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7 Traits of an Insecure Leader

Ron Edmondson

Insecurity always shows up in a person’s life. It can be disguised, but it can’t be hidden. Insecure people, or people who aren’t secure in who they are personally or comfortable with their abilities, display some common characteristics.

Leaders: Are You Willing To Risk Your Life?

Linked 2 Leadership

On Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, it is important for us all to reflect on the sacrifice and devotion to duty shown by so many of our brave men and women all over the world. “What does the observation of past and present wars mean to you?” ” November 11th is not about poppies, wreaths or [.]. Conflict Management Leadership Lessons Learned Leading & Developing Other Leaders Servant Leadership November 11 Remembrance Day Veterans Day

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Three Critical Factors to Consider Before You Choose a Communication Technique

The Recovering Engineer

Before you start looking for the right communication technique or words to use to convey an idea, you must consider three critical factors. They are not complicated. They are important. Failure to include them in your thinking, could lead to a failed communication.

How much more productive could you be if you worked from home?

Chartered Management Institute

I was reading Future Work by Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson last night. They used a case study from IBM whereby flexible working saw employees produce an extra 19 hours of productive work. Now suffice to say they don't expand on how that figure was achieved, but I thought I'd have a stab myself. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The Balance of Reason and Instinct

Coaching Tip

By Guest Author Francis Cholle. When L’Oréal, the world leading beauty company, asked me to design global training programs to help with the management of creative teams I had to reflect deeply about business success at the intersection of creativity and management.

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Multi-Tasking: Is It Worth It?

Great Leadership By Dan

Here's a guest post from one of my regulars, Beth Armknecht Miller. It's great advice - what a simple yet powerful way to improve your leadership effectiveness and relationships! Multi-Tasking: Is It Worth It? You see it at work.

Meyer 25

Art, History, and Michael Jackson

Chris Brady

Below is another excerpt from my upcoming ITALY book (chapter 19). One of the ways I’d sold this whole month of Italy concept to Terri was by emphasizing its educational aspects. Partly due to our. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Politics Travel

College Sex Scandals, Candor, and Leadership

Leadership Freak

I woke up this morning to the news that Joe Paterno has been fired as the Head Coach of Penn State football. The President of Penn State, Graham Spanier, is also out. Many believe they are out because of a sex scandal. But the real reason is lack of courageous candor. Jack Welch said, “I [.]. Courage Failure Fear Leading Power Leadership Development

Welch 32

The Three Questions That Lead to Profitable Growth

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Chris Zook for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a free subscription to HBR email alerts, please click here. This post is part of the HBR Insight Center Growing the Top [.]. Bob's blog entries Achieving "leadership economics" and repeatable model at the center of your strategy and Vanguard Apple “The Great Repeatable Business Model” “What is our core?”

What Politicians Will Never Tell You

Coaching Tip

According to nearly everyone running for office, we are now in a "jobs crisis.". Even with all the attention on hiring, the government's ability to create jobs is pretty dispiriting, no matter who is in charge. One reason we have so few ideas about job creation is that up until recently, the U.S. economy had been growing so well for so long that few economists spent much time studying it.

Second Life, Google+ and the Very Rough Road to Successful New (or Sort-Of-New) Endeavors

First Friday Book Synopsis

On today, there is a post mortem on Second Life, and a pre-mortem on the “doomed” Google+. The authors are the Heath Brothers (the Second Life piece: Why Second Life Failed), and Farhad Manjoo (the Google+ take down: Google+ Is Dead). So, what do we learn? (By By the way, I am a big fan [.]. Randy's blog entries Chip Heath Dan Heath Farhad Manjoo Google innovation Second Life

Leadership Style: Blinders, Beacon or Both?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership I was on my way to a meeting, driving on the freeway in blinding rain and happily singing along with the radio. Suddenly, there’s a semi-trailer on either side of my car, both churning up road mist and throwing off their own back-splash of rain. I couldn’t see a thing. No more singing as I’m [.] Leadership Style: Blinders, Beacon or Both?

The Coming Jobs War: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Coming Jobs War: What Every Leader Must Know About the Future of Job Creation Jim Clifton Gallup Press (2011) How and why entrepreneurs can – indeed must – win America’s “next everything war” The war to which the title of this book refers will never be declared officially but I am convinced that it [.].

Four Sources of Personal Power in Organizations

Change Starts Here

To be an effective change agent, you must have some power within your organization. In general, power is the energy to make something happen. In the context of an organization, your personal power directly impacts your ability to influence change. Without it, you’re just spinning your wheels. Having power provides benefits that help you implement change. For example, the more power you have, the more freedom you are given to take action without permission.

Servant Leadership Observer – October 2011

Modern Servant Leader

Welcome to the October edition of the Servant Leadership Observer. This month brought several news events, including a release by the C12 group highlighting the benefits of servant leadership in business.

Pryor 13

Lead with Purpose: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Lead with Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself John Baldoni AMACOM (2012) The multi-dimensional “why” of initiative and fulfillment for organizations as well as for individuals I selected my review’s title because, in his latest book, John Baldoni focuses on how and why having (or not having) a sense of purpose [.].

Penn State


The sexual abuse scandal at Penn State raises a lot of questions and yet it is also a reminder of how otherwise good people can make horrific decisions. I have a theory. They combine the desire to avoid paying a price with a complicated course of action. They epitomize the British expression, "Too clever by half."

