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Top 10 Reasons People Quit Something Worthy

Chris Brady

For nearly twenty years I've worked with people in an entrepreneurial setting, encouraging and coaching them to fulfill their dreams and goals. I've seen people come and I've seen people go, and. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. LLR Daily Application

How To Network Like A Pro.

Rich Gee Group

You need to do it right or not at all

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Top 5 Business Professional Confessions

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post by Ben Lichtenwalner. Ben is a technology executive with a passion for servant leadership. His blog, ModernServantLeader.com , is a platform for spreading servant leadership awareness, adoption and action. You can follow Ben on Twitter at @BLichtenwalner. Here are Top 5 Business Professional Confessions: Pastor, I am a businessman and have confessions to make.

What’s Your Word Count?

Kevin Eikenberry

Sales trainers and professionals have said it for years. The best sales people talk less during their encounters with customers than others do. They get the prospect to share their thoughts and concerns. They recognize that the sale isn’t made by their perfect words as much as by the feelings and thoughts of the prospect. While this [.]. Communication Developing Others Influence Leadership Learning

Leaders and Legacy

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development When I was in my twenties, I heard a speaker discuss a great study that had been conducted. The results of the study continue to influence my life to this day. The study involved fifty people over the age of 90. They were all asked one question: “If you had your life to do over [.]. Leadership Development leaders Legacy make a difference reflect take a risk

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Simple Works

CEO Blog

A friend emailed me the following (although as a brevity guy , I slightly edited it): A toothpaste factory had a problem: they sometimes shipped empty boxes, without the tube inside. This was due to the way the production line was set up, and people with experience in designing production lines will tell you how difficult it is to have everything happen with timings so precise that every single unit coming out of it is perfect 100% of the time.

ROI 26

Three Crucial Roles that Can Create Business Success (A Case Study about Apple from the NY Times)

First Friday Book Synopsis

{This is prompted by a terrific article, with many images that add insight, in the New York Times about Apple: How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work by Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher. Both Tyler Cowen and Paul Krugman have praised this article. Cowen says it deserves one of the Sidney Awards from David Books: [.]. Randy's blog entries Apple Charles Duhigg Foxconn How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work Keith Bradsher Steve Jobs

Invest in your staff’s potential

The Organized Executive's Blog

The following is a guest article by Catherine Welborn, web editor of Briefings Media Group. You work hard to ensure that you hire the best people for the job. But even great employees have room for improvement. For the past few years Briefings Media Group has been offering top-notch workshops from some of the best industry experts around. Last year we added several high-interest topics to our repertoire, and this year we’re offering even more new workshops. Find the right ones for your employees!

Managing Is Difficult

What Do You Want From Them

When I was in business school, I thought management was easy. Organizational behavior, business statistics, finance, HR policies  no problem. When I took my first real job as a manager of a fast food restaurant, my perspective changed quickly. Management tasks. are indeed easy.

The 10X Rule: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure Grant Cardone John Wiley & Sons (2011) How to increase sustainable fulfillment of human potentialities, one’s own as well as those of others Many years ago, I read a book written by David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big, that helped me to widen [.]. Bob's blog entries BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Built to Last David J.


Letting People Go with Transparency and Dignity

Leadership Freak

** Never make enemies of people you “let go,” if you can help it. Every person who leaves goes on to represent your company. They can bad-mouth or praise.” Jack Welch One wise business owner told me, “Sometimes I’m closer to people after I fire them than before.” Turning bad to good: Never humiliate. Ask, [.]. Leading ethics violations sticky situations

Define-Back to Basics. Something Every Team & Leader Needs

Create Learning

Sitting in the office of the Dean of Students for a High School, talking about a Scholastic-Leadership program I am leading with the Administration, Faculty and students, he said “Mike we need to return, for lack of a better word, back to basics.” He said this almost apologetically.

Team 20

Letting People Go with Transparency and Dignity

Leadership Freak

** Never make enemies of people you “let go,” if you can help it. Every person who leaves goes on to represent your company. They can bad-mouth or praise.” Jack Welch One wise business owner told me, “Sometimes I’m closer to people after I fire them than before.” Turning bad to good: Never humiliate. Ask, [.]. Leading ethics violations sticky situations

How to Get the Most Benefit from an Executive Development Program

Great Leadership By Dan

In my current role as Director of Executive Development Programs at the University of New Hampshire , I’ve had the opportunity to observe and interact with hundreds of our program participants. In former roles, in managing leadership development programs at large companies, I would always take the time to talk to participants before and after they attended an external executive development program.

Quote of the Day


We're all born under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. Konrad Adenauer


Passion or Work Ethic? Which Comes First?

Steve Farber

My good friend and work-ethic expert, Eric Chester , (author of the fantastic Reviving Work Ethic: A Leader’s Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce ) recently shared with me his perspective on the relationship between passion and work.

There’s no silver bullet – but here’s 6 ideas for stress-free conflict resolution

Managers are Heroes

Up to 30% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflicts. So it’s in everyone’s best interest to find fast, effective solutions. Follow these steps to resolve conflicts quickly and calmly. Mental, physical preparation is key. Get strong feelings under control. You could take a walk or maybe a few deep breaths. Once the tension subsides, think about the other person’s perspective. How would an uninvolved observer view the problem? Consider wording.

