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Top Leadership Tweeters

Kevin Eikenberry

People ask me often about my use of twitter in part, I suppose because I wrote the book LeadershipTweet. I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, and while Becky Robinson (@beckyrbnsn), our Social Marketing Director, provides direction, advice, and assists me with my tweets, I make time to read the best of the best [.]. Leadership Learning twitter

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My Most Life Opening Leadership Lesson of 2011

C-Level Strategies

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How Reviewing This Year Will Improve Your Results Next Year

Kevin Eikenberry

The “year in review” is a staple for the media this time of the year. Time Magazine will name its Person of the Year, Billboard will rank the top songs in every category, and every newspaper will list the top stories of the year. I’ve even recently read stories about the top Twitter trends, and [.]. Achievement Leadership Learning journaling reflection review

December Management Journey Carnival

Management is a Journey

Welcome to the December 2011 edition of the Management Journey Blog Carnival. Topics for this month’s Carnival include communication, innovation, lean management, leadership, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, self-management, entrepreneurship, and other related topics. This blog carnival presents 21 top posts from thought leaders around the web. It’s hard to believe it but we’ll be speeding [.].

How to Achieve Better Gender Balance through Succession Planning and Development

Great Leadership By Dan

According to research from the book Why Woman Mean Business , women now represent a majority of the talent pool, a majority of the market, and better gender balance in leadership yields better corporate performance.

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Leadership Lesson from Captain Picard

Linked 2 Leadership

Leadership lessons come from all sorts of different places. Persons, events, articles, conversations, quotes, scriptures. Some intended as motivational and inspirational, some happenstance and epiphanic. As a fan of the sci-fi genre, I have spent too much time traveling “where no person has gone before.” ” While those hours at first blush may seem like time [.].

Overthinking ushers in a host of adverse consequences

Tony Mayo

Overthinking ushers in a host of adverse consequences: It sustains or worsens sadness, fosters negatively biased thinking, impairs a person’s ability to solve problems, saps motivation, and interferes with concentration and initiative. Moreover, although people have a strong sense that they are gaining insight into themselves and their problems during their ruminations, this is rarely [.]. For Executives Happiness

Creative People Must Be Stopped

Leading Blog

Mostly people say they want big, new, creative ideas. But when you come up with one, they seem to go out of their way to kill it. They act like creative people must be stopped. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the opposition is going to come from before you ever present it?

You Don’t Need Your Own Business to Become an Entrepreneur

Utpal Writes

You started your own business few months ago to become your own boss.

Baldrige Performance Excellence and Using Six Disciplines

Six Disciplines

Each year, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence is presented to a small handful of organizations who have proven themselves worthy by being consistently superior on seven criteria for overall performance excellence. The seven criteria include: Leadership. Strategic Planning. Customer and Market Focus. Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management. Workforce Focus. Process Management. Business Results.

You Have to Make Them Love Their Jobs

Marshall Goldsmith

As corporations' expectations for their professionals have increased, professionals' expectations for their leaders have also increased. Peter Drucker often talked about the importance of effectively leading knowledge workers - professionals who know more about what they are doing than their boss does. In leading today's knowledge workers, it is important to invert the pyramid and look at leadership vis-a-vis the wants and needs of the professional - as opposed to the skills of the leader.

The Value Of Implementing A Performance Excellence Program

Six Disciplines

Six Disciplines is a performance excellence program, and our clients's results speak to its value. The value of Six Disciplines has been proven many times over, by similar quality, business excellence, and performance excellence programs like Baldrige, EFQM, and TQM. The value of implementing a performance excellence program like Six Disciplines is hard to ignore: A study by the European Foundation for Quality Management of 120 award-winning companies, including 24 from the U.S.,


Women and Responsibility

Women on Business

Times, they are a changing, always. However, changing times seem to happen in the blink of an eye. I do believe we women leaders need to stop and take a deep look at what we are doing and the profound consequences of our actions.

Lateral Mind Games

In the CEO Afterlife

I was cleaning out some files the other day and came across a brain twister. I suspect the puzzle came from the Edward de Bono lateral thinking seminar I attended some 30 years ago.

Take-homes from the AIS Start-Up Weekend

Talent Technologies

It’s been a privilege to observe and even do some mentoring on the inaugural AIS Start-Up Weekend , a collaboration between JFID , a venture capital firm based in Singapore, and Thailand’s AIS.

“It’s Better to Give than Receive” and Other Lies

Leadership Freak

I’ve asked some friends to bring their insights to the Leadership Freak community. Please give a warm welcome to today’s guest writer, Jesse Lyn Stoner. ** How many times have you heard, “It’s better to give than receive?” It’s so ingrained in our culture, we don’t even question it. If you are in a leadership role, [.]. Health Humility Leading Listening Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Teams Trust Growth Leadership Development

Expressing Appreciation for Your Moderators Around the Holidays

Managing Communities

photo credit: Guru Sno Studios The holidays represent a great opportunity to express appreciation for your community’s moderators and staff members. My moderators are volunteers who help because they have enjoyed the community and want to help maintain and give back to the thing that they have benefited from. There may be some other benefits, [.]. Managing Staff

3 Questions to Make Next Year Your Best Year

Your Voice of Encouragement

As we approach January 1, you’ll hear a lot about the importance of making New Year’s resolutions. But most goals that people set at the beginning of the year - such as getting physically fit, getting out of debt or making more money - do not become reality.

