Sat.Mar 17, 2018

People who Believe They Have No Control Act as if They Don’t Matter

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People who believe they have no control forfeit their power and act as if they don’t matter. Helplessness: Waits for instructions. Rejects creative solution-seeking. Avoids risk. Gives up quickly. Complains when results disappoint. When you try to change things but everything stays the same, eventually you give up. Three steps to helplessness: Belief that … … Continue reading → Power

A Success Framework

Jason Womack

Hey everyone, I am running in the Los Angeles Marathon tomorrow, Sunday, March 18. If you have time, between 7 AM and 11 AM please send me a text… I will see it on my phone! In anticipation of tomorrow’s

Back in Action


The meeting went well. Much was accomplished. Potential rabbit holes were avoided. You can't ask more than that


65 seconds to a better Saturday morning

Jason Womack

65 seconds. that was how long it took me to get in a good mood this morning. Look, I know I'm "SUPPOSED" to not let external things get me up, or get me down. But, I'm human. So, when


Timeless Advice on Leadership


[Photo by Victoria Heath at Unsplash] Forbes 2004: Peter Drucker, sharp as a tack, discussing effective leadership

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Reprise: The scene from "Young Frankenstein


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People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything. Thomas Sowell