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Why Conflict is Good for Productivity in Business

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“Everyone is in the people business. Name me a line of work where people aren’t involved.” ” ~Dr.

Unleadership – A Crisis of Identity

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. The most popular piece I authored last year was a column I wrote for Forbes on the art and science of what I refer to as pursuitology.

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Nine Reasons Managers Struggle

Leading Blog

Former CEO and president of Verison Wireless, Denny Strigl explores nine specific behaviors that leaders do and don’t do that make them serious performers, marginal performers, or failures. In "Managers, can you hear me now?" he says it’s all about behavior. Managers Fail to Build Trust and Integrity. The three major qualities of trust are Integrity, openness, and respect. Trust always begins with the manager. Do you say and do things that erode trust? They Have the Wrong Focus.

Five Love Affairs Leaders Should Have

Kevin Eikenberry

Caught up in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, that day we celebrate romantic love, I began thinking again about the connection between the words love and leadership. Before you even read about these five love affairs, you might be put off by using the word love in the context of your work. Don’t be. Am [.]. Leadership Learning love passion Valentine's Day

A conversation with executive coaching client Ron Dimon. Part 6

Tony Mayo

This latest podcast is part six of a funny and useful conversation between top executive coach Tony Mayo and his longtime client Ron Dimon. Ron is an expert on the use of information by executives of large organizations. Listen as two experienced business people play with useful ideas in this episode including; Networking [.]. This latest podcast is part six of a funny and useful conversation between top executive coach Tony Mayo and his longtime client Ron Dimon.

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Consistency Gives Self-Discipline It’s Power

Tim Milburn

//NOTE: The following is excerpted from my latest book, Leadership Starts With You. The hardest part of being self-disciplined is it’s so every day. The key to self-discipline’s power is consistency.

Your 360 Degree Assessment Stinks.

Rich Gee Group

How much do YOU love filling out an assessment? Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Ways & Tips 360 Degree Assessment Assessment Review

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Leadership Storyboarding

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People become leaders – by title – because they’re good at. well, leading. Well, in addition to this… you also need to be good at organizing, counseling, and many other things. But for now, I just want to focus on organizing. Organizing projects and processes, that is. Organizing Formats As a [.]. Leadership vs. Management Leading & Developing Other Leaders Leading Change Team Building Leadership communication leadership organization teamwork

Integrate Continuous Improvement Into Your Organization's Culture.

Michael VanBruaene

Do You Have a Passion for What You Do?

Your Voice of Encouragement

Meredith with Denny Coates, her business partner since 1990 "A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm." - Charles M.

How to Prepare for Unintended Consequences

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Unintended consequences are common in business. Well-meaning managers often implement new policies only to find that in addition to what they envisioned, they’ve also created problems. [.]. Bob's blog entries "Be Prepared for What You Don't See Coming" Harvard Business Review.

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Are you accessible at any time or do you work efficiently?

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Photo: danuela/ resource: It sounds great when the manager says that his door is always open for his employees. However, if he truly enacts this permanent availability , he will be struggling with constant interruption and disruption to his work.

A CEO says “If I Could Do it Again …”

Leadership Freak

Image source One high performance department is miserable and oppressive another is joyful and liberating. One leader has fun while another leader … All leaders get things done but the way they do things matters. John Bell, former CEO of Jacobs Suchard (Nabob, Kraft), suggested he would not do different things as much as he [.]. Health Leading Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Culture Interview jacobs suchard Leadership Development Organizational Development

Show Your Employees You Care

Marshall Goldsmith

Your workers' wealth of knowledge may be worth more to your company than a paycheck is to them. Let them know you appreciate them In yesterday's world, the key to wealth may have been the control of land, materials, plants, or tools. In that world, the employee needed the company far more than the company needed the employee.

Teamwork and Communication Workshop

Create Learning

"The team building session was an enormous hit. Mike did a fantastic job of bringing us through several exercises that helped reach our goals of enhancing team communication skills and strengthening individual relationships to improve our effectiveness to work together as a team."

Quiet: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking Susan Cain Crown Publishers (2012) How and why our location on “the introvert-extrovert spectrum” influences most (if not all) of our decisions and opinions Throughout most of her book, Susan Cain takes a balanced approach to the immensely difficult task of examining the [.]. Bob's blog entries Albert Einstein Andrew Carnegie being or at least seeming “cool C.A.

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If you’re like the average American, you likely see 16,000 brands in any given day. That’s a lot of competing images. No wonder so much attention is given to make logos eye-catching. Want to know what got eyes to stop or pause in 2011? Bill Gardner of LogosLounge discovered the following trends: circles, brown, dandruff (the purposeful flaking of images), trees, thin lines, loops, and bands. Some logos appear to vibrate and others shift color gradients subtly.