Book Review – Getting Ahead

Tim Milburn

I have spent the last few weeks working through the pages of Joel A. Garfinkle’s latest book, Getting Ahead – Three Steps to Take Your Career To The Next Level.

Infinite Vision - Looks Like a Great Book @bkpub

Management Craft

I received my monthly newsletter from Berrett-Koehler publishers yesterday and this book seems really interesting and might be a perfect one to kick off the new year with renewed purpose, drive, and meaning. Here is the description from the newsletter: Infinite Vision. Why Read It?

7 Steps to High Performance Teams with Roberts Wesleyan Masters of Strategic Leadership Alumni

Create Learning

Traveling is part of my work and Roberts Wesleyan Masters of Strategic Leadership (MSL) Alumni caught me on a trip home through Rochester NY to share some Team Building and Leadership Knowledge. 7 Steps to High Performance Teams.

Lionize Your Disagreements

Utpal Writes

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” ~ Gandhi. For most people, disagreements are difficult to handle. It makes them feel bad so they keep it off. Hiding it under the carpet, hoping it will somehow resolve itself. Didn’t they know that nothing matters but actions , of the right kind. Here’s my take on disagreements: “Disagreements are but an opportunity for emergence and to deepen the relationship with everyone involved.”.

An Inspiring View from the C-Suite with Wayne Bossert, Royal Bank of Canada

Roundtable Talk

Th is week, our members had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Wayne Bossert, EVP Sales, RBC Canadian Banking and President & CEO, Royal Mutual Funds Inc., to gain his insights around leadership. With an impressive 25 year career at RBC, Wayne shared lessons he learned at his various career junctures. Whether your ambition is to grow your career within one employer as Wayne has done, or to leap the career ladder through smaller firms, the lessons shared were universal.

The Question That Will Change Your Organization

Harvard Business Review

Some fifteen years ago, in the early days of starting up Fast Company magazine, co-founder Alan Webber shared one of his rules of thumb with me: "A good question beats a good answer." That pithy wisdom sunk in and took hold immediately. The first thing you notice when you have your ears pricked for questions is that most people (especially businesspeople) are more interested in presenting solutions, making assertions, and sharing their vision. This isn't surprising.

Leadership Caffeine Podcast #11: George Bradt on New Leader’s 100 Day Action Plan

Management Excellence

There are fewer points in time in a leader's life more important than the start-up phase. Whether you are an experienced leader taking over a new team or a first-time leader getting started with your group, the early few weeks and months set the tone and tenor for your leadership and for your success.

TV Ads' New Digital Role

Harvard Business Review

Television advertising has undergone significant changes in the last 30 years. However, it is arguably on the verge of its greatest changes ever. From where I sit as the Global Head of Digital AT Pepsico Beverages, charged with navigating our brands foray into the digital world, I see three big changes: The value we put on an advertisement will change as we seek to account for engagement metrics in the pricing.

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The trailers for: " A Good Year " " Tombstone " " Basic " " Warrior " " El Cid


America's Productivity Paradox

Harvard Business Review

With 9% unemployment , a coming election, and financial markets teetering on the brink of disaster, the employment crisis is hard to miss. Unfortunately, even with the crisis at the forefront of today's discussion, there is little analysis of the actual causes of the problem. A large contingent of us simply assumes it's a failure of the fat cats on Wall Street. It's not that simple.

Semper Fi


Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps


The Persistence of the Innovator's Dilemma

Harvard Business Review

In 1995, a young Harvard Business School Professor co-authored an article in Harvard Business Review , "Disruptive Technology: Catching the Wave." He and his co-author proposed a new causal mechanism that explained the surprising failure of highly-regarded companies. The most punishing innovations, they argued, were the ones that were easy to dismiss at first blush — simple, affordable solutions that took root outside the mainstream market.

Going Electric


Glenn Reynolds at test drives a Nissan Leaf


Praise Leads to Cheating?

Harvard Business Review

Some seemingly innocent organizational practices, like praising people for success, are are likely to not only reduce performance and increase cheating but also make people less adaptive at work. The good news is that a few simple changes can effect a tremendous shift. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford, presented this study at the first day of the 2011 NeuroLeadership summit in San Francisco.

Public Pension Fraud


From an important article by Philip K. Howard : The indictment of seven Long Island Rail Road workers for disability fraud last week cast a spotlight on a troubled government agency. Until recently, over 90% of LIRR workers retired with a disability—even those who worked desk jobs—adding about $36,000 to their annual pensions. The cost to New York taxpayers over the past decade was $300 million. That’s 30,000 New York state households who each paid $10,000 extra in taxes—to pay for a fraud

Social Media's Untapped Power

Harvard Business Review

An interview with Misiek Piskorski of Harvard Business School and Anthony J. Bradley of Gartner Research. Misiek is the author of the HBR article Social Strategies that Work and Anthony is the coauthor of The Social Organization. Download this podcast. Social media Technology

Leadership Digital

Brilliant Leader

I am delighted to announce that Brilliant Leader is now a featured contributor to Leadership Digital. This excellent portal enables you to access the latest and very best articles around leadership, management and leadership development as they are published. You can also search for historic articles by topic, concept, leadership gurus and industry focus.