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Achievement vs. Success

Kevin Eikenberry

Helen Hayes is best known as a legendary actress. Today’s quotation shows her to be more than a talented pretty face, but someone who was wise, at least in part, because she listened to her mother (which I’ve generally found to be pretty good advice, in itself). “My mother drew a distinction between achievement and [.]. Leadership Learning Quotations Success Achievement Helen Hayes

Top 10 Servant Leadership Tweeters in 2011

Modern Servant Leader

Part of my mission is to spread servant leadership awareness. Therefore, I greatly appreciate folks on Twitter who spread servant leadership content. Last year, I highlighted 5 individuals to whom I was especially grateful for their ongoing support and promotion of these principles.

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What Do Frogs Have To Do with Leadership?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development “Once upon a time, two frogs were sitting on a log in the middle of a lake, and one frog decided to jump off, how many frogs were left sitting on the log?” Answer: Two frogs. The same reason only 3% of the population set and actually achieve their goals or maintain positive, well-intentioned [.]. Leadership Development achieve goals actions Character Inspiration Leadership soft skills

Pleasant Website = More, Happier Customers

Women on Business

Guest Post by Barbara Austin. You could say there are two kinds of websites: those that are enjoyable, and those that are downright painful to use. The more pleasant the site, the more we tend to gravitate toward it, spending more time there and going back more often.

Self-Forgiveness Is Key to a Strong Self-Image

Your Voice of Encouragement

When someone else inflicts physical or emotional pain on you, you may react in a variety of ways: anger, lashing out, silence, or withdrawal. If you’re not careful, a deep-seated resentment can take hold. And when that happens, your relationship suffers a potentially devastating blow.

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From SMART to WACKY goals

Rapid BI

Setting Wacky Goals - These WACKY goals are generally my over-arching long-range life goals so they will certainly contain lots of mini-goal stages - that's fine - many small steps will add up to a huge journey. guest Management SMART goals smart objectives wacky wacky goals wacky objectives

Goal 17

The Perfectionist’s Handbook: A book review b y Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Perfectionist’s Handbook: Take Risks, Invite Criticism, and Make the Most of Your Mistakes Jeff Szymanski John Wiley & Sons (2011) A brilliant analysis of the differences between healthy and unhealthy perfectionism I agree with Jeff Szymanski that perfection is best viewed as an on-going process rather than as an ultimate destination. As he observes, [.].

Never mind resolutions - what one big thing would make a difference?

Chartered Management Institute

We live in complex times, with much changing globally around us every day it seems. So, I wonder how relevant New Year's Resolutions will be this year? Of course, some will always be, but those related to our work may be more critical - more like "urgent and important" tasks on our never ending to-do list. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Verizon Are You Listening?

Women on Business

As of January 15 th Verizon will start charging its customers a $2.00 convenience fee for paying their bills on-line via a credit card. Now as a Verizon customer myself for my home and business, let me address all the ways that this situation was mishandled and hopefully give a summary of how customers don’t want to be treated. Don’t spring change on your customers.

Leadership Lessons from 2011

Next Level Blog

Wow, what a year this has been for good, bad, maddening and inspiring examples of leadership. In his column today, the Washington Post’s David Ignatius makes the case that historians will look back on 2011 as a “hinge” – a year in which momentous events set the stage for major changes in the future.The challenge in writing an end of year recap on the leadership lessons to be learned for a year like this is deciding what not to write about. Click headline to continue.

Plan That Work!


From The Onion : FORT WAYNE, IN–Julie Smalley, a 43-year-old Fort Wayne-area office manager, avoided completing any work whatsoever Monday, when she spent a majority of the day composing to-do lists

Fast Friday with Ayn Rand, author and philosopher

Roundtable Talk

As this year comes to a close, it’s often a time for reflection and to start to think about how 2012 is going to be your next big year.

Favorites of 2011: Team Building, Leadership & Innovation Blog Articles

Create Learning

With the end of the year approaching, this week is a great to share some of my favorites of 2011. Here is the schedule it may change; 12/27/11 – Photos of Teams. 12/28/11 – Images used in presentations & Articles. 12/29/11 – Team Building & Leadership activity (simulation).

Developing Mindful Leaders

Harvard Business Review

Organizations invest billions annually on a success curriculum known as "leadership development," which ends up leaving so much on the table. Training and development programs almost universally focus factory-like on inputs and outputs — absorb curriculum, check a box; learn a skill, advance a rung; submit to assessment, fix a problem. Likewise, they leave too many people behind with an elite selection process that fast-tracks "hi-pos" and essentially discards the rest.

