Wed.Nov 22, 2017

6 Things Leaders Should Be Thankful For Everyday

Joseph Lalonde

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Because of this, I wanted to reflect on 6 things leaders should be thankful for on Thanksgiving and every other day. There’s a lot of pain that comes with leadership. Struggles no one else ever sees. Betrayals by coworkers and friends.

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Motivation.

Rich Gee Group

This time of the year, most businesses tend to power down a bit (not all mind you) and it give us time to plan for 2018. Unfortunately, many of us also power down and procrastinate until we’re in the middle of January. Our motivation for growth dissipates.

Leading Volunteers: How to Keep Them Coming Back

RapidStart Leadership

How do you lead people who aren’t on your payroll? Since moving to Minnesota, I’ve wanted to get engaged locally as a volunteer. Last month I signed up to help at a local agency, and it was a great experience.

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When Others See Your Value – Others See Your Value

Leadership Freak

Before a recent presentation, a woman asked me a question I’ve never been asked. I was shaking hands with the audience when it happened. What makes you qualified to give this presentation?” I… Continue reading → Gratitude Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development

3 Alternative Marketing Strategies

Strategy Driven

Your business might have the best product or service in the market, but if you aren’t retaining customers, or no one knows your name, then your sales won’t increase (and may even drop).

Leaders: Does Your Values Equation Add Up?

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Every leader has a values equation. It can be calculated by the day, week, year and lifetime. In the ideal situation, a leader's values equation is consistently positive. How do you calculate your values equation? Context Ethical Leader Ethical Thinking business ethics blogs ethical leadership and complexity leadership and values leadership blogs positive ethical values values based leadership

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How To Get More Out Of Your Employees

Strategy Driven

You hired your employees because you saw special qualities in them. While you still appreciate their hard work, there are times you wish you could get more out of them. You understand their full potential, otherwise you wouldn’t bother with trying to make improvements on your team.

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What to Look for in Job Applicants

Strategy Driven

One of the most important of all the responsibilities that managers and business owners must take on is the hiring and firing of employees. There are often a number of applicants for any given position and it isn’t always immediately obvious which candidate should be the preferred choice.

Thanksgiving's Pie Choices


It is strange how pie dominates the dessert menu at Thanksgiving. Cake, which in many respects is far superior, is rarely seen unless it is cheesecake, which is really a pie with a false passport.

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What is ATS and Why You Should Care

ReImagine Work

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post What is ATS and Why You Should Care appeared first on Mary Schaefer, coach, trainer, & speaker promoting work cultures where individuals & organizations can both thrive.

Perspective and Wisdom


Amid the craziness of the work week, pay a visit to The Sovereign Professional. Photo by Jonathan Singer at Unsplash


Three Ways Leaders Can Improve Decision Making

Lead Change Blog

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the, next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Theodore Roosevelt. Leaders today are suffering from inattention blindness – the inability to be present and see the wood from the trees. Deluged by data, leaders should have more information than ever to enable better decision making. Yet ironically the opposite is happening and the situation is only likely to get worse.

Great Book Titles


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How to Avoid Being a Horrible Boss: The Manipulator Edition

Survive Your Promotion

Some horrible bosses are not scary like the angry manager, or disengaged like the invisible manager. They are engaged, but for all the wrong reasons. In this video I talk about a particular type of horrible boss: the manipulator.

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The trailer for " Sibling Rivalry


How Busy Working Parents Can Make Time for Mindfulness

Harvard Business Review

Helene Desplechin/Getty Images. It seems everywhere you look these days someone is touting the benefits of mindfulness — a practice that Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, describes simply as “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” ” Research shows that people who practice mindfulness are less stressed, more focused and better able to regulate their emotions.

Wild Turkey


Here's a short film by Matthew McConaughey about an extraordinary American business

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Transforming Health Care Delivery to Increase Value - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS

Harvard Business Review

Increasing value in health care is a top priority for health systems, payers, and policy makers across the globe, as health care costs continue to escalate and consume an ever-greater proportion of national expenditures. Toward that end, policymakers have introduced value-based payment models that reward quality and efficiency, in contrast with the traditional fee-for-service model, which incentivizes volume. The U.S.

Lenny Bruce, Brandeis, and Being Uncomfortable


I didn’t go to college. I went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, but that was just a trade school for fools. When I was 18, I chose to eat fire, juggle, do magic, make jokes, and ruin my voice forever rather than pursue a higher education. Read the rest of Penn Jillette's USA Today essay here

What Digital Change Demands of IT Organizations - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DXC TECHNOLOGY

Harvard Business Review

There’s no question that legacy IT systems are too slow and rigid for the agility that digital business demands. As companies modernize their IT infrastructure, they are looking to gain flexibility, scalability and above all, speed. And that means buying more new technology: IT organizations must adopt new platforms and processes and integrate services in new ways. Are IT organizations ready for the challenge?

"Over the River and Through the Woods"


Sung by students at the Foote School. Great job



Harvard Business Review

The acceleration of digital technology has enabled the disruption of many disparate industries. Yet health care, which represents about 10% of global GDP, has lagged behind other sectors. But that is about to change, as big data and the ability to crunch it will deliver actionable insights that will increase health care’s reach, efficiency, accuracy, and value.


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The trailer for " Doomsday." So bad, it's bad


Taking the Pulse of Health Care Transformation - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS

Harvard Business Review

Large-scale transformation is confronting healthcare. With providers striving for better outcomes at lower costs, the first half of this century will be seen as a turning point in the worldwide development of efficient, outcome driven, and more personalized healthcare service delivery.

Quote of the Day


Our culture is in the grip of more than a few disturbing habits. Among them: defining people by their mistakes, hating our ideological enemies, and adopting grandiose ideas about our own importance. We treat people in the public eye as if their decision to put themselves on television or share their ideas online meant that we no longer have an obligation to treat them humanely. After all, if they want better treatment, all they have to do is change jobs. David French


Is Your Company Actually Set Up to Support Your Strategy?

Harvard Business Review

sweetvenom/Getty Images. How do banks switch customer relationships from branch offices to mobile phone screens? Why is one multinational consumer goods company organized by category, while another organizes by region? Why is one insurance company deep into an agile transformation while another is experimenting with it only at the edges of its business?

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The trailer for " Memoirs of a Geisha


How Bold Corporate Climate Change Goals Deteriorate Over Time

Harvard Business Review

Wallace Garrison/Getty Images. One response to today’s climate crisis has been a belief that markets and corporate innovation will provide the solution. As business tycoon Richard Branson has proclaimed in 2012, “our only option to stop climate change is for industry to make money from it.” ” So while businesses are major contributors to escalating greenhouse gas emissions, they are also presented as offering innovative ways to decarbonize our economies.