One Easy Way to Be Happier

Michael Lee Stallard

Click here to view the embedded video. Americans are connection deprived. A quarter of Americans live alone and the number of Americans who haven’t had a conversation with a best friend over the previous six months has tripled since 1985 to nearly 25 percent of the U.S. population. This also likely means Americans are running low on oxytocin, a molecule that is associated with empathy, trust, morality and connection.

Steve Jobs: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Simon & Schuster (2011) Think differently about Think Different In my opinion, this is among the most important business biographies ever written. Given the number of other reviews that have already appeared, there really isn’t much left for me to say that has not already been said. However, I thought it [.].

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In Planning Why Does the By-When Matter?

Create Learning

Planning requires the boundaries of Goals ‘what-by-when’. The ‘what’ being what is going to be done for example. Organizational Culture. A conceptual context , that is broad and made of a series of steps and processes. Thematic Goal. The What-by-when.

Season of Giving - Gift of Work

Mills Scofield

Tis the giving season. My kids always ask what I want they can ‘wrap’ instead of ‘do’, like empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, not argue, etc. They don’t view chores, ‘work’ as a gift. But, I sure do! Work has a lot to do with Christmas and Chanukah.

4 Steps to Finding the Love

Steve Farber

Yes, you want your customers to love doing business with you, and you want your colleagues and employees to love working with you, but the most important element in the practice of cultivating Love is, ironically, the one we talk the least about and give virtually no attention to: your own personal connection to the work you do everyday. Why is that so important?

A Perfectly Evil Organization


The newest issue of Strategic Leadership Review is out and features three more strong articles promoting evidence-based leadership. One article in particular, Stacey Campbell’s “ A Perfectly Evil Organization “, does so in a rather comical fashion. In the tradition of C.S.

Margaret Heffernan : An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, Chief Executive and author. She was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio and television for 13 years. She was one of the producers of Out of the Doll’s House, the prize-winning documentary series about the history of women in the [.].

Giving the Gift of Encouragement and Support

The Practical Leader

‘Tis the season of gifts and giving. The warmth and good cheer of the Holiday Season is often the reminder we need of how giving and helping others can really help us too.

Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Paul Leinwand is a Partner at Booz & Company based in the firm’s Chicago office. He advises organizations on the topic of strategy, growth, and capability building, with a focus on the consumer product and retail sectors. He also serves as chair of the firm’s Knowledge and Marketing Advisory Council. Paul has coauthored a number [.].

A Leadership Christmas Carol-Bah Humbug to These Leaders

Management Excellence

Given the state of things in our world, perhaps for just one season, Dickens’ ghosts can shift their attention away from Scrooge and focus on a few of those truly deserving characters hiding in positions of leadership inside our organizations and governmental institutions. Here are just a few of these characters in need of a visit from the Leadership Ghosts of Past, Present and Future: Current Affairs Leadership A Leadership Holiday Haunting Lousy Leaders

Average Is Over. What's Your Extra?

Harvard Business Review

I approach a book by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman with a mixture of wariness and anticipation.

Breaks and Barriers


We've all heard of people who got a break that produced a major career opportunity. Perhaps someone mentioned a job opening or some wisdom was conveyed that turned the person around. Breaks can be minor encounters that result in enormous good.

How LinkedIn Takes the Stress out of Friendships

Harvard Business Review

On-line professional networks are successful around the world. In cultures like the US where people are comfortable transacting with strangers you might expect that. But why are these networks also popular in countries like Spain and Italy where business is kept inside friends and family? It is difficult to imagine that you can enter into those circles by posting a well designed profile on your LinkedIn page. There are two explanations, I think.

Difference between hard and soft elite disciplines

Crossderry Blog

In my last post I referred to Steve Hsu’s (on Twitter @hsu_steve ) post on credentials and elite performance.

A Fast Track to 10,000 Hours of Practice

Harvard Business Review

Have you completed your 10,000 hours of deliberate practice? The idea that 10,000 hours (about 1 year and 51 days total) of practice is what you need to gain expertise in performance-based fields was initially popularized in Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller Outliers. The research results he focused on emphasized the benefits of practice for fine-motor activities like playing the piano.

Old Dog


I messed up my wrist today, possibly while lifting a briefcase out of the car. I'd buy the liniment that my parents used to slap on strained muscles except that product, with its label promising cures for a multitude of ailments, may no longer be available due to some pesky legal restrictions. I may be able to find it in the back of an abandoned dry cleaning store.