in the face of stubborn and unrelenting adversity.

Do You Need a Few Courageous Conversations?

The Practical Leader

May you enjoy a Moose-free Holiday Season! Moose-on-the-table is a concept I’ve written about extensively such as in my “edutaining” fictional book by that title.

Innovative Ideas to Watch in 2012

Harvard Business Review

The following six ideas emerged this past year as powerful "innovation invitations." They seem certain to intensify in global power and influence. They'll be sources of — and resources for — innovation differentiation this coming year. If your organization doesn't find them innovatively interesting, then be careful: they may be wielded by the competitors you most dread. The Slacktivism Co-Opt.

Art Deco Break


Art Contrarian looks at the style of Wyndham Lewis


Book Review: The Decision to Trust


Leaders lead through trust. More specifically, they lead when the decision to trust has been made by the follower. This is a basic premise of Dr. Robert Hurley’s new book The Decision to Trust. Hurley addresses this book to the seemingly permanent lack of trust currently felt for our businesses and government.

Mug for Your Next Physical


Available at The Onion


Who Owns Your Customer Relationships: Your Salespeople or Your Company?

Harvard Business Review

Your R&D group develops a unique new product. Manufacturing produces it. Finance puts the systems in place to track the money coming in. Marketing designs the promotional campaign. Your sales force is ready to execute. "We We own the relationships with customers," say your salespeople. The company holds us accountable for revenues and expects us to develop and maintain the connections to drive sales. Just pay us our commissions and leave us alone.".

Fear Factors


I have a friend who loves scuba-diving. He was describing some great dives and, perhaps sensing my reaction, asked if I would be interested in going along on one. I politely begged off, noting my aversion to sports where one of the possible downsides is being eaten alive.

Why HR Really Does Add Value

Harvard Business Review

In light of today's economic volatility and uncertainty every aspect of business is being re-examined for its value in creating and sustaining profitable growth. I've worked in human resources for over 25 years, the past six with Newell Rubbermaid, and this is not a new endeavor for me. Throughout my career, I have consistently faced the question, "How does HR add value in a business?" In many cases, this question is not asked politely.

Return of My Thermos


Good news! My Thermos is back in operation. Aside from having one of the greatest blog names ever, the site was always fun and informative. [HT: HT: Cultural Offering

Capitalism Gone Wild

Harvard Business Review

video platform video management video solutions video player. Julia Kirby , HBR editor-at-large, explains how our economic system got to this sad state—and where to look for hope. For more, go to the article Runaway Capitalism. Economy

Groupon Math


Political Calculations has a device for calculating your Groupon discount coupon offer

Everyone Loses in a US vs. China Trade War

Harvard Business Review

The US Department of Commerce's recent decision to launch an investigation into Chinese solar panel manufacturers is a new marker of the friction between the US and China. Seven American solar-equipment manufacturers have claimed that their Chinese counterparts enjoy an unfair cost advantage in the form of subsidies. This dispute is part of a long-standing belief, especially in the US, that China should allow the value of the renminbi to rise in order to rebalance the global economy.

First Paragraph


General Taddeo Bottando's triumphantly successful campaign towards the unmasking of the shadowy English art dealer, Geoffrey Forster, as the most extraordinary thief of his generation began with a letter, postmarked Rome, that turned up on his desk on the third floor of the Art Theft Department on a particularly fine morning in late July. From Giotto's Hand by Iain Pears

Put HR Skills on Your Performance Improvement Team

Harvard Business Review

If you picked a dream team to improve the way your organization does business, who would be on it? I know who would be on my team. Besides front-line people who know how things work today and process improvement experts who know how they could work tomorrow, I'd want team members who could contribute to improvements that would stick. My team would have people with deep functional knowledge and skills (strategy, sales, marketing, finance, and information technology) to align surrounding processes.

Close Encounter with a Gorilla


At Althouse : A brief visit with a silverback and his family


Business Model Innovation the Red Sox Way

Harvard Business Review

We entered the EMC Club at Fenway Park on a crisp December evening, about 10 minutes before the scheduled start of Innosight's year-end party. We gaped like little kids at what John Updike memorably called a " lyrical little bandbox of a ballpark " illuminated with wreaths. Then we turned to the scoreboard and saw what seemed a 300-foot-tall sign saying, "Fenway Park welcomes Innosight" (they even had our new logo!). Why am I writing about Innosight's holiday party?

Management Improvement Carnival - II


Tanmay Vora has posted the second part of the Annual Management Improvement Carnival

That first step is a doozy

Deep Imprints

I saw this video today. It occurs to me that sometimes, God frees us and it isn’t easy. He frees us from rules, schedules and expectations. Our natural response? To stay in our rules, schedules and to keep a close list of others’ expectations. As you go through the next two weeks, and the burdens of life weigh down, know that God has gone before you. In every conversation, He has a purpose. In ever encounter, He has planned an outcome. In every difficult time, He is not surprised.

IE and Its Alternatives


Studio 1c examines browsing alternatives to Internet Explorer. I think the biggest rap on Internet Explorer is that it is more prone to picking up viruses and malware. That is no minor problem. The "user unfriendly" argument seems unfair. I've used Firefox and Safari and don't find them to have any notable superiority on that point