Sat.Jan 05, 2019

4 Reminders in Times of Betrayal

Ron Edmondson

I was talking with a pastor who had been betrayed by someone in his church. He told him a secret in confidence and soon learned the friend had shared it with another, who, of course, shared it with another – who shared it with another – and you know the rest of this story.

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Wally Bock has some assignments for us. Photo by 2Photo Pots at Unsplash

The Art Of Leading By Looking Ahead

Eric Jacobson

Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead , gives readers practical guidance and concrete techniques to help leaders become more visionary.

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Employees in These Countries Get the Most Paid Days Off

HR Digest

Malta, a sun-soaked archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea that’s a popular summer holiday destination, has some of the most generous paid leave entitlements in the world.



If you've ever looked back at bad decisions in your life and thought - "What was I thinking?" - there is a simple answer: you probably weren't. Schedules will always be busy. Distractions will always be near. Carve out some time to think. Photo by Iilya Illford at Unsplash


"A truthful writer"


The Irish Times has published a hitherto unpublished interview with the late novelist, Brian Moore. And if you have never read his books, consider this a recommendation. His books are very good

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