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A Chance to Make a Difference for Dan Rockwell

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Posted in Light Your World If you have learned from Dan Rockwell If you have been encouraged by his words If you have been inspired by his wisdom If you’ve been challenged by his insights If you’ve been motivated by his coaching If you’ve received his generosity If you consider yourself a part of his community, his tribe, his online [.]. Light Your World

5 Leadership Lessons: What if You Could Take Control of Your Life with One Decision?

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Great leaders know they cannot let others determine their moods and behaviors. The decision is ours. David Pollay wrote The Law of the Garbage Truck to remind us that “it is not our duty to absorb the frustrations, anxieties, and disappointments of other people. We were not put on earth to carry other people’s negative energy, nor were we created to burden others with ours.” The Law of the Garbage Truck is straightforward: Many people are like garbage trucks.

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Peace and Goodwill


. For many of us, our biggest and most stressful holiday season is here. Despite all of the hype about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Super Saturday, you may be able to keep the spirit of the holiday in your heart – year round.

On Leadership and Santa Claus, CEO

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Have you ever run into a leader who had no daily strategy; no plan; no focus; and no idea how to approach getting organized at all? Yeah, me too… Working without a strategy is like setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean with no charts (or GPS) and no idea what your destination looks like, and [.].

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Christmas Flash Mob

Ron Edmondson

According to YouTube, Journey of Faith performed a Christmas “Flash Mob” at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach on December 18, much to the delight of local shoppers. One of the best I’ve ever seen…don’t miss the ending. Ever been a part of a flash mob?

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Accelerating Your Goal Progress

Kevin Eikenberry

There are lots of reasons this is a great time of year. While no reason can top Christmas itself, I also like this time of year, because if even for just a few days, more people think like achievers. If even for a brief time, people are thinking about goal setting and how to achieve [.]. Achievement Leadership Learning Setting Goals Success Carrie Wilkerson Keith Ferrazzi

Goal 27

3 Ways Remarkable Leaders Get Noticed

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by Joel A. Garfinkle. Being a good leader — or even a great leader — is just not enough if you want to keep moving up in your career. You must be so remarkable that no one can help but notice you. You must do great things — not once or twice, but continuously — in order to stand out, get noticed, and propel yourself to the top of your company.

Radically different in 2012

Rajesh Setty

Radically different is what most people would wish to be in the 2012. To be radically different is to be markedly different from the usual or customary. Who wouldn’t want something radically different (on the positive side, of course) in the new year? Almost everyone.

Rules of the road: The quick guide to better networking

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an article written by Tom Searcy for CBS MoneyWatch, the CBS Interactive Business Network. To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the website’s newsletters, please click here. Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Flickr user MyTudut * * * Here’s a secret: I [.].

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Happy Hanukkah!


Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. May the coming year bring much happiness


Annual Management Improvement Carnival: Edition 2


Here’s part-2 of the Management Improvement Carnival featuring the other two blogs that I love reading. The lot of people liked the first edition where I reviewed blogs of two masters – Seth Godin and Bob Sutton.

Grassroots Leadership Evolving

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In the December 18, 2011 edition of the New York Times , Thomas L. Friedman wrote about the great unraveling of traditional leadership across the globe: The main driver, I believe, is the merger of globalization and the Information Technology revolution.

Caption Contest 2011.12

Chris Brady

Ok, here it is. The final caption contest of 2011! But first - we must announce the winner of the previous contest #2011.9. Congratulations to Leveque, with the following entry: This answers why. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Humor

How to Put an End to Procrastination

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Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. To procrastinate may be human but it’s not very rewarding. If putting off tasks is hindering your performance or making you unhappy, try these three things: 1. Identify [.]. Bob's blog entries Amy Gallo Harvard Business Review. HBR newsletters Management Tip of the Day Put an End to Procrastination Stop Procrastinating.Now

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Should you encourage individuals or teams?

Chartered Management Institute

We all want to get the best out of the people in our organisations and various methods of incentivizing good performance exist. But is it best to offer those incentives to individual employees or to teams? Will the individual incentives encourage employees to adopt selfish attitudes to work and not share knowledge and success with their colleagues for instance? Will team based incentives encourage the workshy to piggyback success off the back of harder working colleagues?

Getting Foot-Draggers On Board

Leadership Freak

I received an email question, “Some people in our organization aren’t interested in personal development. What can we do?” ” Priority: Personal development is the top priority for everyone passionate to maximize their opportunities. It’s not selfish to develop yourself so that you can expand your service. Never be a martyr. Put the oxygen mask on yourself [.].

Tick the box or do the job right?

Rapid BI

Tick box or customer service…? Often we have heard the phrase “tick the box” as a way of saying “well we have done enough to say we have done the task” – but have we really? Many of us know that some jobs do only need a “tick in the box”, but sometimes we miss [.]. Management customer service quality

Getting Foot-Draggers On Board

Leadership Freak

I received an email question, “Some people in our organization aren’t interested in personal development. What can we do?” ” Priority: Personal development is the top priority for everyone passionate to maximize their opportunities. It’s not selfish to develop yourself so that you can expand your service. Never be a martyr. Put the oxygen mask on yourself [.].

