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Leadership and Surrender

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Control is about power – not leadership. ” Thoughts?

Has Ego Trumped Your Mission? Lessons in Transparency from the Komen Foundation Fiasco

Next Level Blog

As you’ve no doubt read, the Komen Foundation – the people behind the pink ribbons to fight breast cancer – found themselves at the center of controversy last week after they decided to pull funding for breast cancer screenings from Planned Parenthood. Click headline to continue.

Two Words Changing Leadership and the World

C-Level Strategies

“You Matter. I believe they can also change a company. When I Didn’t Matter. I was prepared. I chose to no longer work for that company.

eBook 104

Seven Powerful Lessons I Learned from Zig Ziglar

Kevin Eikenberry

I first read See You at the Top (Zig Ziglar’s classic first book) over Christmas one year during college. I had heard of Zig, and checked out the book from the library. I took pages of notes since I couldn’t write in the book. I still have the notes. Soon after, I started listening to Zig’s [.].

5 Leadership Lessons: Great Leaders Grow

Leading Blog

Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller have penned another business fable, Great Leaders Grow. People and organizations are not fully alive unless they are growing. They ask, “will you be a leader who is always ready to face the next challenge, or will you be a leader that tries to apply yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems? It’s not optional.

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8 Power Tips for Building Your Reputation

Leadership Freak

** Your reputation is built on being noticed for the right things in the right way by the right people. Reputation is about credibility, trust, and influence. Good reputations create opportunities. Danger: Good reputations are earned slowly and lost quickly. One major blunder outweighs many contributions.

The Balanced Scorecard: Do’s and Don’ts

First Friday Book Synopsis

In a book published in 1996, The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy Into Action, Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton developed in much greater depth and detail a concept they introduced previously in an HBR article (January/February, 1992): the balanced scorecard.

Stop Managing Your Career

In the CEO Afterlife

Inherent in the definition of career is the opportunity to progress. Getting ahead” was my father’s way of saying it. It was an epidemic within Kraft.

GUTSY GALS are Electricians

Women on Business

Sue was not feeling GUTSY ; she was still in pain as she talked about an ugly spill that ended with a badly injured ankle.

5 Lessons A True Leader Can Take Away From The VW Super Bowl Ad

Chris Brady

I am excited to introduce the following article contributed exclusively to readers of this blog by Jason Monaghan from the University of Notre Dame. For a look at the ad in question, click here. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

0302 | Marcus Buckingham


Marcus Buckingham is a key soloist in the strengths movement choir. He is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and business consultant who champions the idea that people and organizations reach peak performance by leveraging their strengths. Marcus Buckingham is a key soloist in the strengths movement choir.

Wisdom is Learning From Experience. How do you evaluate the experience?

Create Learning

Jaques 1989). One component of your ability to be effective in your work is Wisdom. How do you evaluate a persons Wisdom in their role as a manager?

The complainer in the workplace: Best responses to keep your sanity

Managers are Heroes

Negative attitude or legitimate complaint? How do you know? In the past few months it seems Janet had taken to complaining about everything.

Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Commercial Commentary

Ron Edmondson

I loved the Clint Eastwood ad during the Super Bowl. Then I saw this CNN News editorial. It’s interesting. If her statistics are true, I’ve learned a few things. What do you think? Related posts: Girls Pact to Pregnancy (Sad Commentary on Us). Focus on the Family, John 3:16 Commercial. Wanted: Super-Pastor. Culture


Leaders: How to Get More Creativity, Energy, and Clarity

Linked 2 Leadership

Do you want more creativity, energy, problem-solving, and clear-thinking at your workplace? Of course you do! Who doesn’t want a team that is happy, energetic, creative, and solves problems easily? I can’t think of one organization that couldn’t benefit in this way. I think we may have found the magic bullet. And the great news is this: [.].

0302 | Marcus Buckingham


Marcus Buckingham is a key soloist in the strengths movement choir. He is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and business consultant who champions the idea that people and organizations reach peak performance by leveraging their strengths. Leadership Podcast buckingham strengths

Torre and Girardi: Coaching the Joes

Marshall Goldsmith

As an executive coach who is accustomed to working with corporate chief executives, I found this recent request to be an interesting challenge: Give some coaching advice to two coaches, Joe Torre, the former coach of the New York Yankees, now coaching the LA Dodgers, and Joe Girardi, the new coach of the Yankees. Here goes: For Joe Torre: 1.

