Fri.Nov 11, 2011

The Illusion of “Too Busy”

ReThink HR

Often we are not really that busy. More often then not, when any of us complain that we never have enough time it is really stemmed from the fact that we DON’T take enough time to just focus on a few things and get the project or task completed or over with.

What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?

Leading Blog

Senator Howard Baker’s famous question, "What did the president know and when did he know it?" is about moral responsibility. Leaders have a moral responsibility to the people they serve. Those relationships are a leader’s stock in trade and are to be valued above our agendas. For it is through the relationships we develop that we are able to accomplish anything at all. Our actions set the tone for the whole team. They express our values and our priorities.

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Dear Joe Paterno – One Alumni’s Letter to Our Fallen Coach

Modern Servant Leader

Our Weeping Nittany Lion. Dear Joe, In addition to others, especially the victims, I am praying for you and Sue. You could not have stopped it, but you could have mitigated this catastrophe.

Are You In Control?

Kevin Eikenberry

David Allen is best known for his book Getting Things Done. His book has been, over the last decade, the most popular time and productivity management book and process on earth. The quotation below applies to managing our time, but goes much deeper, if you allow it to. I hope today’s questions and action steps [.]. Influence Leadership Learning Personal Development Quotations David Allen Getting Things Done productivity

Five Reasons Why Managers Stay in Crisis Mode

Management is a Journey

There is a paradox in management that often affects many talented business professionals. Specifically, they find that as they assume greater levels of managerial responsibility, the more they work in crisis mode. It can be confusing. Additional authority, financial resources, and staff should allow these managers to better focus organizational efforts, make meaningful change, use [.].

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One Useful Strategy for Becoming More Useful

Leadership Freak

Peter Drucker encouraged leaders to ask, “How do we make ourselves useful?” Daniel Pink’s research indicates three drives motivate us. Autonomy: the desire to be self-directed. Mastery: the urge to get better at stuff. Purpose: making a contribution. Combining Drucker and Pink: Leaders are useful when they honor the contribution of others. Honoring contributions: Explain [.]. Influence Leading Marks of leaders Taking others higher Leadership Development

Wise words: Thomas Jefferson on composure

Bud to Boss

Today’s quote from Thomas Jefferson is one that all managers should keep in view. Things can—and will—go wrong in every job, but when you’re responsible for the success of others, the opportunity for problems rises significantly. It’s not avoiding problems that makes you an excellent manager, but rather how you respond to the glitches, delays and disasters. Managers who keep their composure when things go bad, who remain calm under pressure, who don’t lash out at their team—those managers thrive.

The Art of Uncovering Hidden Talents

Ravi Pratap Singh

Debutante bowler, Ravichandran Ashwin , spun India to victory in the first test match against the West Indies this week. Can you believe that the off-spinner who turned in the second best match figures by an Indian cricketer on debut actually wanted to be a batsman? And that too, an opener???

Can You Sell?

Coaching Tip

Robert Louis Stevenson said, "Everyone lives by selling something." Yet, most people don’t understand the sales process and their part within it. Business owners constantly worry about the selling function and how it affects their ability to manage the firm’s cash flow.

Welch 20

The Danger of Letting Community and Forum Policy Violations Slide

Managing Communities

photo credit: mikecogh If you manage an active community, like I do, violations to your guidelines can be a dime a dozen. Most of them are probably fairly simple – your garden variety spam, duplicate posting and what not. Mix that in with some copyright infringement and some culture setting guidelines, like those to do [.]. Interacting with Members Managing the Community

Is Empowering Employees A Myth in Your Organization?

Tanveer Naseer

I’m pleased to announce that I have joined in partnership with Sprint to highlight and share some of the valuable content being provided on their new small business information and community site, Business on Main, which can be found on the MSN Network. On the surface, most leaders will agree that encouraging a workplace where employees feel valued and engaged is important to their organization’s growth and success.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Pretend everyone BUT YOU knows the best choice, how would they support you in making this choice?

Create Learning

For the 4th year in a row I worked with a group from Buffalo State College Student Support Services Program. An excellent group of first year college students and Faculty to assist them in being successful.

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Women on Business

Many women wonder why they may not be advancing as quickly as they wish in work, or why some of the men simply ignore their ideas. A recent study by Europe’s Institute of Leadership and Management has suggested that it may not simply be gender inequality that is causing this dynamic, but a lack of confidence displayed by women in the workplace.

Employee Engagement & Talent Management #cipd11

Rapid BI

Engagement – heads they win, tails you lose Who are “THEY”? Why your competitors of course. This article contains some of my thoughts and reflections from Day 2 of the annual CIPD conference in Manchester UK. The recurring theme and thought at this years CIPD annual conference for HR professionals has been engagement. Some speakers have [.]. Management CIPD cipd11 Employee engagement talent management

Quote of the Day


Blowing out the other fellow's candle won't make yours shine any brighter. Anonymous


Social Media, Talent Management & Communications #cipd11

Rapid BI

Social Media – the power of communications using internal & external talent Social business is born and its all change for Human Resources, marketing, communication, engagement,talent management… At one level or another we have all been impacted by some form of social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, Yammer, Sametime, MSN etc. Over the last [.]. Management Employee engagement social business social media talent management twitter

Stevie Awards for Women in Business Live Tweet Tonight

Women on Business

Don’t forget, will live tweet the Stevie Awards for Women in Business awards ceremony from the Marriott Marquis in New York City tonight beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.


