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Fostering Autonomy in a Team: 7 Lessons


“…leadership may be defined as: the ability to enhance the environment so that everyone is empowered to contribute creatively to solving the problem(s).” – Gerald M. Weinberg. People do their best work when they are “intrinsically motivated” and one of the most important intrinsic motivator for people is autonomy in work. People need a space to perform and they need a say in how their work should be performed. Workplace autonomy feeds self-esteem and fosters creativity.

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Strategy for Non-Strategic Leaders

In the CEO Afterlife

I didn’t realize it at the outset, but blogging has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to ponder and reflect on the most valued (but often neglected) principles of business.

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Share Your Favorite Bible Verse

Ron Edmondson

I have a hard time saying something is my “favorite” of anything, but perhaps especially a Bible verse. There are so many. What about you? Do you have a favorite Bible verse? What if we shared some of our favorites with each other? It could be an encouragement. I’ll go first.


Quality: Setting Right Goals


Most improvement initiatives are heavily focused on internal goals – increasing productivity/efficiency, eliminating waste, reducing defects/costs and so on. Processes around these goals are written and implemented. People are trained, tools are implemented, energies are directed and everyone starts working hard to meet these goals. Some improvement is seen, some re-alignment is done and it seems to be working fine, till…the customer starts complaining again.

What’s The Right Stuff of Leadership? Think Dog, Turtle, and Cockroach

Terry Starbucker

Growing up in the 60′s and 70′s I was utterly fascinated by the US Space Program, and its corps of courageous astronauts.

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Good To Great -- Still A Must-Read For Leaders

Eric Jacobson

Near the top of virtually every list you'll see of the best leadership books, you'll find Good To Great , by Jim Collins. The book, five years in the making, and published in 2001, addresses the all-important question of: Can a good company become a great company, and if so, how?

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Office bully vs. office doormat: Getting them to share workload

Managers are Heroes

One’s too assertive, the other’s not assertive enough. To work as a a team, employees have to look beyond personality and opinion to get things done. But sometimes it isn’t always easy. That’s the situation manager Rebecca Simone found herself in when an employee complained her team leader was delegating work that wasn’t her responsibility to do. Personal filer. “Carly, you’ve been missing your deadlines the past few weeks,” Rebecca said.

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Tapping the Positive Potential of Anger

Leadership Freak

** Anger is a high potential power-emotion. Anger reveals your values and exposes a hidden self. Flipping off reckless drivers may not be polite but it says you value your safety. The sad side of anger is it makes you a fool. Unmanaged anger is scalding, destructive passion. Managed anger drives change by harnessing energy. [.]. Anger Change Managing Marks of leaders Passion Personal Growth bad side of anger hidden self Leadership Development reckless behavior ways to deal with anger

I saw the master in action this weekend. #leadership #managment

Management Craft

I spent an afternoon with a dear friend yesterday. We chatted over lunch and walked around his beach town. I have always admired his engaging and caring way - he is a leader who makes others feel like they have his full attention and consideration and they do (that's the important part - it is sincere, not an act). Because he thinks and lives this way. He notices people and things and takes the initiative to be helpful and caring. More so than most people. More so than I do - by a long shot.

All is Balance


Some thoughts I've mentioned before but have seen vividly displayed in some recent projects: Exhibit too much of any virtue and you'll plunge into a problem. You can indeed be too kind, too analytical, too bold, too tolerant, and too open.

I'd expected more headhunters to call

Chartered Management Institute

Don't wait for headhunters to call - if you're a senior executive looking for a job and they haven't already then it is too late. You need to drive the process - with the right approach and the right effort almost anyone (though I am personally concerned with senior executives) can land a role and do so quickly.

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Katherine Hays (GenArts) in “The Corner Office”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Adam Bryant conducts interviews of senior-level executives that appear in his “Corner Office” column each week in the SundayBusiness section of The New York Times. Here are a few insights provided during an interview of Katherine Hays is the chief executive of GenArts, a visual effects technology company based in Cambridge, Mass. She says she [.].

REI Sets The Example For Creating And Living Core Values

Eric Jacobson

Are you a leader who is struggling with how to write your company's core values? You can learn from Recreational Equipment Incorporated , better known as REI -- an outdoor gear and apparel co-op.

Join Me in San Diego?

Steve Farber

Many of you have been asking for this opportunity for a long time. Well…it’s finally here! Over the last couple of years, we’ve developed, piloted and field-tested The Extreme Leadership Workshop, and now, for the first time, we’re offering it in a public forum. You now have a chance to participate in the workshop and become certified and licensed to facilitate it for others—your team, your company, or your clients.

During the Golden Hour of Crisis Will You Be Captain Cool or Captain Coward?

Business Learning Coach

By Jim Grinnell, Ph.D. Shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport, US Airways flight 1549 struck a large flock of geese and the aircraft’s two engines were disabled.

My idea of a good time

Jason Womack

If I had 4 extra blocks of 15 minutes. Landing in town a day early (Minneapolis) today, I "stopped by" the MOA - Mall of America. Anyway, I treated myself to an educational opportunity. I picked up a notebook - watch last book got started that way! - and three books about Thomas Edison.

Complimentary Resource – Overseas Business Travel Risk

Strategy Driven

Overseas Business Travel Risk. by Zurich Financial Services Ltd. Get FREE access to Zurich’s white paper on preparing for overseas business travel risks! This white paper shares potential overseas business travel risks: Health risks. Security risks. Safety risks.

I Rewire My Brain - I Replace Another Bad Habit with a Good Habit

Building Personal Strength

From Brook Farm. I was enjoying my shower this morning, when it dawned on me. I was busy scrubbing my back with a long-handled brush, and I wasn't even thinking about it. I hadn't decided to do that. I had just done it. Out of habit. Six years ago, I arrived in the Texas Hill Country. Practically the first thing I did was to go to the doctor to get a boil on my back treated. He quickly took care of it, and I asked him how these things happen. I wanted to avoid getting another one, if possible.

Contracting-Out or Outsourcing In-House Functions ? Doing It Right.

Michael VanBruaene