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The 8 Elements of Punk Rock Business

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O K, I’ll bite. What do the Ramones, the Clash, and the Sex Pistols have to do with leadership? The title of Jeremy Dale’s book, The Punk Rock of Business , comes from a comment Bono made to Oprah about a project Dale was working on with him for Motorola.

How to Design Your Website Like a Pro

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How Impactful Is Machine Learning In Today’s Business World?

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Since 2012, with the proliferation of Python in general software development, Machine Learning has become the biggest trend in the technology world. Because of the many applications that ML could have within every business, it’s quite easy to understand why the topic is so heavily looked after.

Context Matters: What We’re Learning About Food

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton A day when so many people eat too much candy seems just right for sharing new research that turns conventional wisdom on healthy eating inside out. This new research will begin to change the thinking and practices of the food and restaurant industries. Here is a sneak preview: Context Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking ethical lenses ethics trends global ethics holistic ethics integral ethics what is ethical leadership what is ethics

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Tips and Tricks to Improve Sales With Cloud Apps

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Every business strives to close as many deals as it possibly can within a given period. However, not many business owners are willing to invest in upgrading their sales processes to match or even surpass their better-performing competitors.

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Talking to Your Boss about Work-Life Imbalance

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Dealing with the growing demands of a career and your personal life can seem like a never-ending challenge. In today’s competitive market where employees are expected to do more with less, the pressure of managing both your career and family is rising. However, the right balance varies over time depending on whether you’re single or married with children. But, a few steps in the right direction can go a long way.

7 Things to Consider When Expanding Your Business

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There is a small dilemma that most businesses face at some point, and that is whether or not to expand. If you try to expand too soon, you will end up failing to meet the increasing demand which can, in turn, harm your reputation.

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Status Matters – 3 Ways to Gain It

Leadership Freak

If you had the choice, would you choose high or low status? Status elevates your opportunity to make a difference. 3 ways to elevate your status: #1. Don’t obsess about gaining status. The… Continue reading → Leading Leadership Development



Nicholas Bate has some quick and sound advice on moods. Photo by Samuel Dixon at Unsplash

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podcast: Jennifer K. Crittenden: What’s A Guy to Do? How to Work With Women (#25)

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We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. I recently had a chance to interview former executive and now author and coach, Jennifer K. Crittenden, about her latest book: What's a Guy to Do? Working With Women, as well as her other excellent books. In this engaging 40-minute interview, Jennifer shares a wealth of great guidance for all of us.

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Is Boris in the Wings?


The Telegraph on the Brexit withdrawal agreement. The story is bubbling. Photo by Matt Milton at Unsplash


How to Treat Your Employees Like a Dog - Untitled Article

How to Treat Your Employees Like a Dog

Be Aware of Your Thoughts Because Your Thoughts Become Your Words Be Aware of Your Words Because Your Words Become Your Actions Be Aware of Your Actions Because Your Actions Become Your Habits Be Aware of Your Habits Because Your Habits Become Your Values Be Aware of Your Values Because Your Values Become Your Destiny Page 301 Book “How to Treat Your Employees Like a Dog

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Briefly Off the Grid


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Convincing CEOs to Make Harassment Prevention a Priority

Harvard Business Review

Caspar Benson/Getty Images. It has been a year since the #MeToo movement went viral. Since then, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has experienced a 13.6% increase in the number of sexual harassment charges it has received.

Florida Once Again


City Journal: Myron Magnet on Florida elections and voter fraud. An excerpt: Our democracy’s legitimacy rests on the honesty and trustworthiness of our voting process, which has grown as suspect as the days when loyal partisans would grow beards before election day to vote with them first in their full luxuriance, then with a trim to Vandyke neatness, next with the chin whiskers shaved off, then with the moustache gone, and finally with the mutton chops erased.

Communicating Your Succession Plan with Customers, Clients, and Shareholders

Harvard Business Review

YASUYOSHI CHIBA/Getty Images. “When are you thinking of retiring?” ” I am used to this question by now. It usually comes up an hour into a meeting with a client prospect for our investment company, often after a shuffling of papers and downward glances.

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The trailer for "High Society


Uber Prepares to Go Public, and China’s Social Credit System

Harvard Business Review

Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, and Felix Oberholzer-Gee discuss how much Uber is worth as it prepares to go public, before debating China’s controversial Social Credit system. They also share their After Hours picks for the week. Download this podcast. You can email your comments and ideas for future episodes to: HBR Presents is a network of podcasts curated by HBR editors, bringing you the best business ideas from the leading minds in management.

Amazon's HQ Choices


So after all of the hubbub surrounding Amazon's choice of a second headquarters, they are going to New York City and the Washington, DC area. Round up the usual suspects. My bet was they would pick Denver: good location, nice amenities, big airport with a gazillion direct flights, skiing, and it's more true west than the tech bubble of Seattle. Some others that would have made sense: Dallas, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Austin.

Research: Whistleblowers Are a Sign of Healthy Companies

Harvard Business Review

Barbara Chase/Getty Images. Some of the worst corporate disasters of the past two decades were heralded by whistleblowers: Sherron Watkins raised the red flag internally at Enron, Cynthia Cooper let management know of major accounting problems at WorldCom, and Matthew Lee brought problems to his management team at Lehman Brothers. The whistleblowers weren’t able to halt their companies’ declines and—in some cases—faced punishment for calling attention to internal misdeeds.

How Our Careers Affect Our Children

Harvard Business Review

Mark Edward Harris/Getty Images. What working parent hasn’t felt guilty about missing soccer games and piano recitals? When there are last-minute schedule changes at work or required travel to a client site, it’s normal to worry that you’re somehow permanently scarring your little one. But how does our work affect our children’s lives?