Bulldozer vs. Fork: When to ask “Why…?”


When to ask "Why.?" " Some questions do the work of a bulldozer while others do the work of a fork. If you want to learn the most about someone, quickly, dispense with the forks–the “Who…?” ” “What…?” ” “Where…?”

Leadership Is a Gift Given by Those Who Follow

Harvard Business Review

Here is General Mark Welsh , Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, speaking after lunch at the Air Force Academy a few days ago. The video is 50 minutes long, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing. It may be the finest piece of public speaking you will hear this year.

Anchors Away!


Art Contrarian looks at early designs for streamlined battleships


Put Your Best People On Your Most Boring Challenges

Harvard Business Review

At a recent not-for-attribution dinner with several (exceptionally) successful internet entrepreneurs, the conversation quickly turned to talent. How do you get the best value from your best people over time? The majority insisted that top talent's time should focus on the highest value-added problems and opportunities. Align the best people against the biggest challenges that only they can surmount. Let them create new game-changing algorithms; let them transform user experience.

Veterans Day 11/11/11


The Christian Science Monitor provides the history of November 11 as Veterans Day. An excerpt: American troops made significant headway in 1918, rebuffing a German offensive along the western front and moving Allied forces deeper into enemy territory. By November, Germany had had enough.


How to Instill Purpose

Harvard Business Review

A great many organizations invest a significant amount of money in trying to improve themselves. This commitment to getting better is laudable, but many times organizations overlook something within their organization that, when tapped, can sharpen focus, tighten alignment, hone execution, and — in the process — deliver better results. It's called purpose.

Share Your Financial Results and Improve Performance

Strategy Driven

Should you share your firm’s financial results with this staff? This is one of the questions that business owners face every day, and all too often the answer is no. But no is probably the wrong answer.

Why Everyone Hates the Boss

Harvard Business Review

One of the most common complaints about leaders is that they are promoted for their technical skills, and often have poor social skills. A big insight that emerged on day two of the 2011 NeuroLeadership Summit is that this may simply be a function of the leader's role. UCLA professor Matthew Lieberman, one of the founders of the Social Cognitive Neuroscience field, presented research on our ability to mentalize, or predict other people's emotional or intentional states.

Organization Diagnostics ? Michael VanBruaene

Michael VanBruaene

Maintaining Physical, Social and Mental Fitness for Peak Performance

Harvard Business Review

Whatever we give energy to, we give life to. For example, if we (even unintentionally) infuse negative energy, the brain reacts a certain way that reinforces a more unconstructive environment. Another more positive example is that if we focus on positive reinforcement of effort, process, and learning, we can create a growth mindset. As a leader responsible for developing leaders, I find this notion of leveraging energy for improved results intriguing.

Al Jarnow's Cosmic Clock


At Kottke : Watch a billion years in a few seconds


To Win Customers, Get Out of the Way

Harvard Business Review

Superior operational excellence cannot be achieved or maintained with an iron fist. It needs to be organically grown and fostered throughout the company. I oversee all aircraft, flight and customer service operations at Hawaiian Airlines. For any company, and especially any airline, operational excellence and customer service go hand in glove. I'm thankful that those I work with are predisposed to hospitality — it's a feature of Polynesian culture.

Led Zeppelin Management: Stairway to Money


Here's an interesting collection of management lessons from Led Zeppelin and Peter Grant : In the 1970’s Led Zeppelin was the most profitable band in rock history. Grant’s attention to detail was also noted from his assessment of the quality of PA equipment to lighting sequences to the attention to the fine detail of his accountant’s profit and loss accounts and tax status advice

Kirsten Dunst With the Presentation Tip of the Day – Prepare!

First Friday Book Synopsis

I haven’t yet seen Melancholia. I intend to. It is clearly a provocative film. Kirsten Dunst, who has been acting since she was 12 (actually, since she was about 3 or 4), has apparently given the performance of her life. She won the Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her role. Here’s a [.]. Randy's blog entries Daniel Day-Lewis Kirsten Dunst Melancholia preparation presentation skills speaking Steve Jobs

Lucas: Toughen Up


Suzanne Lucas weighs in on being too delicate to deal with low-grade harassment. [HT: HT: Lou Rodarte


Hey Boss, Your Policy is Stupid!

Women on Business

As business owners we often set policies and procedures from a reactive point of view. Something happened that brought the situation to our. attention and then we put things in place to ensure they don’t happen again. But is this the best way to create policies? Can your staff weigh in on their effectiveness and when they do, do their opinions matter?

Over the River


Because you never know what you'll find on YouTube