Sat.Nov 26, 2011

Dreams, Goals and Plans

Ron Edmondson

Dream. Far reaching, seemingly impossible, worthwhile, dependent on faith and huge personal risk, with no guarantee of success. Goals. Defined aspects of realizing the dream. Attainable, stretching and measurable. Plans. Action steps written to systematically complete goals.

Goal 63

Leadership is a relationship

Lead on Purpose

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary lists several definitions for the word relationship. The term is generally used to denote family ties, but it’s also used as a state of connecting or binding participants. Actions that bring people together and bind them in a common cause are key to building effective relationships. I was first introduced to the statement ‘leadership is a relationship’ in the book The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner.

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On becoming small heroes

Rajesh Setty

Everyone matters – some, a little and some, a lot more. At one end of the spectrum, there are free riders who are really consume rather than contribute. On the other end of the spectrum, you have big heroes who contribute a lot. Free riders matter a little to a lot of people.

Choosing to Lead and Two Simple Truths

You're Not the Boss of Me

Leadership, while studied widely and deeply, remains misunderstood by a surprisingly large number of people. In this world, there are some who would have us believe that leadership is only for a select few. There are some too, who believe it is the job of leaders to rescue the rest of us from our various predicaments. And, when they fail, these same people feel somehow justified complaining about it. I think leadership is available to all of us. It is a choice we make.

Scripture Memorization, Week 48

Ron Edmondson

It’s hard to believe we are closing in on a year of Scripture memorization. Thank you for those faithful few who have stuck with this all year. I thought this verse was appropriate for the week and the season. Here is this week’s memory verse: Let us enter His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout triumphantly to Him in song. Psalm 95:2. Spend a few minutes today reciting this verse…and singing a song in God’s honor! Related posts: Scripture Memorization, Week 28.

Video 14

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Photo Inquiry Friday: WOW! You see it different tell me more about that?

Create Learning

The Exponent Leadership Process develops and teaches effective listening for communication skills. All managerial work is achieved through communication with others. There are multiple communication skills, the most valuable of which is active listening.

First Paragraph


All news out of Africa is bad. It made me want to go there, though not for the horror, the hot spots, the massacre-and-earthquake stories you read in the newspaper; I wanted the pleasure of being in Africa again. Feeling that the place was so large it contained many untold tales and some hope and comedy and sweetness, too - feeling that there was more to Africa than misery and terror - I aimed to reinsert myself in the bundu, as we used to call the bush, and to wander the antique hinterland.


A National Tragedy - What Teens Aren't Being Taught

Building Personal Strength

A lot of interesting things have happened to me over the years - fodder for stories. Today as I was reflecting about what parents do and do not teach their teens, I remembered one of those gems.

Imaginary Advice


From a traffic safety instructor: "Never use your turn signals. I can't for the life of me figure out why they put them on automobiles. Make a habit of tailgating, even if there is an open lane for passing. Honk at anyone who displeases you. They'll appreciate the correction and all of them are even-tempered. Drive at least 15 or 20 miles above the speed limit and regard Stop signs as a suggestion. Use your cell phone while driving and be sure to text-message to keep from being bored.

Quote of the Day


Good sense about trivialities is better than nonsense about things that matter. - Max Beerbohm


My Shopping Problem


You would have had to hold a gun on me to get me into a store on Black Friday. Nothing against that date. I hate shopping year round. Now let me list some exceptions. It is a rare week when I am not browsing in a bookstore or two. For some odd reason, I also like drugstores. Office supply stores have a minor appeal. All other stores? Forget it. My shopping expeditions for clothes have the same internal clock used by commandoes when they conduct a raid.