Sat.May 19, 2018

The Rise Of The Internet Entrepreneur

Strategy Driven

With E-Commerce becoming a solid reality in the business world, many are now the chances for the young (and the experienced) entrepreneur to create a solid business… from a simple laptop.

Dear Dan: I Put Stuff Off and Work All Weekend

Leadership Freak

Dear Dan, I read and love your blog. Your post on procrastination hit home because I am a procrastinator. My director-level job involves deep-dive creativity, research, writing, deadlines, and teams. I’m good at… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Solution Saturday weaknesses Growth Leadership Development leadership success

Bock's Assignments


Wally Bock has issued his Weekend Leadership Reading Assignments

In My Opinion


Nicholas Bate is a Beatle and Abbey Road is their best album




This poem by Rick Georges (FutureLawyer) goes way beyond the beach


Diversity Training at Starbucks


[Photo by Mike Kenneally at Unsplash] Writing in The Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson casts a skeptical eye on the much-publicized diversity training at Starbucks.

The Visionary Role


[Photo by Charles Forerunner at Unsplash] So many of the daily chores of a manager fall under the roles of consultant, administrator, and cop that it is easy to overlook the leadership role of visionary. People want to know where the team is headed and that it will be worth the trip.