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One Easy Way to Have More Influence

Let's Grow Leaders

More influence isn’t always about what you say. I knew Gary wasn’t happy. During my first time in a mid-level management role, one of my team leaders was clearly struggling. He looked frustrated, sounded frustrated, and it didn’t take a genius to […].

How to Be More Curious – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Today’s episode is the third in my series based on a talk that I gave to a group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders. During the talk, we discussed several of the ideas in the new culture that they are creating at the school. They call it GRIT. And this week, I am focusing on […].

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Tips For Successfully Growing Your Business

Strategy Driven

The decision to grow your business is an exciting one, but can also bring many new challenges your way. Plan ahead, so you have a good idea of what you want to see your company tackle going forward and know exactly how you’re going to handle the growth process.

November 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the November Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, customer service, development, engagement, and more. Communication. Dana Theus of InPower Coaching submitted INSIGHT: People Problems – Who’s Fault Is It Anyway? Dana suggests: “ Experiencing people problems at work?

3 Things Successful Leaders Do that Average Leaders Don’t Do

Leadership Freak

The things left out are often the things that make the greatest difference. I often ask groups to make a list of things leaders do. I’ve never had them list the most important… Continue reading → Personal Growth Leadership Development organizational success

Focus on others but don’t forget yourself


Photo credit 123RF. Keri is a senior executive in a Fortune 200 company. A passionate leader with the ability to impact and inspire, she got to where she is quickly by giving of herself, her time, and her energy.

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When You’re The Pastor, But They Won’t Let You Lead

Ron Edmondson

A talk with a 25 year old pastor helped develop this post. He was frustrated with the church where he served. He was brought to the church because they wanted him to help the church grow again – or so the search committee convinced him – but they continually saw him as too young to make decisions on his own. They wouldn’t take his suggestions and regularly voted them down at business meetings. They consistently undermined his attempts to lead.

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Use a PreMortem Activity to Ensure Team Success

Great Results Team Building

Everybody likes to set goals… But at the end of the season, do you always accomplish them? As a team building event facilitator, I have learned that most teams do not… because they start the journey without preparing for the difficulties and issues that will likely be experienced along the way.

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Why We Should Always Call it Servant-Leadership

Modern Servant Leader

The great Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet has a famous line, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” ” We often use this phrase to explain how names don’t really matter.



My wife left for work at her usual ungodly hour. Newspapers have been read. The dog is at the window, barking at anyone who dares to walk down her street. A radio burbles about election turn-out. To my right, coffee is at hand with more to come. To my left, one book on jobs and another on religion.

Leadership Gems From John C. Maxwell

Eric Jacobson

The real gems in John C. Maxwell's book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect , are the abundant leadership and communication quotes , such as these: T o add value to others, one must first value others. People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. All good communicators get to the point before their listeners start asking, "What's the point?" The first time you say something, it's heard. The second time, it's recognized, and the third time it's learned.

Employment Law: Strange Cases, Real People


Writing at the California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog, Stefanie K. Vaudreuil discusses some unusual cases. Grizzlies and pot, pterodactyls and windshields, and water-boarding and motivation are involved

How To Create An Optimistic And Positive Workplace

Eric Jacobson

In the book, The Optimistic Workplace , author Shawn Murphy , explains that the following beliefs are essential to helping create a positive work experience : The team is more important than any individual. For optimism to be strong, a cohesive team is vital. People need to believe the team will be there for them when needed. A team is weakened when the first priority is the needs of each person, or when ego dictates a team's actions or inaction.

Science Update: Close Brush


A 1,670 foot wide asteroid is moving by our humble planet today. Of course, once the actual distance between Earth and the asteroid is revealed

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Seven Ways to Involve People in the Change Process

Change Starts Here

Last month, I published an article about Five Stages in the Change Process Where You Can Involve People, which detailed opportunities to engage more people in change – and not just during implementation. In other words, do change with people instead of to people.



Motivation Hub has a collection of thoughts by Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Wow! It’s Easy to Improve Every Part of Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You can boost the fortunes of your consulting firm in numerous ways. Improve your processes, adopt better techniques, dial up your leverage, incorporate dessert breaks… the list goes on and on. Amongst these, there’s one, (fairly) easy shift you could make today that will help every aspect of your consulting firm. How cool would it … Continued. The post Wow! It’s Easy to Improve Every Part of Your Consulting Firm appeared first on David A. Fields. All Articles Consultants Consulting

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Work holds dominion over us. It's through work that we exercise our talents and build an identity, through work that we fit into this world. And while our most cherished memories don't always revolve around our jobs, our hopes and dreams for our future - and the future of our children - generally do. From The Job: Work and Its Future in a Time of Radical Change by Ellen Ruppel Shell


The Surprising Truth About Leadership

Lead from Within

There’s a common thread in top leadership that surprises most people—and in some cases makes them rethink what they know about leadership. When you think of successful leaders you probably think of people who are decisive.

Why You Can’t Multi-Task (And When You Can)


You probably know a person or two that brags about how good of a multitasker they are. Especially in today’s “hustle and grind” work culture, you’ll see them typing away on their phone while walking, driving, sitting in a meeting, or even making a phone call.

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The Kinds of Data Scientist

Harvard Business Review

Monty Rakusen/Getty Images. In 2012, HBR dubbed data scientist “the sexiest job of the 21st century ” It is also, arguably, the vaguest. To hire the right people for the right roles, it’s important to distinguish between different types of data scientist.

Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership

Harvard Business Review

Francesco Carta fotografo/Getty Images. On his first day as CEO of the Carlsberg Group, a global brewery and beverage company, Cees ‘t Hart was given a key card by his assistant.

9 Out of 10 People Are Willing to Earn Less Money to Do More-Meaningful Work

Harvard Business Review

bulentgultek/Getty Images. In his introduction to Working , the landmark 1974 oral history of work, Studs Terkel positioned meaning as an equal counterpart to financial compensation in motivating the American worker.

If Your Employees Aren’t Speaking Up, Blame Company Culture

Harvard Business Review

PM Images/Getty Images. Companies benefit when employees speak up. When employees feel comfortable candidly voicing their opinions, suggestions, or concerns, organizations become better at handling threats as well as opportunities.

Competing in the Huge Digital Economies of China and India

Harvard Business Review

Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images.

Transforming Customer Experiences: Driving Performance and Profitability in the Service Sector - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HBS EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

Harvard Business Review

The service sector is a large and growing part of our economy. But a lot of service businesses are managed according to old ideas imported from more traditional industries, says Ryan Buell, UPS Foundation Associate Professor of Service Management at Harvard Business School (HBS).

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Avoiding Miscommunication in a Digital World

Harvard Business Review

Nick Morgan, a communications expert and speaking coach, says that while email, texting, and Slack might seem like they make communication easier, they actually make things less efficient. When we are bombarded with too many messages a day, he argues, humans are likely to fill in the gaps with negative information or assume the worst about the intent of a coworker’s email.

U.S. Health Plans Can Save Billions by Helping Patients Navigate the System

Harvard Business Review

Shana Novak/Getty Images. Most people at one time or another have struggled to navigate the complexities of the U.S. health care system.