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Inspiration for Letting Go of What Holds You Back

C-Level Strategies

If you’re like me (human), you’ve probably allowed something to hold you back at various points in your life. Perhaps fear of failure, or fear of success, or fear of loss. Perhaps just the pull of old memories.

Top 10 Ways to Be a Bad Leader

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My articles usually focus on how to be a good leader, or perhaps a better leader. In fact, most leadership articles available on the internet or elsewhere focus on the positive elements of leading. Many leadership writers prefer to write about completely positive things and focus on what leaders should do to be recognized as [.]. Servant Leadership

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The Four Hallmarks of Bad Strategy

Leading Blog

Strategy expert and author of Good Strategy, Bad Strategy , Richard Rumelt says that bad strategy “grows out of specific misconceptions and leadership dysfunctions.” In short it is goals and not action. “It It assumes that goals are all you need. It puts forward strategic objectives that are incoherent and, sometimes, totally impracticable. It uses high-sounding words and phrases to hide these failings.”

Life Cycles of an Organization: Starting, Maintaining, Finishing

Ron Edmondson

Every organization has a life cycle. In fact, over the life of an organization, there will be many separate life cycles. I have written about organizational life cycles before HERE. Within those life cycles the successful organization develops a team skilled at separate functions.

Organizational Culture And Genetic Narcissism

The Leadership Advisor

If you’ve read 10 different posts on my blog, chances are you have read one on the subject of organizational culture. I have been quite focused on driving the point home that a quality culture must be intentional and consistently managed.

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The Leadership Illusion

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Self Leadership Leadership is an illusion. There’s no such thing. I can see you’re reluctant to believe me. I’m sure you’ll be quick to tell me stories of kings and generals, princes and paupers. You’ll point to any number of politicians, preachers, and performers past and present, people in ‘positions’ of leadership or persons with potential [.] The Leadership Illusion.

Why Is Dignity the Essential Role for Leaders in Highly Charged Emotional Events?

Coaching Tip

By Guest Author Donna Hicks, Ph.D., an Associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University and author of " Dignity: The Essential Role it Plays in Resolving Conflict ". The most common and consistent leadership failure I have observed in the workplace is when executives dismiss a negative reaction to a policy decision by subordinates as “ just emotional.” .

Key Elements For Successful Project Planning and Implementation.

Michael VanBruaene

How to Save Your Change Management Program From Cancellation

Next Level Blog

Earlier this week, I was leading a workshop for a group of leaders in a company that’s been around for a long time. They’re at the beginning of an enterprise wide, top to bottom reimagining of the. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs Leadership

How Pain Shows the Way

Leadership Freak

The pursuit of excellence turns ugly when it makes you negative and critical. There’s a thin line between reaching high and negativity. Furthermore, turning the critical light inward is dangerous. During a recent seminar a leader asked, “What do you do when you remember all the things you’ve done wrong and forget the good.” I [.]. Criticism Failure Mistakes Motivation Optimism Leadership Development

Authenticity in Life and Leadership


Why do you work? What are the reasons you get up and face that set of responsibilities day after day? If you hadn't made a commitment to this job, would you rather be doing something else? When you go to work, whom do you work for? (I I didn't ask, "Who employs you?")

Team Development & Leadership Development with Professional MBA Students

Create Learning

After working with the University of Rochester NY, Simon Graduate School of Business Executive MBA program , I had the absolute joy of working with the Professional MBA Program. Much of what we covered was similar to the Executive MBA program.

Leading Ethically is the New Leading

Leading in Context

All of us who lead and develop leaders need to be tuned in to the "New Leading." To embrace the "New Leading," we need to realize that leadership and ethics are joined in important ways. Many leaders have traditionally thought of ethics and leadership as two different things. That fragmented way of thinking is part of why we've reached a point where there are so many examples of ethical violations in the news. What Really Happens When We Separate "Leading" From "Ethically?"?

Arts, Crafts and the Teen Brain

Building Personal Strength

Yesterday in Asheville, North Carolina, I visited so many galleries and art venues that most of it is a blur. The most disappointing was the Folk Art Center off the Blue Ridge Parkway east of Asheville. A shop, some generic museum humma-humma on the walls, and some admin offices. Sheesh. In town, one shop featured art clothing for women. Thankfully, I found a comfortable chair in a corner of the shop.

How to Save Your Change Management Program From Cancellation

Next Level Blog

Earlier this week, I was leading a workshop for a group of leaders in a company that’s been around for a long time. They’re at the beginning of an enterprise wide, top to bottom reimagining of the. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs Leadership

Are Conversational Skills Relevant To Job Placement?

Bird's Eye View

You bet they are! It's a funny thing.that meeting with the recruiter at any company can be a challenge. In many companies, and all large ones, the person with whom the prospective employee meets for the first interview is someone they will never see again.

