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5 Roadblocks of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

I’ve witnessed many leaders, including myself at times, get distracted from good leadership. Many times it’s a natural occurrence. We aren’t feeling well physically or emotionally. Life struggles distract us for a season. There are unavoidable distractions for any leader.

Do You Really Want it?

Kevin Eikenberry

While you might not think of Cher as a deep philosophical thinker, I’ll make two comments before I share her brilliant insight. - we can learn from anyone – and the mark of a lifelong learner is having that belief. - we can definitely learn from people who have achieved significant things, even if their achievements [.]. Change Leadership Developing Others Influence Leadership Learning Quotations Cher coaching encouragement Mentoring

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Lasting Change Begins With You


Being a great leader requires continuous personal change. The ability to lead at your best is dependent on the context that you work within, and because that situation is always changing, you must also change your behaviors in order to be able to work within it. Think about it. When was the last time you: “Acquired” a new boss? Got a new peer on your team? Hired a new staff member? Lost a staff member? Got a promotion? Took on a significant new project?

What Rental Cars Teach Us About Culture

The Leadership Advisor

I love to travel. One of the places I want to visit is Germany. I have a bucket list item that is very much a guy thing to do. I want to rent a Porsche, take it to the track in Nuremberg to see what it can REALLY do.

4 Ways to Guarantee I Follow You Back on Twitter

Ron Edmondson

I have lots of Twitter followers. I love the connections I’ve made on Twitter and always open to new connections. I decided early in my Tweeting days to follow every legitimate person who follows me.

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10 Decision-Making Power Tips from Dave Ramsey

Leadership Freak

I’m convinced that indecision along with poor decision-making is the reason organizations and individuals languish and fail. I was Dave Ramsey’s guest at a one day EntreLeadership Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee when I heard him say, “Your business, ideas, and team are paralyzed by an indecisive leader. Indecision is caused by one thing: fear.” Dave [.]. Decisions Marks of leaders Leadership

The Reliables


You know their names. You've taken the time to know them personally. Some coffee here and a chat about raising kids there. The conversations may have covered where they went to school, their car, spouse, dog, or the medical problem they had last year, but it went further than the standard "How are you doing?" They are your contacts, your sources for information. On the real organization chart, these are the people you go to when you need the unvarnished truth or something from their department.

On Leadership and The “Jedi Generation”

Linked 2 Leadership

A Long time ago…… The “Jedi Generation” are people defined not by age, but by commonality in belief and behaviour; a unity of cause and altruism energising their lives. They are a generation bound by raison d’être. Star Wars charted the fall and rise of the Jedi Order, a sect of highly gifted individuals seeking [.]. Future Leadership Issues Leading Change

Book Review: Under Pressure

Chartered Management Institute

This book is about how to cope with stress before it strikes you down. It is based on the idea that positive pressure is good and essential and negative pressure is damaging. It aims to provide techniques to help you to manage stress in a way which suits you. Looking after yourself is the key to managing pressure”. eview by Ann M. Kelly FCMI. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Workplace workouts

Bud to Boss

Earlier this month, Amy Beth Miller at The Organized Executive’s Blog shared the piece “Doc’s best Rx for stress management.” The prescription: sleep. I couldn’t agree more. Although I admire the enthusiasm and energy of people who live by the adage “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” I could never join their ranks. On days following restless nights, I struggle to focus, to keep organized and even to hold conversations. All of those things, of course, lead to increased stress.

The Three Most Important Areas of Youth Development Are Not Taught in Schools

Building Personal Strength

It's amazing what you see when you step outside the box. I've been focusing on the topic of parenting teenagers for over a year now, and I've been outside the box the whole time.

Bet on People – Larry Bossidy

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies. Larry Bossidy Bet on People – Larry Bossidy. Leadership Development Larry Bossidy Leadership Strategy

Top 10 Leading in Context Blog Posts

Leading in Context

As of today, after over 100 posts, these are the Top 10 Most Popular Leading in Context® Blog Posts: Planned Obsolescence: Is it Ethical? Can We Still Have the Newest Gadgets? Case Study: Is Withholding Information From Other Leaders Unethical? Ethical Interpersonal Behavior Graphic: Red, Yellow and Green Zones Ethical Leadership Resources. LeadinginContext™.com com Leadership [.]. Ethical Leader Ethical Organization ethical ethics leadership development leading ethically in organizations

Are You an Apple or a Google?

Next Level Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post titled "Are You an IBM or a Dell?" Today's post continues with the tech ID theme and is inspired by an article in the New York Times by Randall Stross. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Leadership Random observations

Client Newsletter Chocked Full of Practical Leadership Tips and Techniques

The Practical Leader

Last November I began delivering a series of half-day leadership development workshops (part of their ongoing "management forums" series) for City of Guelph supervisors and managers.

WNY CERT Team Building & Leadership Program

Create Learning

I had the pleasure of leading a Team Building & Leadership Program with the Western New York Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT team provides emergency preparedness training to citizens and encourage their participation in opportunities that enhance regional emergency readiness.

