Sun.Dec 11, 2011

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10 Secrets of Many Senior Pastors

Ron Edmondson

I get to hang out and know many senior pastors. I was asked to give my perspective as a senior pastor, since each of them report to one. James 5:17).

7 Unorthodox (But Very Effective) Roles For The Virtuoso Leader

Terry Starbucker

Some of these roles are obvious – a teacher, for instance – and some are a bit unorthodox, but certainly necessary. Plenty. Lead well!

The Attitude of Quality


A retail outlet of a leading shoe brand recently opened up in near vicinity. The design of the store is flashy with impressive interiors and product arrangement. The brand carries a lot of consumer trust since many years. Good store, great brand and competitive prices all at one stop. Frustration amongst customers was visible.

Turnarounds and the Big Play | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

I've been in business a long time. My point is this: I've had my share of

CEO 43

How we connect with others today.

Coaching Tip

Online interaction has allowed us to meet many new people, but it has not diminished our yearning to maintain older relationships. It's hard to imagine a world without email. It's now the dominant form of exchange, with the typical American adult spending more than an hour a day managing the inbox. By comparing these two data sets, Messrs.

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Art’s Weekly Leadership Message: Don’t Be Part of the Problem

Management Excellence

It’s all too easy for us to get caught up in the political swirl and self-limiting behaviors that characterize the culture of many of our organizations. It’s a mistake. We have to learn to fight the gravitational pull of malaise and mediocrity that pervades our teams, or we risk being part of the problem. Art's Weekly Leadership Message

One way to think. bigger

Jason Womack

How quickly does a thought form? Take a look at this book cover, and run this thought experiment: "If I buy this book, what will I learn about?"

Music for Sunday Night


"The Shepherds' Farewell" performed by King's College Choir, Cambridge


Amy Schulman (Pfizer) in “The Corner Office”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Adam Bryant conducts interviews of senior-level executives that appear in his “Corner Office” column each week in the SundayBusiness section of The New York Times. Here are a few insights provided during an interview of Amy Schulman, executive vice president and general counsel at Pfizer. She says that just as good writers learn to “show, [.].

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The first season trailers for: " The Sopranos." " Justified " " Rome " " Mad Men " Update: " Sherlock


Leadership Skills: Be Decisive; Find The Truth; Send A Thank You Note

Eric Jacobson

Be decisive A manager who can't make a decision or who can't make a timely decision will frustrate his/her employees.

Great Leaders: TCU’s Chancellor, Victor Boschini

Michael Lee Stallard

TCU is on a roll. It’s been recognized by U.S. News as one a top 100 academic institution and one of the universities on the move up in the rankings of America’s best colleges. It’s athletics’ teams are generally among the top teams in Division I college sports. ” This is no accident. ”). Not TCU.

bugs bunny play the piano - YouTube []

ReThink HR



Mike Krzyzewski's Weakness Exposed - Stall Ball

Building Personal Strength

I almost never post about basketball. But I'm an over-the-top Duke fan, and I rearrange my calendar around Duke hoops. I monitor recruiting. Scary.