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Four Key Priorities for New Leaders from the Outside

C-Level Strategies

Have you ever led “from the outside?&#. It’s a common occurrence; a family-owned company realizes it’s time to bring in new leadership blood – literally – or a corporation hires a new leader from the outside.

What I Learned About Leadership from the Dalai Lama

Next Level Blog

This month, the Dalai Lama is in Washington, DC for a couple of weeks to lead a multi day series of Buddhist teachings called a Kalachakra. This past Saturday morning, he came out to the West Lawn of. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs

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Three Reasons A Leader Must Have a Positive Attitude

Kevin Eikenberry

The title of this article is pretty declarative, don’t you think? Actually it isn’t completely true. You don’t have to have a positive attitude to have a leadership role, and you don’t even have to have it to lead. But you definitely must have a positive attitude if you want to lead successfully for an [.]. Leadership Learning Teams vacation

4 Types of Mentors

Ron Edmondson

Recently I started the conversation about mentoring here on my blog. I’m still soliciting feedback through a mentoring survey. You can help out with that HERE.). Mentoring appears to be a need in many people’s minds these days.

The Rainmaker 'Fab Five' Blog Picks of the Week

Maximizing Possibility

Happy Monday! I like to start off each week by featuring five posts from the HR, talent management, and leadership development blogosphere that I found to be particularly good reading. Here are my picks for the week of July 4th - 10th, 2011. Enjoy! Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership: Thoughts on Exceptional Leaders - What makes an exceptional leader? Wally shares ten traits that he consistently sees from leaders that deliver exceptional results.

Blog 78

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Leadership and Films that Make Change

Women on Business

I was plucked from my daily routine and dropped into the middle of another era that made me stop and appreciate the power of women to face challenges with zeal. It was like eating a healthy organic meal instead of the empty calories we are being asked to digest, the “chick flicks” that abound today. I suggest to Jennifer Anniston et al. to take time to rethink women’s roles in film. Enough about wedding capers, failed relationships that are superficial, single layered and meaningless.

Film 27

Leadership Caffeine: 9 Ideas to Help You Jump the Gap Between Failure and Success

Management Excellence

People and teams fail on their way to success all of the time. That’s great. That’s how it’s supposed to work. The people and groups I struggle with are those who just fail. Often, the gap between failure and success appears wide, deep and ominous. This perceived gap keeps people frozen in place for a long while and then as time passes, fear turns to regret. Here are 9 ideas to help you jump the gap from failure to success.

Team 35

Rocky Mountain Leadership


Stranded in Salt Lake City 4 days before Christmas! This trip was NOT going according to plan. We had left sunny South Carolina for a vacation in Colorado during Christmas break. We were going to spend a week together with family in a cabin outside of Winter Park.

List of Servant Leadership Academic Programs Now Available

Modern Servant Leader

New Research Project: We Need Your Help


Since its inception, LeaderLab has been dedicated to actively promoting the application of research and theoretical models in leadership and organizational behavior. Today we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding to the efforts of LeaderLab by working with current scholars to help shape the research being undertaken. But we need your help. We believe our community readers are a great resource on leadership and on real-life working inside of organizations.

The Idea Hunter: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer, with William Bole Jossey-Bass/John A Wiley Imprint The best ideas are out there…or inside you…just waiting for you to find them. The premise of the book is this: There are valuable lessons to be learned from those [.].

Building a team in Thailand: team roles

Talent Technologies

We’ve already seen here how important it is to understand different problem-solving styles when building a team in Thailand.

Veteran Members of Your Community Have Greater Influence and Responsibility

Managing Communities

photo credit: Danny Nicholson There is a certain train of thought that suggests that as a member becomes well established on your community, that you should give them more rope when it comes to your guidelines and greater flexibility regarding them. In fact, it’s more than a train of thought, it’s a pressure. As someone [.]. Interacting with Users Managing the Community

Two Team Building & Leadership Success Stories

Create Learning

Below are two short success stories. To read more success stories check out Team Building Stories and the Exponent Leadership Stories. Team Building & Leadership Success Stories. Financial Services Group. Creating and executing new revenue streams.


Mini Saga #113 – Source

Rajesh Setty

Chances are, you are overlooking a source of power within your reach… Mini Saga #113 – Source. Chris was curious about his roommate John’s ritual. John would open his cupboard, look intently and say – “Make this a beautiful day. I know you can choose to make a beautiful day.”

