Sun.Nov 27, 2011

10 Essential Steps To Leadership Excellence

Terry Starbucker

Every successful leader gets this question posed to them at one time or another: “How did you do it?”

Quality is Human. Quality is Love.


Quality is Human. When leaders rely too much on processes, metrics, facts and trends to measure project/organization’s quality, they forget one thing: that quality is about being human. Quality is human. That is because people drive quality and exercise their choice of delivering good versus great work. Because work allows people to expand their capacity to deliver. People work for people (customers).

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When Do We Forgive?


A post a while back on whether there is a shortage of good leaders fostered some interesting comments, tweets and private conversations – most of which confirmed that the majority of individuals feel that we’re suffering a deficiency in this arena. I’ve thought about the responses ever since that post was published. I feel


Getting Gut Honest With Jesus: Don’t You Care?

Ron Edmondson

Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” Mark 4:38 NIV. I have been told that the stern is the strongest part of the boat. The Creator of the universe was asleep there.

Leaders: 4 Simple Steps and 5 Easy Tips for Real Team Building

Linked 2 Leadership

In this article, we turn a true light on the process of “team building.” ” This is about team building from the leadership perspective. Team building gets a lot of lip service in leadership circles. But practical steps sometimes get lost in a maze of details. 4 Steps and 5 Tips When a team can look [.]. Leadership Lessons Learned Professional Development Team Building Leadership Values Measurements business leadership Management Organizational Health

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Executive Coaching When You’re Stuck


Get un-stuck! Executive Coaching can help when you get stuck. There are many ways you can get stuck as a leader.

Art’s Weekly Leadership Message: Get Engaged to Help Your Project Teams Succeed

Management Excellence

I hear from hundreds of professionals every year in workshops, via coaching assignments or in classrooms, about the challenges they have working in and on project teams. From almost every student’s worst nightmare, the classroom group project, to major strategic initiatives with high-level sponsorship, the complaints are consistent: we as leaders don’t do enough to support team development and performance.

Does this Flag represent Riches to Rags?

In the CEO Afterlife

I’m a Canadian on assignment in California. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of joining a group of 12 for American Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a much bigger deal down here than it is above the 49 th parallel. The days around the holiday are the most travelled of the year.

Talent Technologies’ Commercial Break…

Talent Technologies

If your business presentations end up looking like this… v=BcniaL5dasA. … Then you may be interested in this… Presentation Talent! gives you the tools to make your presentations shine … in only 2 days! *. Talent Technologies.

The Paradox of Two Guitar Companies | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

They are global, they are successful and they have become the quintessential icons of pop music. Since the birth of rock 'n roll sixty years ago, the esteemed brands of Fender Musical Instruments and the Gibson Guitar

Complimentary Resource – The Truth About Mobile Business Intelligence: Five Common Myths Debunked

Strategy Driven

The Truth About Mobile Business Intelligence : Five Common Myths Debunked by Information Builders, Inc. This white paper will examine the five common myths associated with mobile business intelligence and uncover the facts about cost, implementation, and capabilities.


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The trailers for: " Margin Call " " The Ladykillers " " Tower Heist


TEDx - coming to a small town near you: Ojai

Jason Womack

When I think of making the world a better place, I reflect on how much inspiration and joy I have gotten from watching various TED Talks. Since discovering that first one I saw ( Ken Robinson ) so many years ago, I have made it a point to at least "see" the website every day. And, then, most days I get to watch one or two talks. Well, here's the next level of bringing inspiration even closer: The Jason Womack Company is the presenting sponsor of TEDxOjaiWomen.

The Greatest Board Games


There is much to be said for board games and yet, in this high-tech world, I wonder about their future. Excluding checkers and chess from consideration, my nominees for the top seven are: Scrabble Stratego Monopoly Clue Risk Trivial Pursuit Parcheesi


In Arizona


Great stuff: The finalists of the Arizona Highways 2010-2011 photo contest