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Improving Decision Making with the Ladder of Inference

Management is a Journey

My Twitter colleague, Renee Charney of Charney Coaching & Consulting wrote a great post on her blog on the Ladder of Inference. Like Renee, I like this tool and it is a great tool for moving from faulty decision making to informed decision making. It’s helpful for preventing us from making that all too human [.]. Videos management organizational productivity survival skills

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Have you shared your vision with your team?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Leadership Development I was a new middle manager on my first trip across the country to the Corporate Office and was seated in the Executive Boardroom for a meeting. As we were preparing to take a short break, the CEO leaned across the table and asked me, “Chery, have you shared your vision with your team?” I [.]. Change Management Leadership Development engagement Growth Leadership Strategy Teamwork vision

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10 Questions to Evaluate Your Personal Progress

Ron Edmondson

This week every year, I review my personal progress for the year. Would you like to play along? Here are some examples of questions I ask myself: What did I do that worked well? What did I attempt that didn’t work? Did I meet my goals? What could I do better with a little tweaking? What should I stop doing so I can do other things? Where is my time most being wasted? What discipline do I most need to implement into my day? What was my most memorable moment?

Get Ahead & Have Fun At The Same Time.

Rich Gee Group

During a coaching session with one of my incredible clients, I constructed a term they needed to produce to ensure success at their task. I called it ENERGETIC ENTHUSIASM. They have a marketplace-imposed deadline — they only have 30 days to get their task complete. So they have to get off their butt and get it done

#3 – 2011: 7 Warning Signs you May be a Controlling Leader

Ron Edmondson

This is the third most popular blog post written in 2011: 7 Warning Signs You May Be a Controlling Leader. I’m seeing and hearing more about controlling leadership lately. I regularly talk to young leaders through my blog and many of them feel they are working for one. The odd thing, however, is that many controlling leaders never really know they are one.

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Leadership Is Getting To The Smiley Face (A Conversation With Carol Roth)

Terry Starbucker

In September, at SOBCon NW in Portland, I sat down for an interview about Leadership with small biz guru and NY Times bestselling author Carol Roth. In the interview, Carol asked me: 1) What is Leadership? 2) How do you get everyone on the same page?

How John Maxwell Navigates Leadership

Leadership Freak

I sent a note to John Maxwell. This is part 2 of his reply. What do you do to navigate the changes your leadership journey brings to you? First, I think everyone navigates according to their pain file. When you don’t succeed at something, then it should prompt you to want to grow. For example, one [.]. Author Decisions Interview Leading Marks of leaders Mistakes Personal Growth john maxwell leadership journey maxwell john seeking god

#2 – 2011: 5 Characteristics of True Friendship

Ron Edmondson

I’m counting down the top posts, which were written in 2011. Surprisingly, my top posts are usually from year’s past, thanks to Google search, but these were actually written this year. You can read my all-time top posts on my “About” page HERE.). Here is the second most popular post of 2011: True friendship is rare. If you ever get in a bind, have a major failure, or somehow lose your way, you realize how rare true friendship is these days.

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Favorites of 2011: Team Building & Leadership activities / simulations

Create Learning

With the end of the year approaching, this week is a great to share some of my favorites of 2011. Here is the schedule it may change; 12/27/11 – Photos of Teams. 12/28/11 – Images used in presentations & Articles. 12/29/11 – Team Building & Leadership activity (simulation).

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How to “Relax the Axe”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article from the Drucker Exchange (the Dx), an online resource that hosts an ongoing conversation about bettering society through effective management and responsible leadership. It is produced by the Drucker Institute, a think tank and action tank based at Claremont Graduate University that was established to advance and build [.].

Rejection may just be a stop sign – Jai Ho story

Rajesh Setty

We talked about stop signs very recently. A rejection even from someone who is accomplished can dampen anyone’s spirits. However, the reasons for rejections can be many. If what you have created is valuable and awesome, the reason for rejection is generally, the fit. What you brought to the table may just not be right for the project at hand. This was really the case for Jai Ho. Jai Ho is the song from Slum Dog Millionaire which won an Oscar for supe talented A. Rahman.

Video 14’s Most Read Community Management Articles of 2011

Managing Communities

photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photos Since this will be my last post of 2011, here at, I decided that we would take a look back at the 10 most read articles that were published here in the last 12 months. It’s always fun when something that I write resonates so well that people pass [.].

3 Steps to Go PRO with Your Business Website and Make more Money

Women on Business

Your business website and the rest of your online presence can be a great tool to help you market your business and get more sales. In fact, that is its PURPOSE. Your online presence is simply a platform to share your big message, attract new clients and bring more sales to your business.

The Eighth Practice of Leader Learners


My friend, T. Addington, a truly gifted and effective leader , posted a blog article this past Tuesday titled "Seven Practices of Leader Learners." He pointed out that not all leaders are learners, and that not all learners are leaders.

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A Successful, Happy Life - It Takes More Than You Think

Building Personal Strength

A successful, happy life. I guess everybody knows it takes more than than money and beauty. Just ask Bernie Madoff and Kim Kardashian. And guess what.It also takes a lot more than a good education and business know-how. I try to stress this point with parents. Yes, kids need a good education.

Do You Lead Your Own Life?