Interview with Madge Meyer

Chartered Management Institute

Madge Meyer is executive vice president, chief innovation officer and technology fellow at State Street Corporation. In this role, Ms. Meyer is responsible for leading efforts to benchmark, disseminate and commercialize State Street’s new transformational technology. Here she speaks with me about her role and how she has kept the company on the cutting edge of technology for financial services. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Team Building: Healthy Debates versus Dysfunctional Arguments

The Practical Leader

Strong management teams fiercely debate options, challenge each other’s thinking, and find the optimum approaches hidden in the grey area between both sides of tough issues. That takes trust, emotional intelligence, and courage.

Most Overrated Value in Business


In this intriguing video from Harvard Business Publishing, several management thought leaders share their ideas on values – particularly, the MOST overrated value in business. Featuring: Jonathan Gosling, Kari Granger, Buie Seawell, Jonathan Doochin, Maj. Frederick B. Hodges, and Mary Gentile.

Increase Your Passion for Work Without Becoming Obsessed

Harvard Business Review

Work brings some people intrinsic joy. These people feel in control of their work, feel good about themselves while working, find their work to be in harmony with their other activities. Pscyhologists describe these folks as having harmonious passion. But there's another kind of passion: obsessive passion.

Old Jim


Thanks to Cultural Offering and The Hammock Papers , I've found a person who is living my ideal life style, minus the gout


Top Line Growth? There's an App for That

Harvard Business Review

This post is part of the HBR Insight Center Growing the Top Line. Executives searching for sources of top-line growth should look at what's already in their hands — literally. Smartphone sales in 2011 are estimated to reach 468 million units, a 57% increase over 2010. While the idea of reaching out to consumers via smartphone apps is clearly not new, companies have been stubbornly hesitant to embrace app technologies. It's the same inertia we saw in the early days of the internet.

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Daily Mantras


You may not control the event, but you control your reaction to the event. Decide quickly on the reversible and slowly on the irreversible. Only two high priorities at a time. Be kinder than necessary. Focus


It's Not About You

CEO Blog

I am just back from travel. I stayed in a Delta Hotel. Delta is a midsize middle to high end Canadian hotel chain. The missed on 2 counts this time. There was no regular tea in the room. Bigger and tougher to solve, there was no easy way to plug in the iron.

Awareness of Actual Circumstances Versus Impervious Optimism

Strategy Driven

Why is an awareness of actual circumstances so hard – and what makes it so important – for leaders to see the world as it really is? Let’s look as some examples of leaders who have addressed this question.

Asheville River Arts District - Hands and Heart

Building Personal Strength

While in Asheville, North Carolina, we visited the River Arts District in the southern part of town. After walking through several galleries, we were the first customers of the day as the Wedge Brewery (most popular of nine breweries in Asheville). We enjoyed our drafts in the outside seating area, surrounded by lurking pigeons and cool metal art. On the wall of the building was a simple mural with these words: He who works with his hands is laborer.

Questions While Reading an Alumni Magazine


Who died? Did I know that person? What's with this "Social Sciences" instead of Liberal Arts baloney? How much did that building cost? Does my class contribute the least in terms of updates and money? Wasn't that guy in the Witness Protection Program? Was I ever that young

Leading Horses To Water - Part II - Drink The Water

Six Disciplines

Eric Kurjan , president of Six Disciplines NWO , has authored a new article " Leading Horses To Water - Part II - Drink The Water " which has been published by COSE Mindspring (the source for small business insight in Northeast Ohio). What steps can you take to actually implement change? In other words, how do you get the horse to drink the water? In my previous articles, I explained that no matter how compelling the story and the facts, some people simply do not wish to drink the water.

The Tension Builds


Something is happening at Unhappy Hipsters


Making Sure You Aren’t The Problem

Women on Business

This article, [link] , gives everyone some questions to ask yourself when you are having problems with your boss. Most times bosses mean well, but if everyone, including the bosses, took a step back and asked a few questions of themselves a lot of office politics could likely be avoided: Are you performing up to expectations? What emotional baggage are you bringing into the relationship? Are your complaints about your boss similar to your complaints about earlier bosses or authority figures?

Music Break


Back by popular demand, a song for the times: Hank Williams Jr. with " A Country Boy Can Survive


Command the respect you deserve

Bud to Boss

By Mary Schrack. Years ago, one of my former managers hired a new supervisor. She was very young and had no prior experience managing others and almost no experience at that particular company. Like so many others promoted without training , she had a hard time gaining the respect of the other employees, most of whom were her age or older. They saw her either as a peer or—worse—as someone even less qualified for the position than they were.


Ron Edmondson

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Options on Deregulating Lawyers


Truth on the Market has a collection of interesting links on deregulating the legal profession. [HT: HT: