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Focus on Trust – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Trust is the foundation of some extremely important business issues. From retention to employee engagement to Customer satisfaction and productivity – you likely won’t be satisfied with any of these unless there is trust.

The Real Reason Many Policies are Written

Ron Edmondson

Why you need to have a hobby


Photo credit: Mary Jo Asmus. For a leader who is often expected to have all of the answers, you also need to have curiosity and a desire to continue learning. Leadership can’t really be taught in a classroom but it can be learned as you experience your life.

Signs Your Marketing Campaign Has past Its Sell by Date

Strategy Driven

Online marketing is something that never remains stagnant. The industry constantly moves forward and new trends and approaches are being developed all of the time. If you want to stay at the forefront of your industry, you are going to need to adapt and progress.

How to Challenge Confident Creatives

Leadership Freak

This post is over 300 words! Dear Dan, I manage a large team of creatives who range from 20 to 70 years of age. I fall in the earlier category. Part of my… Continue reading → Curiosity Feedback Innovation Culture Growth Leadership Development

Understanding the Change Process

Lead Change Blog

In my February post , I described a simple case study of how I used Michael Fullan’s model in my change consultancy practice. An essential element of Michael’s model is understanding change. In this month’s post, I will explore further what he means by that and how I practice it. Many change efforts founder and fail. My experience, and much of the literature on change, indicates that failed efforts were ill-conceived and even more poorly led.

The Excellence Dividend

Leading Blog

T OM PETERS has produced another thought-provoking book. The Excellence Dividend is 100% Peters. He is a fanatical lifelong learner and this book represents a summary of what he has learned over the last few decades. He considers it a sequel to In Search of Excellence.

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Lolly Daskal Podcast Interview – How to Embrace Your Greatness

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Please join me for an inspiring and informative conversation as I talk with my friend and colleague Lolly Daskal, author of the bestselling book The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness. During our 20-minute podcast, Lolly talked about: How greatness resides in each of us, and how to fully embrace your greatness. How […]. The post Lolly Daskal Podcast Interview – How to Embrace Your Greatness appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership.

How To 132

4 Tips for Women in New Management Positions

Women on Business

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Info for Insiders

Next Level Blog

If you enjoy reading my blog, you’ll likely appreciate my monthly newsletter At Your Best. This year, I’m writing a series on how to build skills in the leadership competencies that most organizations flag as vital. In the first four months of 2018, I’ve shared tips on building the competencies of: Driving for results. Communicating clearly and openly. Developing and shaping strategy. Displaying high integrity and honesty.

Critical Thinking: 5 Ways to Build Your Team’s Capacity to Think

Let's Grow Leaders

“Karin, TRUST me. I would LOVE to delegate more of these decisions and loosen up the reigns, but then I go out into the field and find all this crap. I just don’t think we have the critical thinking skills we need […]. The post Critical Thinking: 5 Ways to Build Your Team’s Capacity to Think appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Winning Well critical thinking executive leadership

Integrity In Management Means This

Eric Jacobson

Some words of wisdom from author Thomas Teal : Integrity in management means : being responsible communicating clearly keeping promises being an honest broker avoiding hidden agendas knowing oneself Also, explains Teal : Great managers serve two masters; one organizational, one moral. Managing is not a series of mechanical tasks but a set of human interactions.

How to Dramatically Expand the Audience that Sees Your Consulting Firm’s Content

David A Fields

Being smart and producing high-value content aren’t sufficient to win new consulting clients. Unless you expose a broader universe of prospects to your content, your opportunities to win business will stay narrow. On the up side, you have a right to be proud of your work.

Why Compassion Is the Key To Being A Great Leader

Lead from Within

There will always be opinions and discussion about the traits that are important to strong leadership. But there’s one trait that every successful leader must have, and that’s compassion. Compassion isn’t something you’re born with—it grows out of considerate behavior. In the organizations where I coach, employees report that their best leaders are the ones who are empathetic, sympathetic and understanding—in other words, considerate.

Why Technical Experts Make Great Leaders

Harvard Business Review

Amanda Goodall, a senior lecturer at Cass Business School in London, argues that the best leaders are technical experts, not general managers. She discusses her research findings about doctors who head up hospitals, scholars who lead universities, and all-star basketball players who go on to manage teams. She also gives advice for what to do if you’re a generalist managing experts or an expert managed by a generalist.

The Painful Cycle of Employee Loneliness, and How It Hurts Companies

Harvard Business Review

Keiichi Ichikawa/EyeEm/Getty Images. Loneliness is a painful and pernicious emotion. Defined as “a complex set of feelings that occurs when intimate and social needs are not adequately met,” loneliness is different from depression, being alone, or feelings of solitude. It has more to do with a person’s quality of social relationships rather than their quantity. Loneliness has been long studied in psychological literature when it comes to family, romantic, or social lives.

These 3 Personality Traits Affect What You Earn — but Only After Age 40

Harvard Business Review

Donna Grethen/Getty Images. We often hear about the power of personality, and how some traits are beneficial for our careers while others are more harmful. For example, we know that being more conscientious (hard-working, driven, reliable, and organized) is associated with better job performance, and that being nice (more agreeable) does not pay off in wages.

Will Arizona Be America’s Next Cybersecurity Cluster? - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM ARIZONA COMMERCE AUTHORITY

Harvard Business Review

If you ever waited for dial-up to connect you to the vast wonderland we called the World Wide Web, you probably also had an alarm clock on your nightstand, next to your land line, which might have had a cord connecting the handset to the receiver. If you were really progressive, you may have even used a cellular phone. The connection was better if the antenna was fully extended, and you paid by the minute. Fast-forward a mere twenty years or so.

Does Original Content Help Streaming Services Attract More Subscribers?

Harvard Business Review

pm images/Getty Images. Pay TV has over $100 billion in revenue in the U.S. with a wide array of large and small firms vying for a piece of the action. As recently as 2012, over 90% of U.S. households subscribed to cable, satellite, or another pay TV service. But the market is in turmoil , despite attempts to suggest it’s business as usual , because that proportion has dropped in recent years.

Why Mining — Yes, Mining — Cares About Sustainability

Harvard Business Review

Nicholas Blechman for HBR. In the early days of corporate environmentalism, the focus was mainly on big, heavy industries. Fossil fuels and mining had the most obvious environmental issues, as well as extensive regulatory regimes to navigate. These days, however, sustainability discussions are more often focused on the actions of consumer product, retail, and tech brands.