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3 Actions to Help You Lead Your Team Despite the Fear

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. “He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear.” ” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Grow Your Leadership With Chester Goad- The Answers From Leadership Podcast 004

Joseph Lalonde

T oday’s guest is Chester Goad. Chester grew up in Appalachia (pronounced Apple-Atcha–that actually matters where he comes from). He’s the son of an auto mechanics teacher, and a retail sales gal, who fell in love and raised him in small town USA. So who is Chester?

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Good Jugaad and Bad Jugaad

Lead Change Blog

There has been a lot of interest in the term “Jugaad” in the last couple of years. This term is almost synonymous to “Indian Innovation.” ” There are also a couple of books that were released which are definitely interesting reading and hundreds of articles in business literature.

Let’s Talk About Trust

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton In January of each year, Trust Across America-Trust Around the World announces its annual list of trust thought leaders. I recently received the news that I am in the 2016 Top Thought Leaders in Trust! To celebrate the news, I am sharing a collection of some of my favorite blog posts about trust building. Use these posts and the questions they raise in your meaningful conversations about how to improve the trust in your workplace.

Ethics 232

The Best Secret To Managing Up

Let's Grow Leaders

Have you ever been in a scene like this? Your team is working hard. Results are solid. But nobody seems to notice. Or worse, any skip level visits turn out so poorly, you begin to dread the very thought of a well-intentioned executive stopping by to talk with your team.

How to Run Your Own Business Successfully

Women on Business

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Leadership Value is Defined by the Receiver

Leading Blog

W E ALL RESONATE with the clarion call for leaders to build on their strengths, be authentic, and demonstrate emotional intelligence. We can envision these noble, resonant, and genuine leaders as icons of effective leadership. But these virtuous leadership attributes are not the essence of leadership effectiveness. Building on one’s strengths is incomplete unless one’s strengths strengthen someone else. Authenticity without a positive impact on someone else is more narcissism than leadership.

Ulrich 150

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No Cape Needed Honored with Business Book Award


I am humbled and thrilled to announce that my third communications book, No Cape Needed: The Simplest, Smartest, Fastest Steps to Improve How You Communicate by Leaps and Bounds , has been honored with a Pinnacle Award for Best Book in Business for Fall 2015.

Books 93

What Does It Mean to “Show Up”?

Strategy Driven

Some people intrinsically have the ability to show up; it’s inborn in them. And some people have to grow it, nurture it, practice it their whole lives — work at it every day.

When Jobs Disappear, The Ultimate Question May Be: What Will We Do To Take Care of Human Need?

First Friday Book Synopsis

It’s true, and obvious. A business has to make a profit. The bigger the profit, the better for the business. But, a complete absence of a profit means ultimate doom for a business. Businesses will always follow the impulse to cut costs and replace expensive outgo in order to make a profit, and to, whenever… Read More When Jobs Disappear, The Ultimate Question May Be: What Will We Do To Take Care of Human Need? Randy's blog entries

The Art of Asking Questions

Your Voice of Encouragement

Today I’m featuring a guest post from Guy Parsons and Allan Milham , co-authors of Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win , an important book for leaders who want to take their skills to a higher level. This article is an excerpt from Chapter 3.

How To Stimulate Your Creative Thinking

Eric Jacobson

From the book, Leading With Strategic Thinking , by Aaron K. Olson and B. Keith Simerson , here are six ways the authors suggest for stimulating your creative thinking : Engage in communities, conferences, or reading outside your typical area of expertise.

7 Of My Biggest Frustrations as a Leader

Ron Edmondson

Spmeone once asked me what my “biggest frustration” is as a leader. As I thought about it, I had to be honest – I have lots.

Diagnostics. Consulting Prospects Will Say, “Aha! I Need You”

David A Fields

For a consultant, there’s nothing more frustrating than a prospect who clearly needs you, but doesn’t realize it or has less urgency than a stalagmite. How do you shake sense into the decision maker? How do you knock the project loose so a rich opportunity falls into your lap? Diagnostics.

How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Much fanfare has been paid to the term “disruptive innovation” over the past few years. Professor Clayton M. Christensen has even re-entered the fold clarifying what he means when he uses the term. Despite the many differences in application, most people agree on the following.

Optimizing Each Part of a Firm Doesn’t Optimize the Whole Firm

Harvard Business Review

Most people found the General Motors ignition switch scandal appalling. Not only did the defect result in over 100 deaths, but it turned out that fixing the problem would have cost less than $1 per car. For many, it was a horrible indictment of corporate greed.

How to Interview and Assess a Serial Job Hopper

Harvard Business Review

No manager wants to hire someone who is going to turn around and quit after a year on the job. But how can you tell if a candidate is going to stick around, especially if he has a history of job hopping? Take a closer look.

To Hire Great Coders, Offer Learning Not Just Money

Harvard Business Review

From data scientists to web developers to designers, firms are locked in competition for technical talent. You can’t compete with the likes of Google and Facebook without coders, but if you’re not Google or Facebook, it often seems, you can’t afford them.

What the U.S. Should Be Doing to Protect Intellectual Property

Harvard Business Review

The U.S. invests vast amounts in innovation – $135 billion from federal government sources alone in 2015 – yet it lacks a coherent intellectual property strategy to ensure that the investment pays off. Is the U.S. naïve? Negligent? It’s puzzling.

Case Study: Can an Airline Cut “Turn Times” Without Adding Staff?

Harvard Business Review

Kentaro Hayashi buttoned his uniform shirt and wondered if he could really pull this off. As president of RSA Ground, the subsidiary of Rising Sun Airlines responsible for servicing its planes at airports across Japan, he’d been under enormous pressure in recent months.