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Could You Lead Your Meetings Google-Style?

Kevin Eikenberry

This isn’t post lauding Google’s business model, working environment (per se), or their tech sensibilities. It is a post talking about a decision Larry Page made, that all leaders could make; a decision about meetings – what they are for and how to run them. The insight comes from the Business Insider Website, specifically this post. In [.]. Collaboration Decision Making Leadership Teams energy Google+ Larry Page meetings productivity results

Success: A Breeding Ground for Complacency?

Great Leadership By Dan

Here's another exclusive guest post from John Kotter. Great advice on how to battle "complacency cancer": Success: A Breeding Ground for Complacency? John P. Kotter. Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.”. Bill Gates said that, and he’s exactly right.

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10 Words of Hope When the Dream is Dying

Ron Edmondson

Have you lost your way? Have you given up on the dream? Would you like to begin again? I believe that hope is ultimately found in person of Jesus Christ, but sometimes our attitude towards receiving that hope determines our reality of living it. Perhaps you need a change of attitude. Here are 10 words of hope to help you get back in the game: Recharge – Recharge your drained batteries. Read a good book, hang out with someone positive, or attend a conference.

5 Not-Quite-Rocket-Science Ways to Build Leadership Trust

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development This statistic stopped me cold: 60% of the participants in a 2009 international study trusted a stranger more than they trusted their boss. Yikes, how sad. In doing a quick mental tally of bosses I’ve had, unfortunately this figure didn’t seem too far off my experience. Many of those bosses didn’t grasp that in times [.]. Leadership Development Leadership personal development trust

15 Questions Guaranteed to Create Clarity

Leadership Freak

Confusion, instability, and chaos describe organizations with poor leaders. Confusion and leadership, however, are partners. Sometimes you create and encourage others to work through confusion. It’s the path to solutions; it’s innovative and invigorating. The dance with confusion is dangerous, however. Confusion is never an end in itself. The purpose of using confusion is to [.].

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Helping Leaders Balance ‘Being’ and ‘Doing,’ with Mary Jo Asmus

Erika Andersen

Today I’m starting a series of guest posts featuring folks I’ve come to know and respect online over the past few years; people whose blogs in the leadership and business arena I find especially useful and inspiring. Allow me to introduce my first guest blogger, Mary Jo Asmus.

The Rare Find & Brandwashed – Our Selections for the February 3 First Friday Book Synopsis

First Friday Book Synopsis

Let me state the obvious. We have a lot to learn. And when we learn one thing, there are three more new things to learn. And, by the way, much of what we need to learn is not new at all. But, the newer books say these things in new ways, ways that connect to [.]. Randy's blog entries Brandwashed first friday book synopsis George Anders Martin Lindstrom The Rare Find

Books 30

Beautifully Imperfect


Tango is a beautifully romantic dance conceived by the Italian immigrants to Argentina. When I had the opportunity to see it performed, the seemingly absolute perfection of the dancers gracefully moving across the floor never ceased amaze me.

The Truth About Leadership: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Truth About Leadership: The No-Fads, Heart-of-the-Matter Facts You Need to Know James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner Jossey-Bass (2010) What Kouzes and Posner learned about what leadership is and does after three decades of rigorous study I have read and reviewed most of the books on which Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have [.]. Bob's blog entries “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” Barry Z. Posner James M.

Guest Post: Introducing Water Sunday

Ron Edmondson

I’ve got something BIG to share with you today. Some of you may remember last year’s Gifts of Water Team Challenge campaign.

The Truth About Leadership: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Truth About Leadership: The No-Fads, Heart-of-the-Matter Facts You Need to Know James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner Jossey-Bass (2010) What Kouzes and Posner learned about what leadership is and does after three decades of rigorous study I have read and reviewed most of the books on which Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have [.]. Bob's blog entries “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” Barry Z. Posner James M.

Are you planning for success or for failure?

My Own Coach

What plan have you got in place? No matter whether you are a CEO, MD, Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader you should always have a plan of action of what you want and how you are going to get it.

Should you beware the social networker in your midst?

Chartered Management Institute

Social media usage at work is one of those divisive issues that seems to polarise opinion. Only last week for instance the news broke of a manager apparently relieved of his duties for inappropriate use of LinkedIn. The back end of last year saw Cisco release a report revealing the importance many managers, particularly younger managers, place on social media access at work.

Media 13

How To Catch And Solve Problems Before They Become Insurmountable

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by Tom Salonek. In technology, a big part of our job involves solving problems. Perhaps we’re trying to figure out how to integrate a new software package into our existing architecture, or maybe we need to find a way to make a program run faster. But no matter what the work situation, problems are always challenges to be met with creativity, energy and persistence. Some think that problems in a business are evidence that people are doing something wrong.

Demotivation by schedule control

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Photo: uomo/ resource: www.photocase.de. Companies sometimes create the impression that employees are paid for their attendance. Many industrial companies support this point of view by painstakingly controlling the time worked by the employees with punch clocks.

How to Hire Keepers (2 of 2)

Leading Strategies

Last time we looked at the ideal way to hire longer term employees. How let’s look at what to do if you forget! What If You Forget Character at First? It is bad enough to make a poor hiring decision. Any of us who have made this mistake (including yours truly) know about it within a short time after the new person begins work. However, it is worse to compound this large mistake by then trying to “reform” a person’s character through a competency lens.

