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Lands’ End Contest Confirms Strategic Role of Pinterest for Brands

C-Level Strategies

Though most of my time is spent helping companies create and communicate clear and compelling visions to grow their businesses exponentially, my conversations with C-level executives often turn to the topic of social media.

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Five Steps To Infuse “Magic” in Your Leadership Style

Next Level Blog

This guest post was written by Jason Monaghan with University of Notre Dame Executive Online Education: As any seasoned business leader can tell you, creating an exemplary team takes knowledge, perseverance, and a little leadership magic. The “magic” of a great leader is developed over time and through years of professional awareness. The qualities that make a good team a great one depend largely on the leader’s ability to create an environment of complete engagement.

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Leaders vs. Managers

Leadership Freak

I’ve asked some friends to bring their insights to the Leadership Freak community. Please give a warm welcome to today’s guest writer, Lolly Daskal. What is the biggest difference between managers and leaders? Both roles are important but they seek to do different things… Leaders lead people. Managers manage people. Leaders set destinations. Managers [.]. Leading Managing Marks of leaders conflict managers Leadership Management smart organizations

The Coaching Mindset


. The leader I was listening to was agitated. He indicated that he had just finished “coaching” a direct report about a change this staff member needed to make in his behavior. Our meeting included a recap of the conversation that went something like this: Me: “So how did the conversation with Brian go?” ” Leader: “Brian is a good manager; one of the best.

True Sayings that Are True #Wisdom

Ron Edmondson

I’m the old guy on our team, so young whipper snapper leaders like Ben Reed , Adam Bayne and Brandon Reed love to mess with me at times.

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L2L Book Review: “Good Boss, Bad Boss” and “Drive”

Linked 2 Leadership

Questions: As growing leaders in the business world, we might ask ourselves these questions. Why are some people and organizations more innovative, influential, and profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees? Why do some have repeat success? Question Behind the Questions: “What can we do to enhance this in [.].

Dr. Liz Alexander on Thought Leadership

Rajesh Setty

Thought Leadership is one of my favorite topics. You don’t become a thought leader in a day or a week or in a month. It takes years of investment but when you look at the platform it will provide for you to make a bigger contribution to the world, it makes it all worth it.

Do you want to become a more influential supervisor?

Bud to Boss

The highly popular Bud to Boss Training Camp , presented by the esteemed Kevin Eikenberry Group, offers these tips to make your communication more powerful, persuasive and meaningful: Speak with people, not to them. Ask more questions. Make fewer assertions. . Speak with people the way that they want to be spoken with. In this case, ignore the Golden Rule. It doesn’t matter how you would prefer to be spoken with. Adjust your communication to meet each employee’s needs. .

The Intricacies of How We Learn

Women on Business

The following is a validation that we still have a long way to go to make change happen when it comes to beliefs and perceptions about little girls and education.

Book Review: Managing Right For The First Time

Management is a Journey

Managing Right for the First Time is an instructive overview of what it takes to be a new manager in practice–not theory. It is a how-to guide for success for the first-time manager. Rockbench Publishing contacted me and asked if I would do a review of David Baker’s book for first time managers, Managing Right [.]. Management Book Review communication leadership management people skills survival skills

Getting the Basics Right (Like Communication, and Team Building) – It is Still, and Always, Hard To Do

First Friday Book Synopsis

Getting the steps right is proving brutally hard, even if you know them. Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto —————- This week, I am presenting synopses of Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath and Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization, both to law enforcement professionals. (And, And, my colleague Karl Krayer, is [.].

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Part 1 of 4 Authorities That Every Manager Must Have: Authority to reject a subordinate to fill a position

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Does Your Nonprofit Produce Results That Are Sufficiently Outstanding?

Eric Jacobson

If you lead a nonprofit organization, the one hour it will take you to read Peter F. Drucker's book, The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization, will be well worth it. This book may fundamentally change the way you work and lead your organization.

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Harnessing the Power of Participation

The Practical Leader

There’s another excellent article in this month’s Harvard Business Review on harnessing the power of highly engaged people.

Powerful Working Moms, Math Equality, and Reviewing Yourself as the Boss

Women on Business

News and Insights from Business Women (December 14, 2011). 2011 Most Powerful Moms in Washington D.C. They’re women. They’re mothers. They’re in Washington, D.C. And they’re powerful. Find out who they are according to Working Mother and see them in pictures. You’re the Boss, Give Yourself a Performance Review.

How SMART Goals Can Increase Employee Engagement: Guest Post

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

This is a guest post by Erin Palmer, Erin Works at Bisk Education/Villanova University. . How SMART Goals Can Increase Employee Engagement. Getting your company’s employees to be engaged can be a tough task. Deadlines and heavy workloads could lead to workers doing the bare minimum just to get by.

What Great Companies Know About Culture

Harvard Business Review

Even in this unprecedented business environment , great leaders know they should invest in their people. Those companies who are committed to a strong workplace culture tend to perform well, and now they are featured prominently in a new ranking recently released by Great Place to Work Institute. Among the top performers on the 2011 World's Best Multinational Companies list are culturally-strong technology companies such as Microsoft, NetApp, SAS, and Google.

