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How Business Consulting Can Help Your Healthcare Business

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You want your business to be the best that it can be. The only way for that to happen is to make sure you have a good plan in place. By scheduling healthcare consulting , you can ensure that you have thought of everything.

A Brief History of Shopping


City Journal has Stefan Kanfer's essay covering "four uneasy upheavals from Sears Roebuck to Amazon." An excerpt: A close look at the last 13 years shows how and why this company elbowed its way to the front.

Leadership Inspirations – Trying

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“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” ” Beverly Sills (1929 – 2007). American operatic soprano. Leadership Inspirations business quote inspirational quote leadership quote strategydriven

Good - and Really Bad - Bosses


[Photo by Calum Lewis at Unsplash] Slate: Kara Swisher looks back at her career. She didn't make toast for John McLaughlin but she stabbed him in the front

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How to Discipline An Employee For Absenteeism

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Employee absenteeism dents productivity. But all year round, there are events that will warrant employee absenteeism from work. It could be sickness or other unforeseen emergencies. Regardless, a manager can easily handle one or two absenteeism from work. There is an understanding that unplanned events come up once in a while. But there is a need for managers to understand how to discipline an employee for absenteeism.

Where Art Thou?


I have deeply missed Anderson Layman's Blog and hope it is back to normal soon

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Business Books: Managing for Results


[Photo by Jeroen den Otter at Unsplash] Wally the Bock discusses Peter the Druck

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The trailer for "The Miniaturist


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The trailers for: " The Brother from Another Planet." " Another Earth." " Best of Enemies