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The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Bruce Hartman : The CEO of Footlocker, Matt Serra, once said to me, “It’s lonely at the top. Being the leader is a big responsibility.” Over the years, I have thought endlessly about this quote and what it means.

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Co-Active Leadership

Leading Blog

I T'S EASY TO THINK that you need a title to be a leader. So much of what we talk about when we talk about leadership is in the context of a title. It’s also easy to think that there’s only one way to lead.

12 Ways to Reduce Resistance to Change – Part 1

Lead Change Blog

It may go like winning the lottery, or like the grim reaper running amok. That is the likely spectrum of emotion you will encounter on announcing your change plan to the team or the organisation. No matter how brilliantly researched, planned, and executed, you will meet resistance to change. Simply put, our brains are hard-wired to protect us in a myriad of ways when we feel threatened. So what does that mean for your people? What does the research say?

How to Build Enthusiasm in a Half-Hearted World

Leadership Freak

Anything you do without enthusiasm makes you less of who you were meant to be. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” ” Ralph Waldo Emerson Once enthusiasm is lost, it’s like starting a… Continue reading → energy Passion Leadership Development organizational success

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Innovation: Five Signs You Might Be Faking It

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation, but how can you tell if your company is really innovating or just going through the motions? See the 5 signs you might be faking innovation and what to do if you are.

How To Keep Your Customers Truly Happy

Strategy Driven

Customers are the backbone of any company; they drive a business forward, and they can be the difference between success and failure. Therefore, to make it in the nail-biting world of business, regardless of industry, you need to first and foremost, keep your customers truly happy.

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Get Things Done – Leading When Life Isn’t Fair

Let's Grow Leaders

Get Things Done by Changing Your Question Sara leaned back, crossed her arms, and sighed. “It’s It’s not right! My VP expects me to hit these numbers, but customers want updates, and research is focused on new products and won’t give me the […]. The post Get Things Done – Leading When Life Isn’t Fair appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Winning Well fairness questions

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Being grounded in the present as a bridge to your future


My grandmother used to say that I needed to stop and smell the roses from time to time. She was a smart woman who knew that my own future was dependent on what I paid attention to in my life as it happened. This is true for leaders too.

How a Website Can Drive Your Business Forward

Strategy Driven

There are many advantages to having an online presence for your business, even if you don’t plan to sell products online. Today, having a business website is as important as having a telephone number for customers to reach you on, if not more so.

Listen More – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

In leadership, there are a couple of types of problems or challenges: there are skill problems and there are habit problems. And in today’s video, I am sharing some ideas with you that will help you to address the habit problem of how to listen more and listen better. Tweet it out: Listening is a […]. The post Listen More – Remarkable TV appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

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177: Meaningful Work: How to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your (and Your Employees’) Soul | with Shawn Askinosie, CEO of Askinosie Chocolate

Engaging Leader

This episode is about a true story that is interesting and well told — a story that is important for all leaders and entrepreneurs … especially those of us who aspire to use business not only to make a living for ourselves but to help make the world a better place.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

On Being Possessed

Leadership Freak

Enthusiasm comes from entheos “divinely inspired, possessed by a god.” ” College football games are populated by the possessed. Fans paint their faces, wear bizarre costumes, and act like lunatics. Reserve: Enthusiasm seems frivolous.… … Continue reading → Leading


Adam Grant on How Your Network Grows Best


In this interview from last year’s Super Connector Summit, Adam and I chat about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of growing your network and how to do it without feeling inauthentic or sleazy. Download as Audio ][ Download as Transcript ].

10 Expectations for Supporting the Senior Pastor

Ron Edmondson

Several years ago, I was asked to speak to executive pastors about a senior pastor’s expectations for their role. Now, as I am transitioning out of the role of senior pastor , I probably have even stronger insight into the subject.

Rule #2 of Successful Consulting Firms

David A Fields

A nearby grocer prominently displays a sign proclaiming, “Rule #1: The customer is always right.” That’d never work for consulting because, well, clients aren’t always right. Rule #1 of successful consulting is to remember consulting isn’t about you. It’s about them–the clients. Got it.

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

Examining five years of anonymous data from over 6 million users in 170+ countries, Spigit has discovered that a culture of innovation can be measured – with a 99% statistical confidence level – by a metric called ideation rate. Download the eBook now for an in-depth look at this groundbreaking study.

