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Three Signs That Your Slide Deck Stinks

Next Level Blog

Earlier this year, I was with an executive who was proudly showing me the Power Point presentation he had prepared for an upcoming strategic offsite. We got through three slides and he turned to me. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Books executive presence Random observations

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7 Suggestions for those Studying to be a Pastor

Ron Edmondson

I have the opportunity to talk with lots of young pastors each week. Great question! Those were my suggestions. What would you add to my list?

Do Your Employees Leave In Handcuffs?

The Leadership Advisor

If I were to ask, “ How do you manage an employee? “, most people would have similar generic ideas. So what makes this so difficult?

The Silent Language of Leaders

Linked 2 Leadership

Communication is difficult. Sometimes the message you intend to get across is understood by others, but many times it is not. Communication consists of more than the spoken or written word—nonverbal messages are conveyed as well.

4 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Take A Vacation

Tanveer Naseer

The beginning of July often marks for many the official start of summer, with children being off from school for the summer break paired with the warmer weather and sunny skies that marks this time of the year. Trust me when I say your employees will be thankful that you did.

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Use a Victory Log to Build Self-Esteem

Your Voice of Encouragement

When your inner critic is busy feeding your mind negative messages, it can be hard to maintain strong self-esteem.

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Make Communication About Them, Not You

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. When having a difficult conversation, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what you need. You’re angry so you respond with anger. You’re frustrated so you respond with [.].

0207 | Jesse Lyn Stoner


Jesse Lyn Stoner has worked closely with leaders for over twenty-five years, helping them create collaborative, engaged organizations that make a powerful and positive impact on the world. In this interview, we discuss her book Full Steam Ahead (co-authored with Ken Blanchard). Leadership Podcast stoner vision

Post Layoff – To Take A Lower Salary or Not

Women on Business

Guest post by Donna McNamara (learn more about Donna at the end of this post). Unemployment in the US has been creeping upward again since May and currently stands a little over 9%. For many (myself included), unexpected job loss created a new normal. That new normal seems to translate into a lower salary upon finding work again. Do your homework.

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Mini Saga #109 – Practice

Rajesh Setty

If it is your passion, it is never too late to start on it! It also matched with Eric Handler’s prompt at #Trust30. Mini Saga #109 – Practice.

The No. 1 organizing habit | The Organized Executive's Blog

The Organized Executive's Blog

The iPad needs a home, I told my husband last weekend. The iPad could be in the living room, where my husband has been

Just Do It

CEO Blog

I experienced my first Fourth of July in the US (think I was traveling last year). Complete with unbelievable fireworks and dinner with friends.

"Oh, Spaniard, You Should See the Colosseum!"

Chris Brady

Here's a snippet from a manuscript I'm roughing while here in Italy; musings on the Colosseum in Rome. I also struggled, as I guess most do, with the purpose behind this amphitheatre. This enormous, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Travel

0207 | Jesse Lyn Stoner


Jesse Lyn Stoner has worked closely with leaders for over twenty-five years, helping them create collaborative, engaged organizations that make a powerful and positive impact on the world. In this interview, we discuss her book Full Steam Ahead (co-authored with Ken Blanchard). Referenced Resources. Full Steam Ahead – Stoner & Blanchard.

Voice of Experience: Lis Brown (Accenture)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from a profile of Lis Brown (Application Management Outsourcing Lead, Accenture) written by Melissa J. Anderson (New York City) for The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business. Anderson The Glass Hammer Voice of Experience: Lis Brown

FiveThings People Who Strive for Success Don't Know That Can Hold Them Back

Building Personal Strength

I've been studying the neuroscience related to learning and behavior change for 25 years. Along the way, I've learned some things about success that even the hard chargers don't know about - major realities that can hold them back. Here are the top five. Knowing what to do does not equate to doing it. Permanently. You'll react with your old habit.

