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Not All Metrics Are Created Equal

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. These are the metrics of how an organization performs against its benchmarks. Thoughts?

Tim Tebow: Unconventional Just May Mean Revolutionary

Chris Brady

As a father I am constantly on the lookout for lessons, stories, experiences, and role models that will be edifying for the development of my children. Several years ago, while he was still a. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Contemporary Leadership Sports

We are stronger, wiser & more beautiful together.

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development My husband and I recently attended the most beautiful and unique dinner party of our lives. Every family in attendance was from a different part of the world: Russia, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, India, Pakistan, South America, and the United States. We were a variety of colors and ages.

Six Questions to Make Sure You Have Communicated Effectively

The Recovering Engineer

The communication process really should be easy. You say something to another person. They hear it. End of discussion. And, it’s not quite that easy.

A Leader’s Worst Day…

Ron Edmondson

…can often be the best day for the organization! Leaders are called to make difficult decisions. Seek wisdom. Leadership

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Do you have enough?

Deep Imprints

Would you believe I just figured out yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week? Ephesians 4:17-32 meet us perfectly right before the holidays.

The Power in “Non-Commissioned Work”

ReThink HR

Creativity… If you think about the core of creativity… we are at our most creative when we have. the free will, the free space, and. the free time, … to be creative. At times our best work is done when we are not paid to do it! But often that paid or commissioned work has requirements. Of course this has its place.

Where Do You Stand Among the World’s Greatest Leaders?

C-Level Strategies

They are told by Archangel Gabriel the answer, “is a mere two words.” ” The Summit’s Design. It’s incredibly powerful.

3 simple ways to botch your awards program

The Organized Executive's Blog

It doesn’t take much to undermine the value of your employee recognition program. Fail to pay attention to detail and the money you spent on the certificates, plaques or other tokens will be worthless. It takes only a little care to avoid these three errors in your awards: Misspelling the recipient’s name. Mispronouncing the recipient’s name.

There Are Too Many Presenters Who “Suck” At It – Don’t Be One Of Them

First Friday Book Synopsis

“In industry, we pretty much suck at it.” – a participant at my last training session, a department head at a major company, commenting on the presentation skills of far too many people. ———— I make a lot of presentations. I teach speech. And I study speech and presentation skills. If I have areas of [.].

The Device Specs Debate and How it Applies to Online Communities

Managing Communities

photo credit: grabbingsand Scott M. Fulton, II of ReadWriteWeb wrote earlier this week (care of my friend Jared W. Smith) about the debate in technology media circles about the value of device specs in tech reviews. The discussion is centered around this question: when it comes to reviewing a device, just how important are the [.].

“Don’t Try This at Home” – George Clooney, Jock Mahoney (Yancy Derringer), and a Lesson in Preparation

First Friday Book Synopsis

“Neglect, carelessness and not clearing the stunt area are usually what causes accidents. Preparation is absolutely essential to any successful stunt. You have to go through a stunt in your mind — over and over again as if you’ve already done it.

Why a Coaching Relationship? Innovation Happens

Create Learning

Every employee is entitled to have a competent manager with the capability to bring value to their problem solving and decision making.

The One and Only Reason to Help

Leadership Freak

Competent people are insulted when you try to help them do their job. They think, “You don’t trust me.” Managers must know when to step in or stay out. Help too quickly and you’re a smothering meddler; delay too long and you don’t care. When it comes to helping others, their confidence levels matter. Overconfident [.].

Dress Code


Who makes that determination? Management. Are such determinations ever subjective? Does the fact that it is subjective really matter?

leadership, Kim Kardashian, and Personal Values

Linked 2 Leadership

Remember the days when personal values were things we bragged about? We were proud to live by a set of standards—many of which were handed on by our grandparents. “The standards were grounded in an ethic of hard work and a spirit of generosity. It’s upsetting every time we read about a prominent figure that [.].

What Makes a Great Teacher?

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared in The Atlantic(January/February 2010) in which Amanda Ripley shares what she learned about recent efforts to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in public schools.