A Villain is Just The Hero of Another Teamwork Story

Great Results Team Building

Teamwork begins with a shared commitment to a defined goal.

"I'm a leader, not a manager!"

Harvard Business Review

One of Kent's friends — we'll call him Roy — is a master craftsman who owns a small business that makes custom wood furniture. After making some cutbacks in 2009, his little company still employs three fine woodworkers, an office supervisor/customer service rep, and an apprentice. What makes Roy unusual is that when he founded his firm a dozen years ago, he realized he knew nothing about business.



Sorry I missed this earlier from CNN Travel : 9 great places to be a recluse

How to Get a Raise When Budgets Are Tight

Harvard Business Review

My friend Dave* mentioned to me that he just received the results from a medical exam and was surprised and disappointed by his numbers. His cholesterol was high. Especially, he told me, given how he eats. Dave," I said, "you can't be serious. You eat horribly. Everything you eat is fried. And if it's not, then it's a chocolate chip cookie. I can't remember seeing you eat a vegetable. How can you expect your cholesterol to be anything other than high?".

Break Out


Everything won't be in order. There will always be more items to prepare or study. You may sense that tomorrow would be a better time or perhaps even next month. That old companion Failure will be waving to you at the gate and promising to catch up.


Three Innovation Trends in Asia

Harvard Business Review

I recently participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Economist Corporate Network in Singapore about innovation in Asia.

Pulp Days


Widely circulated pulp fiction magazines such as Argosy once provided opportunities for new writers. We lost a lot when those magazines disappeared

Book Review: The Synergist


A few weeks ago, we welcomed back Les McKeown (not the one from the Bay City Rollers) to the LDRLB Podcast. Les’ first book, Predictable Success , outlined organizational life cycles in an easy to comprehend model and provided suggestions for how to keep an organization from declining. His follow-up, The Synergist , digs a little deeper into the role of leadership teams in this process. The Synergist opens with a discussion of the various work styles of leaders.

What It Takes to Win: Extreme Lessons from Polar Explorers

Harvard Business Review

One hundred years ago, the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen and his team planted the Norwegian flag on the South Pole, becoming the first humans in history to reach it. They had won against the British team, led by Robert Falcon Scott, who would arrive 34 days later, only to stare in defeat at the flag waving in the wind. On the return journey, Scott and his men labored on, frost-bitten, hungry, and exhausted.

Dakota Christmas


Her hair was the same thin shade of gray as the weather-beaten pickets of the fence around her frozen garden. She had a way with horses, and she was alone on Christmas Eve. There is little in my life I regret as much as that I would not stay for just one cookie, just one cup of tea. You can now get Joseph Bottum's memorable article on Kindle. [HT: HT:

How to Close a Sales Call

Harvard Business Review

Remember the last time you were being pressured into doing something you didn't want to do? Whether the pressure came from a boss, colleague, spouse, or child, your natural response was to resist and push back. It's human nature to resist high-pressure tactics. So, how should the closing of the sales call be structured? The answer is to create a primary closing strategy, utilize fallback positions, and select the appropriate technique to deliver the close.

Music Break


A man enjoying his work: Celibidache conducting the Romanian Rhapsody No.


Four Reasons Why an Online Retailer Decided to Open Stores

Harvard Business Review

This post is part of the HBR Forum, The Future of Retail. We co-founded Warby Parker with two friends while we were all MBA students at Wharton. The idea for the business was simple: We'd each grown tired of walking into an optical shop, getting excited about a particular frame and walking out feeling ripped off after paying $500+. I (Neil) had worked for an eyewear non-profit before business school, and knew that beautiful glasses were not that expensive to manufacture.

The early-warning signals of active inertia

First Friday Book Synopsis

In one of the most valuable business books written in recent years, The Upside of Turbulence: Seizing Opportunity in an Uncertain World published by HarperBusiness, Donald Sull describes what he characterizes as active inertia: “the tendency of well-established organizations to respond to changes by accelerating activities that succeeded in the past. As turbulent markets throw [.].

Not Fair


At Anderson Layman's Blog , some thoughts on fairness from P.J. O'Rourke. Having spent a large portion of my life helping organizations prevent and address illegal discrimination, alarm bells go off when I hear cries for "fairness." It is far easier to determine whether there was discrimination - and that's hard enough - than to decide what's fair. Unfair" often boils down to "something that doesn't benefit me

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CEO Blog

I notice there is talk of a total cell phone ban while driving including handsfree and with a headset. I have mixed feelings. I am such a productivity person that it would make car time even less productive. Not sure how much safer it would make things (although I hate unsafe drivers too). I do think it will drive voice technology (voice dialing). ++ Hatsize (one of my investments) is giving away a free Cloud Automation Guide. ++ Honestlynow (one of my investments) now has no password required.

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Culture is what we do when we do not consciously decide what to do. Russell L. Ackoff and Sheldon Rovin