Tue.Oct 20, 2020

No Finish Line: Finishing is Not Always the Point

RapidStart Leadership

Being the first to the finish line does not always make us winners, and some of the most important races have no finish line at all; here's what that means for leaders. The post No Finish Line: Finishing is Not Always the Point appeared first on RapidStart Leadership.

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Mute Yourself, Not Your Team – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

We’ve all been in virtual meetings where a participant (maybe it’s you?) mutes themselves at the start and remains muted for the entirety of the meeting.

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Asking a Question Costs Less Than Having an Answer

Leadership Freak

Control freaks fear freedom. But treating people like robots never inspires. Control-freak-leaders deliver narrow results. Choices inspire ownerships and instill responsibility. Every decision you give someone communicates trust, confidence, and respect.

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Nine Ways to Be an Energizing Online Leader

Next Level Blog

In case you’ve lost count, you may be one of the many of us who are in month eight of working from home.

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Benefits in a Pandemic: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Building a benefits program for a diverse workforce has always been a top priority, but now it’s become both more important and complex with so much change and uncertainty. Download our latest guide that features emerging benefits employees expect in 2021 and beyond.

Simple Rules for Sustainable Business Growth

Skip Prichard

Profit or Wealth. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are focused on profits. Ruth King argues that they must also consider the importance of building wealth or risk bankruptcy. Understanding financials and setting goals is key to building sustainable, long-term growth.

Five Advantages Of Cloud Computing For SMEs

Strategy Driven

The importance of cloud computing is overlooked by many businesses, it is vital for small and medium businesses to function at their best. Why is cloud computing so important for SMEs?

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Do You Lose Your Life Insurance When You Leave Your Job?

Strategy Driven

In a job where an employer offers life insurance to employees, signing up may be a no-brainer. But the truth is that a sponsored group life insurance has its limitations as much as it has great benefits. As long as you keep the job, the insurer will guarantee a basic amount as cover.

Is a career in HR right for you?

HR Digest

If you are looking for a profession where you can help people, is the right place for extensive professional growth, have a varied pool of tasks, have a flexible working schedule, then the HR professional job role is best for you. . Reasons to Work in Human Resources.

How to Build Your Consulting Firm Faster by Rethinking Your Relationship to Time

David A Fields

It’s a critical factor in your consulting firm’s success. However, how you think about time may hide the bigger, more important picture. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “time”?

What Does “Custom Learning Development” Mean Exactly?

The Center For Leadership Studies

After 30 years of experience in custom training development, we believe that the short answer is, “It depends.” Ask any number of L&D professionals to define what custom learning means to them or their organization and you will hear various iterations.

How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

Essential Workers Need Better Masks

Harvard Business

Employers should invest in this cost-effective alternative to the N95. Economy Operations Personnel policies Digital Article

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#LeadershipTruth — Balance is Overrated

Roundtable Talk

When your lives are in complete balance, things are rather still. My talented coaching friend Kim Ades made this observation. I love this challenge to the view of balance. It got me thinking about our life purpose. We are meant to grow and develop into who we are.

4 Ways to Reconfigure Your Sales Strategy During the Pandemic

Harvard Business

Approaches that will give your team an edge. Sales & Marketing Strategy Digital Article

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Why Work-From-Anywhere Is Here to Stay

Harvard Business

A conversation with Harvard Business School’s Raj Choudhury about why more companies are building all- or mostly remote workforces. Managing organizations Workspaces Productivity Audio

COVID & the Future of Work: Insights from Paycor’s C-Suite

In Paycor’s newest report, our Chief Executive and Group Leaders consider how your clients will recruit, manage their workforce, optimize benefits, and foster employee experience in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. For actionable insights and tips download and share our guide with your clients!

AI Fairness Isn’t Just an Ethical Issue

Harvard Business

Eliminating algorithmic bias can unlock value for your company. Social responsibility Data Technology Digital Article

Companies Need to Think Bigger Than Diversity Training

Harvard Business

It’s time for a more ambitious approach. Human resource management Diversity Organizational culture Digital Article