Part 2 of 4 Authorities That Every Manager Must Have: Authority to deselect a subordinate after due process

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The Rock


The two 12-inch guns had a range of almost 17 miles—talk about secure! No wonder Corregidor (or Fort Mills) was called the “Gibraltar of the East” or simply “The Rock.”

Power 11

For a Little Intrigue


I never got into the Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, although I gave them a valiant try. It was a relief when John Le Carre's books arrived. Le Carre's work, as in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold , had the authenticity of boring bureaucracy and no gimmicky devices.

Find inspiration for your office setup

The Organized Executive's Blog

Don’t start the new year in the same old cluttered, uninspiring workspace. Find ideas for an office makeover at the Flickr Unclutterer Workspaces pool. You’ll see photos of traditional offices, home offices, closets revamped as offices and more. Plus you’ll discover ideas for organizing bookshelves, drawers, electronic equipment and computer cables. The photo-sharing pool and a related discussion forum are searchable.

What if Darwin was Wrong? Guest blogger Brenda Marshall

Roundtable Talk

Interesting question…and guess what, apparently he was. “Survival of the fittest” is not pre-wired into our genes. According to several key researchers in Tom Shadyac’s movie I AM , it’s actually the opposite.

Coach’s Challenge: What Is the Mother of Your Fears?


Executive Coaches help clients discover the gap between their expected and actual outcomes. The easiest way to bridge the outcome gap is by eliminating unproductive or counterproductive behaviors.

50 Best Blogs for Future Leaders

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Posted in Resources [link] We were honored to be listed (#30) along with 49 other blogs on Online Colleges’ 50 Best Blogs for Future Leaders List. There are some old friends on there along with several I’ve never see before. If you have some time over the holidays, check it out! Resources

Boost Your Career with Social Media: Tips for the Uninitiated

Harvard Business Review

You've heard the horror stories: a job applicant gets turned down because his potential employer discovered his objectionable tweets, or saw pictures of his keg party on Facebook. There is a lot of advice out there about keeping your online activity from hurting your career. But there's a flip side. When handled correctly, social media can help you professionally.

Risk Management Best Practice 1 – Map Corporate Risks to Operational Processes

Strategy Driven

All enterprises face a unique set of risks that threatens long-term organizational success and viability. Like corporate level performance measures, it can be difficult to readily ‘see’ the day-to-day activities that initiate, amplify, or mitigate these risks.

Is America a Failing State?

Harvard Business Review

Currencies imploding, markets fluctuating, politicians dithering, economies stagnating, societies fracturing, unrest spreading. Welcome to the winter of our discontent — again. Is America failing ? And are the other advanced economies following in its staggering footsteps (UK, I'm looking at you )? Consider my very crude, edited, back-of-the-envelope take on a few of the criteria outlined in the Failed States index , one by one.

Radio Show: Inside the Bubble: How to Create a Safe Space for Change

Change Starts Here

My guest today is Martin Fenwick, Principal Consultant and Director of TheChangeFactor in Auckland, New Zealand. On the show, Martin describes the concept of a change “bubble,” a way to create a safe space for change to occur in your organization.

Retailers Should Invest More in Employees

Harvard Business Review

This post is part of the HBR Forum, The Future of Retail. Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's, visited my Service Operations class at MIT last week. When he mentioned that Trader Joe's invests in its employees a lot more than its competitors do, he was challenged by one of my students: "Isn't it a bad idea to invest in employees in settings like yours where shopping is transactional and can easily be done online?". Doug had a strong reaction.

Urban Development Legends


The history of local economic development is a story of academic fads. The 1960s, when I was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, were the heyday of growth poles and multipliers, of econometrics and mathematical modeling made possible by powerful mainframe computers. For a city, the key to generating jobs and income was to lure strategic industries by offering them tax breaks, loans at favorable rates, promises of infrastructure development that would benefit them, and so on.

Can a Consultant Become a Manager, or a President?

Harvard Business Review

Here in the United States, the presidential election cycle gives us the opportunity to publicly discuss the characteristics of good leaders. Running a country calls for a sophisticated array of leadership skills — from shaping strategy to building a team to managing day-to-day operations. Choosing a candidate therefore requires thoughtfulness about what experiences provide the best training for a good leader.

Humor Break: More Tweets from @youthcaptain


Rob Long releases more of the early tweets from the new leader of North Korea


The Power of Workplace DIY

Harvard Business Review

Plural Investments*, a hedge fund started several years ago, had a problem. They needed art on the walls of their New York City offices. It was a small problem of no strategic importance, one that could be solved quickly and effortlessly by simply buying a few paintings. But sometimes, problems lacking strategic importance never get solved because, well, they're just not that important. Which is what happened at Plural.