Sat.Mar 18, 2023

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The Inequity of Equal Pay for Equal Work

Women on Business

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More CMOs Being Called to Power Growth, Drive Near-Sales

CEO Insider

Artificial Intelligence to be a Key Component in Branding, and Sales: Difficult economic times seem to be right around the corner. And with that, CEO reactions to these recessionary expectations will also be, in many cases, predictable. A recent survey by Chief Outsiders indicates that these fears of recession and the inflationary environment drive executives […] The post More CMOs Being Called to Power Growth, Drive Near-Sales appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine.

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The Growing Popularity of a Four-Day Work Week: Is it Worth Considering?

HR Digest

Emily had been working at a marketing agency for several years and was feeling burnt out. The long hours and high pressure of meeting client demands had taken a toll on her well-being. One day, she heard that her company was considering a four-day workweek. At first, she was skeptical. How could they get all the work done in four days? But as she thought about it more, she realized that a shorter workweek could be just what she needed.

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When Leaders Should Coach And When To Counsel

Eric Jacobson

A good manager is both a coach and a counselor. Generally, coaching should precede counseling. As a coach , a manager: identifies an employee's need for instruction and direction and this need is usually directly related to his or her performance or career goals. Coaching is collaborative. It relies on mutual, progressive goal-setting, personal feedback, and an ongoing, supportive relationship.

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2024 Payroll Calendar Templates

These calendars provide pay period dates and paydays for biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll in 2024. Use them as a reminder or share with employees so they can celebrate payday.