Linked 2 Leadership

We are all searching for answers. The moment we stop that search, we cease to be the leader of our own life. No matter what we do for a living, we are all entrepreneurs of our own ideas. The generation of ideas and answers to life’s questions is empowering. It helps us to identify and [.]. Leadership Assessments Leading & Developing Other Leaders Professional Development business leadership News

Harvard Business Review on Increasing Customer Loyalty: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Harvard Business Review on Increasing Customer Loyalty Various Contributors Harvard Business Review Press (2011) How to create customers who are profitable This is one of the volumes in a series of anthologies of articles that first appeared in Harvard Business Review. Having read all of them when they were published individually, I can personally attest [.].

Today’s Links on ecademy

Rapid BI

Top 10 most important topics to business people The site BusinessZone earlier this month published their most popular articles of the year: These are: 1. “I am not an SME, you patronising *!” ” (16,679 views) Big businesses and governments are totally, hopelessly clueless about small businesses, says Robert Craven. James Caan quits Dragons’ Den [.]. ecademy

The Power of Presence: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others Kristi Hedges AMACOM (2012) How and why powerful intentional presence can be a “personal game changer” As I began to read this book, I was reminded of one of my favorite songs in the musical and film, Chicago, sung by Amos Hart (played [.].

HBR's Best Videos, Infographics, Podcasts, and Slideshows of 2011

Harvard Business Review

As you take some time to reflect, relax, and renew before the year to come, we offer you our most popular multimedia content from the year that was: podcasts, videos, slideshows, and infographics that we hope help you chart a successful course in 2012. First off, our most popular podcast this year was Justin Fox's interview with Bob Pozen, " Productivity Secrets of a Very Busy Man."

Get Ready for Auld Lang Syne


Start preparing your vocal cords for your solo on the big night. Dougie MacLean shows how the song should be sung. Robert Burns would be proud


Lessons from the GoDaddy Customer Revolt

Harvard Business Review

GoDaddy (a web hosting company) announced its support of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in late October 2011. The news of GoDaddy's pro-SOPA stance appeared on Reddit on December 22, 2011, and then went viral. Within a few days, customers had moved over 72,000 domains off of GoDaddy's domain hosting service in protest and declared December 29, 2011 "Move Your Domain Away From GoDaddy Day."

The Interpreters


Consider your own experience with various professionals and one quality is probably displayed by your favorites: They know how to explain things in plain language. That ability stands them in contrast to peers who may possess equal or greater knowledge yet use jargon and arcane descriptions.

Recommended Resource – Finance Without Fear

Strategy Driven

Finance Without Fear : A Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Business by William S. Hettinger and John Dolan-Heitlinger About the Reference Finance Without Fear : A Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Business by William S.

Narrowing the Analysis


Questions during a consulting project: What is the situation that has been described by the client? [I I use the term "situation" because some clients never have problems; they have situations.] What are the rewards and attitudes that contribute to the situation? What are our assumptions?

Best of Management Excellence: An Effective Leader’s Resolutions are Calendar Blind

Management Excellence

I’m as guilty as the next person of finding the impending resetting of the calendar a cathartic cleansing, where the failures of the past year are suddenly washed away and replaced by the empty and unknown space filled with promise and time stretching out in front of us. There is something remarkably powerful and alluring about the chance to start-over, right wrongs and vow to do things right the next time around.

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Message

Harvard Business Review

You can feel the tension in the compressed smiles, quick nods and pointed questions at the annual Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare conference. Schedules are packed as the high-stakes finance crowd gathers to hear 20-minute rapid-fire talks by CEOs of start-ups and public companies who seek funding or favorable stock analysts' reports. Presenters speak fast, using complex medical and financial terms.

More best and worst project names

Crossderry Blog

My post on best and worst project names remains one of my most popular. As a follow up, here’s a few more good and not-so-good names: Sunrise was the name of the project that separated our IT systems and infrastructure from our former corporate parent. IMO it was an excellent name because a sunrise is the tangible start of a “new day”, which the projected provided for our company.

Find a Job with Massive, Structured Networking

Harvard Business Review

Whether you're searching for your first job, considering a career change, or seeking opportunities while unemployed, finding a job can be one of the toughest challenges you ever face. How should you conduct a job search? You start with a personal value proposition (PVP), as I've discussed in a previous blog post. Your PVP is the target position and why you're right for that position. Even with a strong PVP, however, attractive opportunities won't land on your doorstep.

Great Film Introductions of Characters


" The Third Man " " The Godfather

Today’s Links on ecademy

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Are you volunteering this NYE? EAV:d2a58f2b4840a500} As the end of the year approaches, usually I would be preparing for some voluntary work over this time – but for the first time in 10 years I will be at home with the family. Are you at home, out partying or volunteering this NYE? Mike Morrison [.]. guest ecademy


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Between 1814 and 1846 a plaster elephant stood on the site of the Bastille. For much of this time it presented a sorry spectacle. Pilgrims in search of revolutionary inspiration were brought up short at the sight of it, massive and lugubrious, at the southeast end of the square. By 1830, when revolution revisited Paris, the elephant was in an advanced state of decomposition. One tusk had dropped off, and the other was reduced to a powdery stump.

Breaking the Work/Family Deadlock

Harvard Business Review

An interview with Stephanie Coontz , professor of history at The Evergreen State College and author of A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s. Download this podcast. Gender Generational issues Work life balance



Larry Winget offers 10 Anti-Resolutions for the New Year. An excerpt: 1. Last year is OVER – let it go. No good comes from dwelling on the past. Don’t whine about the bad in your life. Whining prolongs the problem and irritates the rest of us