What Elmo can teach executives

The Organized Executive's Blog

For a quarter of a century the lovable red monster named Elmo has been teaching young children. But a recent Fresh Air interview with the man behind that Muppet, Kevin Clash, reveals a couple of lessons for executives. Two other puppeteers had tried their hand at Elmo before he was passed along to Clash. “I I got Elmo by default,” said Clash, who came up with the right voice for the 3-year-old character.

Where do big ideas come from?

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an article written by Steve Tobak for CBS MoneyWatch, the CBS Interactive Business Network. To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the website’s newsletters, please click here. * * * I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching a football game [.].

5 Reasons To Do An Employee Survey

Eric Jacobson

Business leaders who wonder whether they should conduct an employee survey should think about these five good reasons for conducting surveys, as recommended by John Kador and Katherine J. Armstrong in their book, Perfect Phrases for Writing Employee Surveys : 1.

Leadership Follies – Teenage Mind In the Heart of Leaders

Linked 2 Leadership

Have you noticed that business, politics, entertainment, and the average person have created a culture of abdication and finger-pointing? Do you find yourself or businesses and people around you practicing this adolescent behavior? I certainly have! And a recent letter that a friend showed me from their soon-to-be-adult child cemented this belief for me. Childish [.].

New posts on #ecademy

Rapid BI

Social Media Connection vs. Engagement Social Media Connection vs. Engagement Interesting look at how to balance engagement with connections and how some people confuse one thing with the other. In the blog “You’re connected, but are you engaging” the author talks about connections being a commodity – and we know what that means – they [.]. ecademy

Five Lessons from World Changers

Harvard Business Review

Now is the time to change the world. The past decade has been one of remarkable transformation and seemingly endless crisis. We've seen hundreds of millions rise from poverty to the ranks of the middle class, but we face persistent and difficult problems like disease, economic recession, and financial turmoil. Correspondingly, we need leaders who are willing to address those challenges. They exist.

Early Morning Advantage


I've heard people describe their use of the first hours of the morning as a crucial part of whether or not they have a productive day.

Do People Really Want You to Be Honest?

Harvard Business Review

My wife Eleanor and I were walking up a mountain road, enjoying a rare moment of being alone together. As we rounded a bend, we saw a friend, Nancy,* not too far ahead. When we caught up with her she suggested we walk together. I've known Nancy for 35 years. We're close friends and both Eleanor and I love spending time with her. But, in that moment, we didn't want to walk with her. We wanted time to ourselves. We also didn't want to slow to her pace.

Budget Development Warning Flag 1 – Division by Twelve Budgeting

Strategy Driven

Annual budget development is often time consuming and tedious, one of the evil necessities of managing a business.

In Presentations, Learn to Say Less

Harvard Business Review

Imagine that you had 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes at the next executive staff meeting to get your message across. Would you be able to focus your energy on the most compelling way to convey your most important thought? Honestly, many of us would be flustered by the limitations. But the ability to sharpen an idea so it can be communicated quickly and effectively is becoming critical. In most organizations today, information has expanded while time for analysis and decision-making has shrunk.

What, Never? No, Never.


I just finished a bunch of paperwork so it's back to Gilbert & Sullivan and the Captain of the Pinafore. You can't go wrong with Gilbert & Sullivan

Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement

Harvard Business Review

It's no secret that promotion rates in most industries have slowed during the extended recession. The good news, at least in the United States, is that with the current glimmers of economic growth the "ice floes" surrounding upward movement are beginning to break up. The bad news: competition for the C-suite positions that will open up over the next few years will be intense due the backlog in promotional activity.

Classical Economics


In 1991, the Nestlé Corporation became the Salzburg Festival’s first-ever commercial sponsor. The Austrian press exploded in rage. This moneygrubbing interloper would defile the sacred space of Salzburg and dumb down the august classical-music and theater showcase, predicted high-minded media wise men. Read the rest of Heather Mac Donald's City Journal article here

IBM Focuses HR on Change

Harvard Business Review

It's rare to find a corporate human resources function that accelerates change by actively finding ways to help drive new strategies. Most HR groups sit back and wait for requests from the business for administrative people transactions. In their role of stewards of policy compliance, they can tend to be a brake on change. But not at IBM.

So We Can Say


You've seen the dance. The training session was not held to train anyone but instead so someone could say that people had been trained. The study was ordered simply to have a shield. Put it on the shelf. It may come in handy some day when a pesky critic asks if anything has been done. The primary appeal of some actions is not a direct one. It is ancillary and meant to achieve another end. It is the workplace equivalent of diploma fraud. There must be a huge market in the "So We Can Say" business.

Thomas Otter on HCM SaaS/On Demand Procurement

Crossderry Blog

If you’re involved with SW procurement and aren’t following Thomas Otter (@vendorprisey, Gartner blog here , personal blog here ), then please do so. I saw his post on HCM SaaS/On Demand negotiations ( here ) and silently nodded my head in agreement. As SaaS HCM deals come up for renewal, and procurement gets involved, it is now crystal clear that most HR departments have been contracting for HCM software without IT procurement involvement.

Go HR for Startups


Joyce Akiko has started a new HR blog. Check it out

Build An Organization You Would Want To Do Business With!

Management 4-1-1

Picture yourself as a prospective customer of your product or services. Go ahead – close your eyes. Let’s really get into this. Now that you have this vision locked in your head, ask yourself… “Would you do business with yourself?” This is a simple, but extremely powerful question. Yet, it’s a question any engaged manager should be thinking about frequently. And if it doesn’t fully meet your criteria, what are you doing to change it?