Today’s Links on ecademy

Rapid BI

Business Journal – looking back on 2011 This is a great series of images from 2011 from the Business Journal Which is your fav? Turkey, men in suits, Hawaiian shirts, Sesame Street…? Mike Morrison Blog: @rapidbi Predictions for 2012… or are they? Here are some of the current predictions for 2012 – worth a [.]. ecademy

Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders

Harvard Business Review

As the New Year approaches, people will be making resolutions to eat better, exercise more, get that promotion at work, or spend more time with their families. While these are worthwhile goals, we have a more important challenge for young people: Think seriously about your development as a leader. These are tough times. Many leaders of the baby boomer generation have failed in their responsibilities by placing their self-interest ahead of their organizations.

Humor Break: Larry Miller


Timeless: Larry Miller's Five Levels of Drinking


Networking for Survival

Harvard Business Review

We think about networking as a very modern notion, with our accumulation of virtual "friends," "followers," and people-who-might-be-useful-to-us-someday. To me, it is just an extension of what my people, my family have been doing since 70 AD — making critical connections that enable both our survival. The tools may have changed, but our reliance on the network has not. In fact, without the network, I literally wouldn't be alive.

Party Time


Art Contrarian looks at the work of Todd White


Best of Management Excellence: Trying Not to Fail is Not the Same as Striving for Success

Management Excellence

When we focus on not failing, fear rents most of the space in our mind, and we see monsters in need of slaying everywhere we turn. We lose track of the original vision that propelled our actions, and the sheer act of working becomes at best a passionless exercise and at worst, drudgery. Here are some thoughts as you head into the new year on rediscovering your sense of purpose in the workplace.

Conflicting Goals


It wouldn't make sense to have an all-you-can-eat buffet at a fat camp, would it? Well, if that question seems odd consider how often departments operate with conflicting missions. One department emphasizes results while another's focus is on process.

10 places to look for leading into 2012 – some a bit off the hook

Anese Cavanaugh

Today I hosted a group of business owners, at my office in Rocklin, for my Biz 2012 Intention Event. A whole morning of reflecting on 2011, looking into 2012, and setting intentions for what we’ll be celebrating and discussing NEXT year at this time. After all, if you set INTENTIONS for what you want – and act of course, you’re more likely to be celebrating those same things later.).

Shopping for Killer Fireworks in Naples


There should be nothing – and no one – within a radius of 200 metres. But I made the mistake of leaving the video camera only 50 metres away to get a better shot of the explosion. On top, I placed the directional microphone that I would later find on the ground, smashed by the shock wave. That’s the effect of the “spread bomb”, this year’s trending firework in the markets of Naples and thereabouts.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Staff

Women on Business

Guest post by Rebecca of chillsauce. The key to being a great manager is to monitor your staff’s performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately make sure your team is working productively. There are many approaches to motivating your staff and rewarding them for hard work and success, from a mention in a meeting or in a internal publication to a promotion in the company hierarchy.

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Carmen Lombardo gets down with " Boo Hoo." Wally Bock : Your New Year Do's. Elton John : " Take Me to the Pilot." The Screwtape Letters is going on stage tour. Shawn Coyne tells a very interesting story about sales and human nature. HR Capitalist : A letter from a lawyer. The Hammock Papers : Some advice from Gertrude Stein

Fast Friday with Ayn Rand, author and philosopher

Roundtable Talk

As this year comes to a close, it’s often a time for reflection and to start to think about how 2012 is going to be your next big year. In reflection of some themes I’ve been thinking about, the fast Friday quote of the week this week comes from Russian/American philosopher and author of Atlas Shrugged , Ayn Rand : “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?”. One of my take-aways from this year is that there’s lots of things about work that just aren’t working.

The Artist: Less is More


From a review of the final film to be released in 2011: It falls into the long tradition of movies about the movies, and centres on an established film star and a beguiling young actress in late Twenties and early Thirties Hollywood, during the rise of the talkies. But, while the plot and setting instantly bring to mind Singin’ in the Rain, this film pulls in the opposite direction to Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen’s visually and sonically ravishing screen musical.

Going Boldly


At Anderson Layman's Blog : A peek at - and a good deed by - William Shatner

Justice in the World Update


At Althouse : Don't tease the frog


Quote of the Day


Whatever you've done to become successful, it won't be enough to keep you successful. - Joe Calloway