Leading Synergistically

Coaching Tip

If you're involved with any group of people who are trying to achieve common goals, you soon become acutely aware that those goals will be achieved only through the work of the people in the group. Yes, all work is done through relationships and wisely managing these relationship is critical to your team, group, division, company and community.

Winner of CMI Management Book of the Year is announced tonight!

Chartered Management Institute

Tonight the winner of CMI Management Book of the Year will be announced tonight at an Awards Evening in central London. We run the competition in association with the British Library so it is fitting the event is being held at the British Library Conference Centre. You are not watching this post, click to start watching read more.

Company presentation myth

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Phto: akiwi/ Source: How do you approach an introductory meeting with a prospective customer ? ” Wrong!

B2B 21

The Power of an Audience

ReThink HR

We have power but WE can’t do it all on our own… Subscribe to Speaking Topics & Information. “It was me.

What Can You Do When Information Leaks from a Private Forum?

Managing Communities

photo credit: Vivian Chen [???] Private forums are meant to be private – the information contained within is supposed to only be for the people who have access to that forum. But, people don’t always respect this fact and eventually, you may have someone leaking private information to people who shouldn’t have it. The question [.].

How Google could double the impact of its ads

Chartered Management Institute

Google ads on content pages use the viewer's previous search and browsing history to target them. Thus, if you looked at a pair of trainers today, for the next few days most of the ads will relate to those trainers, other suppliers, other running kit, other running related activities etc. of the people who receive them. How so?

Great Leaders Hold People to High Standards

Ron Edmondson

I make no apologies. I continue to challenge the people I lead. I expect a lot of them. I try to be fair. I’m a strong advocate for family time.

Don't Worry Yourself With Others - #doyourjob #management

Management Craft

I am one of those folks who watch the super bowl for the entertainment, not the football. Not just the ads and half-time show, but also the stories of triumph and beating the odds. During yesterday's telecast, I was struck by the interview with soon-to-be MVP Eli Manning who said that his coach encouraged players to "do their jobs." Management OD

Leaders: Be Bad Long Enough to Become Good

Linked 2 Leadership

Leaders are meant to be looked up to; to have a powerful role and impact people. However, it seems that leaders are not fulfilling their roles the way that they should be. The most recent National Leadership Index compiled by the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership shows that overall confidence in leadership remains [.].

Team 12

An Accountability Coach Can Help You Get Results

Your Voice of Encouragement

Do you have an area in your life that you need to improve, but for some reason you’ve lacked the motivation or commitment to make the change?

The Ten Things Managers Need to Know from “The Leader’s Digest”

The Practical Leader

It’s always very interesting to see what readers identify as the most significant messages in my books. Maybe they mixed it up with another one?

How To Evaluate Your Leadership Style

Tim Milburn

//NOTE: This is a guest post by Ken Blanchard, author of Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. I don’t ask this question flippantly.

Three Ways to Turn Setbacks into Progress

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Teresa Amabile and Steve Kramer for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a subscription to HBR email alerts, please click here. Artwork: The Big Mobile (2004), 3rd Biennial of Contemporary Art [.].

How To Evaluate Your Leadership Style

Tim Milburn

//NOTE: This is a guest post by Ken Blanchard, author of Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. I don’t ask this question flippantly.

10 Ways To Have Fun At Work.

Rich Gee Group

Okay — it's the Monday after the Super Bowl and work is the last thing you feel interested in doing right now. Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Ways & Tips Fun Have Fun Meetings Phone

February 2012 Top 100 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter

Rapid BI

Evan Carmichael’s Top 100 Business Coaches - Feb 2012. Date Management business coach Evan Carmichael list top coach twitter

Leadership Caffeine: Teach Your Team Smart(er) Decision Processes

Management Excellence

Nothing happens without a decision. Nothing good happens without the right decision. And, in case you doubt the need to focus on making better decisions, spend some time skimming the news. If you’ve kept up with your health and fitness resolutions thus far this year, you know that even minor adjustments in diet and exercise pay big dividends.