Defining Reality


One of the most important things a leader can do is to define reality as it is, rather than how people want it to be.

Missing out on a promotion

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Career Development Leadership Development Self Leadership Have you been passed up for a promotion? Or seen other people get promoted when you thought you were more qualified? Do you often wonder why it happened to you? Is it because you did not work hard enough? There could be a laundry list of reasons why you did not get the promotion. But [.]. Career Development Leadership Development Self Leadership advice Career Career Savvy

Women in Leadership: The Dirty Little Secret

Roundtable Talk

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook , has been an outspoken advocate for women in leadership. Well… at least, she had lots to say about women in leadership on her TEDTalk. Recently, eyebrows have been raised when Facebook appointed a male-only Board of Directors and, seemingly, Ms. Sandberg didn’t make a peep. Which brings me to an ugly truth that I was once told about women in leadership: Some women like being the only one at the table.

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Video – How to use the 5 Whys

Talent Technologies

‘The 5 Whys’ is a well-known Six Sigma technique that helps professionals perform a root-cause analysis to get to the bottom of a problem. We thought the video from the Harvard Business Review here would be useful for managers seeking to understand this technique a little better, and, perhaps more importantly, how to go beyond The 5 Whys in order to fix the problem at hand.

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Simplicity is a point of arrival, not a point of departure. Gualtiero Marchesi


Be Zen for Focus

CEO Blog

Often I find my mind racing. My new See Do Time Management System where I just do something when I see it works well on tidying and cleaning but is actually less efficient in many cases. EG - If I see that the dashboard needs dusting so whip inside to grab a damp rag and wipe it. This is less efficient that getting a bucket and detergent and doing the whole inside. Why it does work well for tidiness and cleaning is often the time used would not have been productively spent anyways.


When to Ditch the Leadership Love-in


In my blog of two weeks ago, entitled The Leadership Love-In I reiterated the never ending need for better leadership. I also extended kudos to a handful of passionate leadership bloggers who I consider to be experts in their field (links listed below). These pundits command impressive social media audiences, and while it is gratifying that people are interested in their perspectives and insight, the ongoing leadership mania underscores the significant gap between principle and practice.

The Sneaky Psychology of Influence (selling) and Advertising

Rapid BI

The Sneaky Psychology of Influence (selling) and Advertising We all experience it everyday, but do we really appreciate just how easily we are swayed and influenced in our opinions For example - what colour do you associate with which of these logo. ecademy Business

Leadership Caffeine-Get Invested in Developing Your New Leaders

Management Excellence

I’ve yet to run a workshop or program on leadership where anything approaching a majority of the participants describe their initial days of their initial role as a team leader, supervisor or manager as a period when they received much if any support and coaching from their own direct manager. Most describe this particularly precarious professional time as more like a “hit and run.”

Love is at the Heart of Strong Leadership

The Practical Leader

Looking beyond the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, it’s a great time to nurture our inner romantic and express gratitude for our loved ones. As I write I am listening to a randomized Beatles playlist.

Help Women Take the Stage

Harvard Business Review

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has been speaking out a lot lately about subtle dynamics that hold women back from reaching senior roles in business. Her TED talk and Barnard commencement speech went viral. Lean in, she says to women, take your place at the table, seize the stage. I never suspected she had a personal message for me, but sitting in on a recent panel on "Women as the Way Forward" that included Sandberg, I learned otherwise.


Art Break: The Hermit's Temptations


Art Contrarian looks at the interpretations that several artists brought to the temptation of Saint Anthony. Above is Salvador Dali's


Sunset, at 38,000 ft

Jason Womack

Flying from Wichita to Dallas last week, my seat mate got up (he had the window seat) long enough for me to snap this photo with my Hipstamatic*. I'm lovin' the way that the light bounces across the horizon in this picture.

If You Were Accused


If you were accused of sabotaging your own dreams, would there be enough evidence for a conviction


The Structure of High Performance Teams

Rapid BI

The Structure of High Performance Teams Teams - we all know that increasingly organisations are moving from fixed functions, to project based dynamic teams This graphic outlines an interesting 10 step approach to innovating team structures. ecademy Business



If you don't expect the world to be fair or kind or logical, that can do wonders for your state of mind. This doesn't mean that you scoff at fairness, kindness or logic or in any way devalue those qualities or others. It means that you don't lead with your chin.

It's Harder than Ever to Be a Senior Executive

Harvard Business Review

The job of the senior executive is much more complicated today than it was a decade or two ago — and that trend will continue, especially if you hope to play on a global stage (which is a nearly universal condition these days for many companies). Here are five reasons. Soft skills are more important than ever.

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