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Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Leo Bottary: Leadership lessons exist all around us, all the time. All we have to do is pay attention. Let me offer two examples – one is about growth and the other involves the power of declaring victory.

Four Meaningful Careers and How to Start Them

Strategy Driven

Considering your future in the world of work, it’s not uncommon to find yourself utterly bewildered by the sheer quantity and diversity of roles available in the job market. Many of these roles require training or qualifications, which constitute a large investment of both your time and money.

Career 151

The Myth of the Magic Bullet: 7 Things to Do When Progress is Slow

Leadership Freak

Progress is like learning to walk. You stumble forward, then you skin your knee. There’s no quick fix to the challenges of leadership. And thinking there is makes stumbling harder. The path forward… Continue reading → Change Personal Growth Solutions Success Leadership Development organizational success

To Create Radical Outcomes – Make Sure Every Output Has A Purpose

Strategy Driven

In many work situations, random things are created because people are not focused on a specific outcome. They do things, launch programs, take actions, but they have no business outcome in mind.

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How to Encourage More Micro-Innovation on Your Team

Let's Grow Leaders

Are you looking for ways to uncover more micro-innovation on your team? Is your team a bit stuck? Stuck doing things the way they’ve always done them? Stuck with workarounds to systems that no longer work? Stuck in silos, unaware that there’s a […].

How Business Coaching Can Boost Your Profits

Strategy Driven

In addition to all the practical aspects of running a business, entrepreneurs are also human beings with problems just like everyone else. These issues may start to affect how well you run your business, or make it hard for you to see where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to correct it.

Wanjiku Njoroge Joins the Women on Business Contributor Team

Women on Business

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Some Experts Say Women’s Salaries Are Still Less Than Men. Is It True?

Women on Business

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Creating Purposeful Leadership Development Training Programs

The Regis Company

As professionals in the instructional design community, we often pride ourselves on being at the forefront of learning innovation. But even experts can fall prey into the familiar safety net of “teach to the objective” approaches.

Act Quickly To Gain Customer Loyalty

Eric Jacobson

A customer who complains and receives a fast response will actually be more loyal to your company in terms of future sales and referrals than a customer who never complained at all. That is what author Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy proclaim, and I agree with them. They also say in their book, Now.Build A Great Business! that: a slow response to a customer complaint triggers fear and anger.

One of My Most Repeated Principles of Leadership – and Life – Which Can Make Your Life Better

Ron Edmondson

How’s this for a title? One principal for a better life? Really? Really. And, it is a very simple principle – one every leader knows, but one we often forget. But understanding this principle can dramatically improve every relationship in your life – and, if you’re a leader, it will improve your leadership – every time. Guaranteed! Another emphatic statement! But, it’s true. Learn this principle and place it into practice and see what I mean.

Today's Leadership Quotes

Eric Jacobson

The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell. The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask -- Peter Drucker It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit -- Harry S. Truman No man becomes rich unless he enriches others -- Andrew Carnegie Perception, visibility, and influence will help you stand out from the gifted group of stars that surrounds you -- Joel A. Garfinkle.

How to Improve Workplace Transparency?

HR Digest

Workplace transparency is an invaluable asset in every corporate body. For any business to become successful, trust and transparency are very important. In fact, no true progress can be made in a workplace where the leaders don’t trust their team. A recent survey by Ernst & Young reported by FastCompany revealed that most global professionals don’t trust their employer, boss, team or colleagues. They simply lack transparency in the workplace.

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The Leadership Test

Eric Jacobson

One of my favorite books about leadership is The Leadership Test by Timothy R. Clark. You can read it in an hour and its message will guide you through your entire career. Here are some important points from the book that are particularly powerful: Leadership is the process of influencing volunteers to accomplish good things. The spectrum of influence ranges from manipulation to persuasion to coercion. Only persuasion is leadership. Manipulation exploits. Coercion controls.

8 Things to Do Before You Run a Business Experiment

Harvard Business Review

Budget time, not just money. Analytics Digital Article

How Global Brands Can Respond to Local Competitors

Harvard Business Review

Small consumer brands are better able to create hypertargeted products. Global strategy Emerging markets Retail & Consumer Goods Digital Article

Working Mothers

Harvard Business Review

Are you struggling to balance career and family? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of career coach Daisy Dowling. They talk through what to do when you’re returning from maternity leave, planning to have kids early in your career, or debating whether to quit your job to care for your children. Work-life balance Managing yourself Career planning Audio

Research: Are Women Better at Leading Diverse Countries Than Men?

Harvard Business Review

A study looked at 188 nations over a 54-year period. Economy Gender Digital Article

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies

Harvard Business Review

Creative pursuits will open up new perspectives and boost your confidence. Stress Creativity Managing yourself Digital Article