How Important Are Informal Leaders?

Linked 2 Leadership

There are many articles out there asking questions like: Are great leaders born or bred? And there are many answers to this question. I like this quote as an answer: “Leaders born to be bred.” ” Hierarchy or Not Most of us realize that leadership does not have to come from the top in order to be [.].

Warning Signs


The lawyer doesn't want to touch it. Upper management is nervous. They want you to handle the matter but with very close supervision. There is a tight deadline. Litigation is likely. The in-house experts are inexperienced. There are conflicting standards or rules. Information is withheld.

It's the Economy, Stupid!

Coaching Tip

By Roger Lowenstein in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, January 23, 2012. Charles Murray, the conservative sociologist, has written an incisive, alarming, and hugely frustrating book about the state of American society. No sense withholding the punchline: He thinks we’re in decline. The American rich are living cloistered and isolated lives, depriving the mainstream of their fraternity, their wisdom, and their skills.

Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #5 – Marlene Chism on Stopping Workplace Drama

Tanveer Naseer

How do we stop or curb drama in the workplace? That’s the basis of the conversation I had with Marlene Chism in the fifth episode of my leadership podcast series, “Leadership Biz Cafe”. Marlene is a speaker, author and founder of The Stop Your Drama Methodology, an eight-part empowerment process to increase clarity and improve productivity and personal effectiveness.

Women and the Paradox of Power

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Resources [link] Instigator Jane Perdue (profile, posts, website, @thehrgoddess) and Dr. Anne Perschel (website, @bizshrink) have recently published an important new research report titled Women and the Paradox of Power: 8 Keys for Transforming Business Culture (scroll down a bit to find the “Download” link). Leadership is influence and influence is power. Power is the capacity to [.]. Leadership Development Resources Change empower power Women

Power 13

Leaders: How to Be a Lying SOB

Linked 2 Leadership

Liars – Are Leaders Honest Enough? I expect most everyone would argue that leaders must have high ethics and be honest with their dealings with each other, but are leaders really being honest? Big Question: As leaders, at all levels in the organization, are we honest enough to have “real” conversations? On Being Genuine I [.].

Think About This Before You Reorganize

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Managers love to reorganize, but few employees like being reorganized. Structural changes provoke anxiety and confusion. Before you decide to redraw the org chart, consider these two issues: [.]. Bob's blog entries "Reorganizing? Think Again" Harvard Business Review.

Ranchers and Farmers…living together!

Crossderry Blog

Nice post here by Hass Chapman on hunter-gatherers, play & software development. I can definitely relate to the way of working outlined. While we were hunter-gatherers, we did take to agriculture eventually. . That move is not natural for me, though. I’m more of a rancher than a farmer. The challenge for me, therefore, is how to accommodate other styles of work. .

Going for growth in a go-slow world

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from still another outstanding article written by Lowell Bryan, John Horn, and Sven Smit, featured online by The McKinsey Quarterly (September 2011), published by McKinsey & Company. To read the complete article, obtain information about the firm, access other resources, and sign up for email alerts, please click here. * * [.].

RIM’s leadership woes: 5 lessons on how to go from hero to zero

Roundtable Talk

After rocketing the Blackberry to success in the mid 2000’s, RIM Co-CEO’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie stepped down this week and were replaced by new CEO (and former RIM COO) Thorsten Heins.

Josh Linkner on “Child’s Play”

First Friday Book Synopsis

As a parent of four and a grandparent of ten, I count among my most precious blessings each and every opportunity I have to play games with them. Golf with the three sons, board games with the daughter and teenage grand children (usually chess) and whatever board and electronic games the younger grandchildren wish to play. [.].

YOU Are The Real Problem At Work.

Rich Gee Group

Look around the room, it it's not anyone else, it's YOU. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Business Problems Margo Meeker Problems Steal

Today’s thoughts January 24, 2012

Rapid BI

iOS or Android – tablets levelled? iOS or Android – tablets levelled? Hear from a seasoned Apple enthusiast… What do you think? Mike Morrison RapidBI.com Blog: Social Media & your Business Communication Strategy Social Media & your Business Communication Strategy Many of us believe in social media, but do we really have a clear strategy? [.]. ecademy

To-Do Lists Don't Work

Harvard Business Review

Stop making to-do lists. They're simply setting you up for failure and frustration. Consider the to-do lists you're currently managing: how many items have been languishing since Michelle Bachman was leading the field for the Republican nomination? How often do you scan your list just so that you can pick off the ones you can finish in two minutes? How many items aren't really to-dos at all, but rather serious projects that require significant planning?

Silent Film, "The Artist," And Conversation

Bird's Eye View

I seem to be on a kick about silence over the past couple of days, what with Marina Abramovic , the performance artist who sat for months at MOMA , saying nothing and staring into the eyes of strangers across the table from her (yes, you really had to experience it to know it was not, well, nuts).

The Biggest Myth in Time Management

Harvard Business Review

Brad* is as hard a worker as anyone I know. He's not just busy, he's keenly focused on getting the right things done. And it pays off — he is the largest single revenue generator at his well-known professional services firm. A few days before Thanksgiving, Brad flew from Boston to Los Angeles with his family. He was going to work for the first few days and then relax with his family.

Art Break: The Fini Image


Art Contrarian looks at the work and portraits of Leonor Fini