Irreconcilable Differences


When you find yourself in a deadlock with a partner, employee, or boss and are about to give up, don’t! It is when you hit these irreconcilable moments that you may actually take your relationship to the next level or reach new insights. Stifle the fight-or-flight urge and encourage the other person to do the same. See if you can let go of your attachment to the idea or decision for a minute. What might an objective observer say?

Encore: Dan Ariely on Innovation


A few weeks ago, we posted a video from Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely on the role of meaning in work. The video was a huge hit and so today we are posting a sequel of sorts. In this video, Dan shares about the “Not Invented Here” bias and how it can slow innovation.

What Giving Gets You at the Office

Harvard Business Review

The greatest metric for predicting job satisfaction and engagement is the social support perceived by the employee. And job satisfaction and engagement directly correlate with productivity. So the best and fastest way to more connected and therefore more productive is to receive more social support from others at work, right? Not so fast. Some of the greatest discoveries in psychology occur when we decide to ask questions in a different way.

A Technology Case Study: Implementing What the Customer Wants

Strategy Driven

In order for any change to occur – whether it’s a decision to purchase a product, or an implementation to add new technology – whatever touches the ultimate solution must buy-in to the change. Often our focus is on getting the end-result we think we want.

How Iteration-itis Kills Good Ideas

Harvard Business Review

"We never see any good ideas," lamented a senior executive. People bring us ideas. But they just don't have any. magic.". At first, I found the comment surprising. I had just begun to get to know the company, and it seemed to me to be brimming with innovation energy, particularly among young employees who would regularly throw out creative "What if's" during casual conversations. A month later, it was clear that the problem — as is almost always the case — wasn't a lack of raw ideas.

John Abele on Leading Collaborative Groups

2020 IT Leader

In this video John Abele, co-founder of Boston Scientific author of HBR article “Bringing Minds Together” explains how to effectively manage teams and leading collaborative groups. You’ll find out about the extraordinary opportunities and value in getting silos to collide. Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video. Here are [.] You may like these posts too!: Six Skills to get Promoted to Executive Level. Developer of People Leadership Leading Change Video

Quote of the Day


Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act. Truman Capote


3 Ways To See The Future (today’s list)

Jason Womack

"People see objects and how they relate to one another. We don't just see with our eyes. We see with our brains. Our eyes are the camera, but the process of interpreting the image in our brains is seeing.". via The brain performs visual search near optimally. You're going to work - whatever that means to you - and during at least a part of your day you wonder, "What's coming next?". Seeing what's coming is easier to do than you might have thought. Start where you are.

Well, It Was in the General Vicinity, Right?


Claire Berlinski on how not to send a condolence card


The Future of Work 2.0

Harvard Business Review

Tom Malone , professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management and author of the HBR article The Age of Hyperspecialization , explains why breaking jobs into tiny pieces yields better, faster, cheaper work—and greater flexibility for employees. Global business Knowledge management Productivity

First Paragraph


When I was coming of age in the late 1960s, most of my generation was involved in a heroic effort to depose Bob Hope, John Wayne, Lawrence Welk, Sammy Davis, Jr., and all the other cultural icons who ruled American society with an iron fist. This was an intellectual insurrection from which I defected by my twenty-first birthday.


Encore: Dan Ariely on Innovation


A few weeks ago, we posted a video from Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely on the role of meaning in work. The video was a huge hit and so today we are posting a sequel of sorts. In this video, Dan shares about the “Not Invented Here&# bias and how it can slow innovation.

The Fall of Borders


Here's another take on the fall of Borders Books

The 21st Century of Oxymorons & Paradoxes

Mills Scofield

Does it seem like the 21st Century is the century of oxymorons and paradoxes? Sure does to me and I love these words because they challenge our thinking, our beliefs, our feelings and the status quo. Look at a few of the ones we use: Job Security, Jobless Recovery, Criminal Justice, Great Depression, Graphic Language, Organized Chaos, Budget Deficit (and many government related ones for the “realistic cynics”

History Break: WWII Photos


Some extraordinary color photographs of Britain during the Blitz. [HT: HT: Jonathan Wade


Talk About Debt Ceiling Schmeiling

Bird's Eye View

I've adopted Oxford Dean Theodore Zelden' s view that for a great conversation to take place, both parties have to enter it with the intent to be changed by it. When I say that, I'm especially intrigued by the fact that in a great conversation, something new takes shape that did not exist before.

Marketing Hall of Shame-Bludgeoning Your Customers is a Bad Idea

Management Excellence

Imagine my surprise when in a fit of insanity, I picked up the phone the other night….right right after dinner (well, I answered because the caller i.d. indicated the Hotel Chain’s name, and because the troops had the dishes will in hand), and I ended up on the receiving end of an old-fashioned marketing bludgeoning. Seriously, Hotel Chain! You think so highly of the relationships with your clients that you’re engaging in tactics like this to reward them for years of business.

How to Manage Forced Sales Rankings

Harvard Business Review

A vice president of sales recently told us that he drives sales growth by publishing a monthly forced sales ranking of all salespeople. Salespeople love the competition. They like to see where they stand, what it takes to be #1, and who they beat. Ranking really drives the competitive juices!" But one of the VP's salespeople had a different view of published forced ranking: "My territory covers a large geography that has less opportunity than other territories.