Sat.Feb 16, 2019

What's Holding You Back? You Are.

Rich Gee Group

I start all workshops and coaching relationships with the discussion of Limiting Beliefs. In life, we run into so many external obstacles. People, institutions, rules, regulations, and hierarchies all play major roles in our life. They get in our way, they make us stumble, we get frustrated, and we give up. They win. The more insidious of life's obstacles are your internal obstacles.

10 Ways Leaders Make Work Harder Than Necessary

Eric Jacobson

In the book, The Leadership Contract , author Vince Molianro shares that not only is leadership hard work, but also a lot of us inadvertently make the hard work harder. Therefore, Molianro recommends you: Don't get in over your head -- where you are in situations where you are unable to take your performance to a higher level. Where you are creating risk to yourself and your organization. Confuse rough with tough -- Mistreating, disrespecting and insulting others is rough, not tough.