Tue.Mar 19, 2019

What are You Waiting For? – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Today I am talking about a lesson I learned in reading a quote from the Theologian John Henry Newman: “Nothing would be done at all if a person waited until he/she could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.”

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Hiring Is A Science and An Art

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Lisette Howlett: When we think about leadership and leadership development we rarely think about hiring and recruitment. Yet one of the most important contributions of a great leader is creating, and sustaining, the organisation for success both now and the future. Hiring talent, for now and the future, is fundamental to this ambition. Yet so often, hiring is seen as a painful activity which takes time away from more important matters.

Motivation to Televise Your Colonoscopy

Leadership Freak

Last year, Katie Couric convinced Jimmy Kimmel to televise his first colonoscopy. In 2000, Katie televised her own. What motivates a person to have a colonoscopy on national television? The answer is pain.… … Continue reading → Purpose Servant-leadership Taking others higher Leadership Development Serving

Knowing How to Communicate Doesn't Make a Leader Effective


There's nothing as invigorating or energizing for me as spending time with clients working on some of their toughest internal communication challenges.

How to Attract and Keep the Workforce You Need

Lead from Within

Every organization wants a reputation as a great place to work. In many fields, the workplace has become a candidate’s market where the best people have their pick of jobs. And it’s not enough to attract and hire top people—you have to be able to retain them too.

How To Silence The Over-Talkers In Meetings


If you’ve been in organizational life for longer than a week, you’ve probably been dragged into a meeting…a meeting with an over-talker. You know the type. Over-talkers are those colleagues who feel compelled to provide commentary on each point—sometimes talking over others in order to express it.

5 Steps to Overcome Fears That Hold Back Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

It turns out your consulting firm’s worst enemy isn’t a competitor, a procurement department, or a Rottweiler nicknamed Bitey. No, the greatest impediments to your consulting firm’s forward progress are your personal fears. Every time you transcend your doubts, you open yourself up to a breakthrough.

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The Secrets Of Productive People

Eric Jacobson

According to entrepreneur and author Margaret Hefferman , as reported a few years ago in Inc. magazine, the secrets of the most productive people are that they do these three things : They take breaks. Breaks refresh the mind and allow you to see new situations. They are great collaborators. They have lives outside work. In fact, the most successful have rich private lives that include interests that hone different skills and that let them think in different ways.

#leadershiptruth – The rub is real.

Roundtable Talk

In the 20+ years that I’ve been coaching leaders, I’ve found one common denominator for everyone who is feeling disengaged at work: their values aren’t aligned with the work that they’re doing. Seriously. Every single person. If values are so crucial to engagement, how come so many of us don’t have a clue what they […]. Latest News & Insights leadershiptruth personal branding Self Insight

Brand 40

Why Businesses Should Know Where Their Densest Markets Are

Harvard Business Review

They’re where the biggest opportunity lies. Innovation Digital Article

How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest

Harvard Business Review

Four strategies to try. Marketing Social platforms Communication Networking Digital Article

A Theoretical Physicist (and Entrepreneur) on Why Companies Stop Innovating

Harvard Business Review

Safi Bahcall, a former biotech CEO, began his career as a theoretical physicist before joining the business world. He compares the moment that innovative companies become complacent ones to a glass of water freezing, becoming ice. The elements are the same, but the structure of the company has changed. Bahcall offers ways for growing companies to avoid these inevitable forces and continue to innovate.

What Makes Geisinger’s Destination Care Program Tick

Harvard Business Review

A Q&A with interim CEO Dr. Jaewon Ryu. Health Personnel policies Digital Article


Sales Teams Aren’t Great at Forecasting. Here’s How to Fix That.

Harvard Business Review

Prediction is a skill that can be learned. Sales & Marketing Sales Forecasting Leadership & Managing people Assessing performance Digital Article