Tue.May 04, 2021

May 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the May 2021 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication. John Stoker of DialogueWORKS contributed Are Your Assumptions Getting the Best of You ? John writes: “ Sometimes we are consciously unconscious about what we are thinking. When this happens, sometimes our thinking gets the best of us.

Is This Normal?

Joseph Lalonde

Stepping into a new leadership position is a strange situation to many. You’ve worked so hard and so long under another person that to lead a team feels daunting. It feels unnormal. Thoughts flood your mind. You begin to think about the choices you make. The decisions you have to decide.


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General Leadership

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How To Lead Effective Virtual Teams.

Rich Gee Group

As we slowly emerge from our country’s pandemic, there will be many current and future adjustments to how we work. The impact to our teams and how we manage them will be a major concern for all leaders moving forward.

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5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development

In 2021, many of your competitors will invest in talent development software. If you make the right decision, invest in the right software, and if your organization is willing to use it, you can realize five decisive competitive advantages. To see those advantages, download Paycor’s latest guide, 5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development.

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The Purpose of Business isn’t Making Money – Hubert Joly Former CEO of Best Buy

Leadership Freak

“The purpose of a corporation is not to make money.” Jean-Marie Descarpentries (Quoted in The Heart of Business) I was surprised to hear the former CEO of Best Buy, Hubert Joly, quote Jean-Marie… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Purpose

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An Unexpectedly Fun Effective Way to Check In and Stay Connected With Your Virtual Team

Great Results Team Building

As a leader, trying to stay connected to your people can be difficult even when you work in the same office.

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How Do You Feel About Progress? – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

I love words – reading them, writing them, saying them… And today I want to talk about two words – progress and change – and more specifically, the connection between the two as well as the major distinction and difference.

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In a Hybrid World, Every Worker Will Need to Feel Essential

Next Level Blog

Back in the days when I lived outside of Washington, DC, I was always fascinated by the snow days that were so big they pretty much shut the Federal government down.

5 Ways Talent Development Makes Your Company Unbeatable

As an HR leader, your goal for talent development is to create an environment where everyone is motivated and supported to achieve a shared vision of success. By investing in the right software, you can realize five decisive competitive advantages. To see those advantages, download Paycor’s latest guide!

Your Leadership Is Contagious—Whether You Know It Or Not

Lead from Within

When standards in an organization change, the process tends to be so gradual that it’s not readily noticeable. One day you look around and realize that things that used to be unacceptable are now commonplace.

7 Stretches that Will Totally Transform Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

When you combine a strategic growth idea with granular prompts and a well-defined process, you can design a dramatic plan to accelerate your consulting firm. Your growth plans for your consulting firm can be evolutionary or transformative.

COVID Creates More Opportunities For Work Experience Placements

Strategy Driven

In the last year, Speakers for Schools witnessed a huge rise in work placement opportunities within the UK. Overall, there was an increase of 2,693 work experience placement secured compared to the pre-pandemic.

Four Reasons Why Corporations Should Invest in Cryptocurrencies Now

CEO Insider

Cryptocurrency folklore has a famous story that dates back to 2008, about a cryptocurrency developer who was hungry for success – and pizza apparently.

CFO’s Guide to Building an HR Team with Limited Time, Budget and Resources

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when CFOs have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

7 Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Crash

Strategy Driven

You may have seen car accident reports on TV and how it’s a widespread occurrence around the world. These reports often remind people what to do in case they’re involved in a car accident.

Use Feedback to Pinpoint Your Blinking Blue Dot

The Practical Leader

A few years ago, our family visited a corn maze. It was a series of pathways cut through a large cornfield. The corn was 7-8 feet high. Once in the maze, there was no way to see over the corn. It was a long and complex maze with many dead-ends and circular loops.

How to source funds to expand your business

Strategy Driven

As a small or medium enterprise business owner, you are probably always looking for growth opportunities. To realize such opportunities, you need a lot of money, and often you may not have that much to help you realize your dreams.

Four Leadership Books To Read This Summer

Eric Jacobson

Searching for good leadership books to read this summer? I recommend these: Book List Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books Summer Reading

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11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

3 Ways Online Auction Software Can Help Your Business

Strategy Driven

Due to the current economy and the recent pandemic, many people’s lives are currently in an uproar. Instead of people going out to shop and work, more people are doing most of their daily activities from home.

Perception is Reality for a Leader

Ron Edmondson

Perception is often reality for a leader. Over the years, I have learned how a team sees you as a leader is often more important than who you really are as a leader. Obviously, character is most important. Integrity matters even more than perception.

How To Boost Sales In Your Business

Strategy Driven

When you run a small business, you will always be looking for ways to boost your sales. After all, the more sales you make, the bigger your business will grow. Fewer sales mean you could even be in danger of having to shut down altogether.

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How to calculate for pay for remote workforce

HR Digest

The future of work is remote. That is the direction that the world was moving towards before the Pandemic hit in 2020. Now, work from home is a reality and not something that we are transitioning to gradually.

How to Build the Ideal HR Team (with Limited Time, Budget and Resources)

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when you have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

Reversing Brain Drain: Moving Talent to Middle America

Harvard Business

Can an innovative new program attract a diverse group of remote workers to rural America? Managing people Talent management Diversity Audio

#LeadershipTruth — Drive Your Own Agenda

Roundtable Talk

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who’s been a CEO for multiple businesses. He’s one of the most organized, focused people I know so I asked him how he keeps himself on track given all his multiple deliverables.

CEO 36

What Mix of WFH and Office Time Is Right for You?

Harvard Business

How to figure it out for yourself — and convince your boss. Time management Work-life balance Workspaces Digital Article

Using AI to Track How Customers Feel — In Real Time

Harvard Business

There’s a lot that quantitative surveys aren’t telling you. Technology Marketing Customers Digital Article

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

Examining five years of anonymous data from over 6 million users in 170+ countries, Spigit has discovered that a culture of innovation can be measured – with a 99% statistical confidence level – by a metric called "ideation rate." Download the eBook now for an in-depth look at this groundbreaking study.

How Tech Adoption Fuels China’s Innovation Boom

Harvard Business

A conversation with Young China Group’s Zak Dychtwald on the secret behind China’s explosive business growth. Innovation Technology Globalization East & Southeast Asia Audio

Mind the GAAP

Harvard Business

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine whether a firm made a loss or a profit. Finance & Accounting Accounting Financial analysis Digital Article