Build Your Personal Value Proposition

Harvard Business Review

Executives set value propositions for their products — the target market segments, the benefits they provide, and their prices. It's why a target customer should buy the product. But value propositions go beyond just products. Your personal value proposition (PVP) is at the heart of your career strategy. It's why to hire you, not someone else.

Can I Just Say, Have You Been Reading Our Blog? It Really Is Worth Reading

First Friday Book Synopsis

I am a little busier than I have been. I write blog posts when I can. And I fall behind reading our other blogging team members, especially Bob Morris, and have to catch up. So – let me just say — have you been reading Bob Morris lately on our blog? Now, he puts up [.]. Randy's blog entries

Beyond basic brainstorming: A process for better ideas

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Coaching [link] Today’s SmartBlog on Leadership, Beyond basic brainstorming: A process for better ideas, is by Kevin Eikenberry, who is an expert on leadership development, author, speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. Beyond basic brainstorming: A process for better ideas.

Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Women on Business

In the recent decades women have moved forwards in leaps and bounds, gaining voting rights and steady jobs. It has gone from something unusual and strange to the norm in society to have both members of a household working in steady jobs. Surprisingly though it is not as strong a barrier as it once was. of board seats in 2010 and 14.4% Wagoner.

Fire All the Managers

Harvard Business Review

An interview with Gary Hamel , director of the Management Innovation eXchange and author of the HBR article First, Let's Fire All the Managers. Download this podcast. Innovation Managing people

Customer Intimacy vs. Customer Satisfaction


When helping clients with strategic plans and business model generation, I encourage them to choose one of three paths. 3) Commit, commit, commit!

What The Colts Can Teach Us About Team Building

Harvard Business Review

The Indianapolis Colts are 0-10. For the last nine seasons, the Colts have made the Playoffs. Under the leadership of their future Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning , they won the Super Bowl in 2007 and lost one in 2010. This team has been a perennial contender in the League. This season, something happened. Can the company continue to exist?

Little Notes


There are several secrets to the little notes that can make such a difference to others. The first is not to procrastinate. Delay is your enemy.


Recommended Resource – Make Every Second Count

Strategy Driven

Make Every Second Count : Time Management Tips and Techniques for More Success With Less Stress by Robert W. Consider leaving a comment!

Art Break: Everett


Art Contrarian on the work of Walter H. Everett


Book Review: Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers


I am fascinated by change. Well, not really. Like most humans I am quite threaten by change. However, as an organizational scholar, I am fascinated by how some organizations managed to successfully lead their people through change and others fail miserably. In Sacred Cows , Robert Kriegel and David Brandt explore change.

Extraordinary Blogs


Cultural Offering lists 25 blogs guaranteed to make you smarter. I'm honored to be in their company

Put Employees First! Now, That’s an Idea Whose Time Is Overdue!

Management is a Journey

Command and control leadership is increasingly recognized as an inappropriate primary leadership style for many modern organizations. The declining utility of this style has occurred over the last several decades and it has been accelerated in this new millennium.

California's Regulatory Morass


Last year, a medical-technology firm called Numira Biosciences, founded in 2005 in Irvine, California, packed its bags and moved to Salt Lake City. The relocation, CEO Michael Beeuwsaert told the Orange County Register, was partly about the Utah destination’s pleasant quality of life and talented workforce.

Get to Know Your Boss's Boss

Harvard Business Review

Many people meet their boss's boss when they are hired, and then promptly forget about her. But does your manager's manager know what you've done recently? What does he think of you? If you can't answer these questions, then getting to know this leader could advance your career. Although my boss wasn't interested in this topic, her boss was.

Bodacious Shelby


The Hammock Papers notes that today is Shelby Foote's birthday and provides some video and thoughts. I could listen to Shelby Foote read the yellow pages. Instead of Talk Like a Pirate Day, there should be a Talk Like Shelby Foote Day. We'd be a better nation

Video 2

A Few Ideas for Beleaguered Innovators

Harvard Business Review

Keep the faith. That's what I said to a client who is going through a crisis of confidence. Over the summer he had put together the underpinnings of what on paper looked like a promising growth business. If you are doing something that hasn't been done before, careful analysis will by definition highlight reasons to not proceed. Keep the faith.