When a Presentation Turns into a Conversation

Decker Communication

I’m not big on sports, but a few months ago a friend “forced” me to watch a football game.

How To Ignite Your Inspiration At Work

Eric Jacobson

If your work no longer excites and inspires you, then the new book, Find the Fire , is a timely read. And one that will help you rekindle your own inspiration. You’ll learn how to: Overcome the common fears of failure, change and criticism. Adopt an open mind and seek out new experiences. Embolden yourself to take more risks. Build upon progress and create momentum. Unleash creativity and produce work you’re proud of. Kick-start learning and growth. Banish perfectionism.

Lessons in Leadership as taught by a Dog.

Izell Leadership

People who are not familiar with pack behavior are under the misconception the member of the pack making the most noise, barking, and back-biting with other members of their pack are the Alpha’s. Fact is the members of a pack making the most noise and having the most conflicts with other pack members are the Omega’s, otherwise known as the bottom of the pack. Due to insecurity and fear Omega’s make noise attempting to feel more important by trying to scare others.

Bureaucracy Can Drain Your Company’s Energy. Agile Can Restore It.

Harvard Business Review

Tetra Images/Getty Images. Believe it or not, bureaucracy was once a progressive innovation. Its hierarchical authority, specialized division of labor, and standard operating procedures enabled companies to grow far larger than they had ever been.

Tough Comp Conversations: A Guide For Doing Them Right

Speaker: Rusty Lindquist, VP Strategic HR Insights at Bamboo HR

Compensation can be tricky, few things carry as much emotional weight as comp. And with the increased transparency in the market, combined with our collective propensity to rate ourselves against others, the frequency of these very difficult conversations is increasing. In this webinar, we will deconstruct some of the psychology around comp. We’ll take an analytic look at comp’s role in the employee experience, and then we’ll get really tactical with guidance on very specific compensation conversations.

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

Harvard Business Review

Fabien Butazzi/Unsplash. In today’s increasingly globalized world, more and more people are choosing to live, work and study abroad —and this trend appears to be a good thing: social science studies have shown that international experiences can enhance creativity , reduce intergroup bias , and promote career success.

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How AI Is Making Prediction Cheaper

Harvard Business Review

Avi Goldfarb, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, explains the economics of machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that makes predictions. He says as prediction gets cheaper and better, machines are going to be doing more of it. That means businesses — and individual workers — need to figure out how to take advantage of the technology to stay competitive.

The Mindset Your Company Needs to Grow Organically

Harvard Business Review

Topic Images/Getty Images. M&A is central to many companies’ growth strategies. But you can’t grow by acquisition alone. Companies with more organic growth generate higher shareholder returns than those relying on acquisitions alone. But organic growth remains elusive. It’s been easier to go from big to bigger through M&A than new to big through entrepreneurship. That failure is not due to a lack of trying.

How to Give the Same Talk to Different Audiences

Harvard Business Review

Thiemi Higashi/EyeEm/Getty Images. If you’re asked to speak at a conference or event, it’s likely because you’ve demonstrated expertise in your particular subject. To provide a great experience for attendees, you generally want to focus on the topic the organizers have requested – the “greatest hits” that you’re known for.

How Online Grocer Ocado Is Automating Warehouses Using Swarms of Robots - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM OCADO 

Harvard Business Review

By Paul Clarke, Chief Technology Officer, Ocado. Industry 4.0 is the catchall name for the current trend of harnessing the intersection of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create smarter, more productive, more resilient, and more adaptable factories and industrial processes. There is a lot of talk about Industry 4.0,

Technology Is Changing What a Premium Automotive Brand Looks Like

Harvard Business Review

JEWEL SAMAD/Staff/Getty Images. Many mature industries are experiencing significant technological disruption. The automotive industry is being disrupted by electric vehicles and self-driving cars, just as home appliances is being disrupted by the Internet of Things and smart appliances, home entertainment by on-demand content providers, and apparel by online personal stylists such as Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.

Why Labor Protests in France Won’t Stop Macron’s Reforms

Harvard Business Review

ETIENNE LAURENT/Getty Images. It’s been 50 years since the events of May 1968 , when France went through a period of civil unrest, and one year since the election of centrist reformer Emmanuel Macron as president. The country is marking these anniversaries with a series of strikes, rallies, and occupations in response to Macron’s economic agenda. Students, workers, and retirees are protesting, targeting trains, airlines, retirement homes, universities, and government offices.