Management training and development on a budget

Chartered Management Institute

How do you keep management moral up, when your training and development budget has gone down? You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Talent Management Malleability? #hci2011engage

Management Craft

I will be part of a panel discussion at the HCI conference in Chicago next week (my surgery is 7/13) and will be talking talent management. One of the thoughts that I hope to banter about with the participants is how we balance the needs for simplicity and consistency with the need to be flexible and agile. Are they mutually exclusive?

Is your behaviour career limiting?

Chartered Management Institute

New research from the authors of Change Anything , found 97 percent of employees think they have some Career-Limiting Habit (CLH) that keeps them from achieving their full potential at work. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Career 6

Beijing Then And Now

Bird's Eye View

I heard from a China aficionado one time that "If you haven't been to China in the last six months, you haven't been to China." Now it is world-class.

Why Do I Care What Work Is? Because that is what you are PAID for.

Create Learning

Why do I care what “work” is? If your organization, teams, leadership and you operate off different assumptions of what work is, what you are paid for.

Human Performance Management Best Practice 1a – Demonstrative Self Checking

Strategy Driven

Even the most well-intentioned and dedicated humans are fallible. Therefore, the challenge becomes one of minimizing human error. Want to learn more?

That Grand Lady at the Harbor

Women on Business

Ladies, let’s continue to celebrate our freedom by underlining the importance of The Statue of Liberty and the role of women in our society.

Business incubator.startup accelerator

Jason Womack

In 2011, I joined the Ventura Ventures Technology Center - [link] - as a strategic advisor to startups getting going here in the Ventura County locale.

Advice for a New Boss


You did not get that job to yell at people or to pat them on the back. You did not get it to play ego games or pop psychologist. The people who decided to give you that position desire only one thing from you: They want you to be effective. This means that whichever approach you choose, you had better not create more problems than you solve.

The July Leadership Development Carnival Has Arrived!

Management is a Journey

The July Leadership Development Carnival is out over at Dan McCarthy’s blog, Great Leadership. There’s a great list of over 40 management and leadership articles from respected bloggers (with creative aliases in recognition of Independence Day). My article, Abandonment for Innovative and Creative Problem Solving is included.

Stroup's Healthy Skepticism


Jim Stroup goes after Management By Best Seller and discusses the triumph of hope over experience

Is There a Shortage of Good Leaders?


Susan Mazza on her Random Acts of Leadership blog wrote a wonderful post called “Filling the Void of Real Leadership&# last week. I was itching to respond to it, but decided that I’d take the discussion off point. The part I zeroed in on in her post was “Glaring examples of bad leadership are

Tax Code Growth


How many pages are in the U.S. Tax Code? Political Calculations , a great blog, has the answer. Click here and scroll down

The Bully-Free Workplace: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Bully-Free Workplace: Stop Jerks, Weasels, and Snakes From Killing Your Organization Gary Namie and Ruth F. Namie John Wiley & Sons (2011) Tolerance of inappropriate behavior condones it. Over more years than I wish to specify, I have been centrally involved in dozens of different environments and on only two occasions was I the [.].

Easy Predictions


The next couple of weeks will have stories on the following: The nobility of the jury system; The O.J. Simpson parallels; The fallibility of talking heads; The rising career of the defense counsel; and The need for professional jurors

On Social Media Becoming Social Business

Harvard Business Review

For a clue to social media's future, we need not look much further than Washington. On the one hand, you have " Weinergate ," former NY Senator Anthony Weiner's Twitter fiasco, which was essentially user error. He failed to negotiate the thin line between digital communication and social communication, between private and public. Social media

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Quote of the Day


To contract new debts is not the way to pay old ones. George Washington


Introverts, CEOs, and Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Resources [link] Today on Smartblog on Leadership, Lisa Petrilli shared a post about three key challenges to overcome if you’re an introvert in a new CEO Role. The first is to is a subtle shift in how and who you motivate. Check out the great post here. Also, you can see all the Smartblog original posts contributed [.]