Sun.Feb 12, 2017

The One (and Only) Golden Rule of Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

As soon as we are labeled as a “leader”, especially one in the executive suite, there is a very strong tendency to put ourselves on a pedestal. After all, we are on a higher rung on the ladder, right?

Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives

Kevin Eikenberry

By Tim Harford One look at my desk at Remarkable House and you might think – “Yeah, this guy needs to read the book titled ‘Organized’ rather than one titled messy.” And if you saw my office desk right now, you would be right. The author of this new book might disagree, as his premise […].

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3 Simple Steps that Resolve the Lies in Excuses

Leadership Freak

Excuse-makers are blamers. They might not point a finger in your face, but their failure will eventually be your fault. Successful leaders identify and counteract excuse-makers. Partial truths: All ‘good’ excuses are partially… Continue reading → Accountability Failure Personal Growth Solutions Success Leadership Development organizational success

Leadership Caffeine™—Awkward Moments

Management Excellence

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A Surprising Way to Reduce Mistakes and Accidents

Michael Lee Stallard

In his excellent TED Talk titled “ Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that? ,” physician Brian Goldman describes the first medical mistake he made, how he made mistakes “over and over again,” and how the culture he worked in made him feel “alone, ashamed and unsupported.”