Stanley Milgram, Rebekah Brooks and the News of the World

Chartered Management Institute

In the 60's Stanley Milgram conducted his now famous experiment into compliance. Milgram, a psychologist at Yale wanted to test how far our behaviour might deviate from the norm by measuring how much of an impact authority had on how we behaved. The experiment went to apparently extreme measures to test this by asking participants to administer an electric shock to other participants. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

The Manager as Change Agent: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Manager as Change Agent: A Practical Guide to Developing High-Performance People and Organizations Jerry Gilley, Scott Quatro, Erik Hoekstra, Doug Whittle, Ann Maycunich, Scott A. Quatro, Jerry W. Gilley, and Doug D. Whittle Basic Books (2001) Your Own Yellow Brick Road Awaits Don’t be deterred by the publication date. This book really does offer [.]. Bob's blog entries The Wizard of Oz John Kotter Basic Books Scott Quatro Erik Hoekstra Doug Whittle Ann Maycunich Scott A.

When does a manager become a leader?

My Own Coach

The easiest management skill is to encourage or demand people do more. The most difficult is to encourage people to do better. It is also the most important skill. It requires education, coaching and patience to create a team of people who are better. Perhaps then, the manager becomes the leader.

Why Happy Employees Mean Happy Customers

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Mike Prokopeak for Talent Management magazine online. To check out all the resources and sign up for a free subscription to TM and Chief Learning Officer magazines published by MedfiaTec, please click here. * * * The customer may always be right, but you better be [.]. Bob's blog entries a June 2010 survey of private sector employees in the U.S.

Networking: The hard facts and real deal with Lisa Mattam

Roundtable Talk

Recently, our members had the opportunity to connect with the smart and savvy Lisa Mattam of The Mattam Group to get her top tips on networking.

Outside In: Customer Perceptions Define Service/Quality Levels

The Practical Leader

First in a four part series on The Three Rings of Perceived Value. Customer service and continuous quality improvement have always been important. As organizations struggle to grow revenues and reduce costs in our challenging economic times, service/quality is becoming even more critical.


Seven Simple Ways to Start Making Your Life Better

Utpal Writes

Tweet. “Life is not fair; get used to it.&# ~ Bill Gates. Life is not fair. Or you have been conditioned to believe so. In fact, it is only as fair as you make it. You rush around doing a whole lot of stuff every day for a simple reason: You want more from life (than what you have). You get so busy chasing things that you miss to pause and introspect. You often forget to ask yourself why you are doing whatever you are doing and what you can do better to achieve your goals?


CliqueIt – For Photo Sharing in Your Cliques

Women on Business

Cliqueit is a cool mobile app for Android devices that can help business women in their professional or personal lives. I asked the team at CliqueIt to share some details about the app for the audience, and they sent along the following information.

Does Social Network Chat Equate To Conversation?

Bird's Eye View

There are numerous indications that people have never been so chatty, at least online.

How to Get Quality Control in Your Decisions

Harvard Business Review

All leaders know that decision making is a critical part of their job. And most executives are aware they need to be on the lookout for biases that will distort or mislead and cause their organizations to make the wrong decisions about investments of time and money.

5 Types of Mentors

Ron Edmondson

(This is an updated post. I left out the 5th type of mentor in the original post. I have my explanation HERE.). Recently I started the conversation about mentoring here on my blog. I’m still soliciting feedback through a mentoring survey. You can help out with that HERE.).

Digital Pioneers on Paper

Harvard Business Review

Are books dead? Thanks to the digital revolution, big ideas — those that change industry, or topple governments — can spread easily and rapidly without ever being committed to paper. No one understands this as well as the tech entrepreneurship "gurus" who also advise others on how to succeed in the Internet age. Yet several of them — Seth Godin, Eric Ries, and Gary Vaynerchuk — have recently published traditional, paper books.

"Securing the Data Castle"


CSO interviews security expert David Litchfield. An excerpt: You've seen your share of database deployments. What would you say is one of the most important things organizations can do today to keep their databases secure? Litchfield: The first is to change all default and simple-to-guess passwords.

The Four Regions of the Thinking Brain Made Simple - Part Two

Building Personal Strength

As I explained in my previous post , there are four general areas of the brain's cortex (thin outer layer) that handle four unique kinds of thinking. To understand these functions, it will help to understand back-brain/front-brain differences, as well as left-brain/right-brain differences.

Constructing The Ideal Day


The ideal day requires a combination of intellectual and physical labor, capped off by some entertainment, socializing, recreation, or reflection. A mixure adds to the enjoyment as only having one element would eventually be boring and exhausting.

On Writing

Chris Brady

Writing is the wrestling match you have with yourself to find out if you think what you think you think. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Books

Advertising Rule: Sex Sells


From Adfreak : Proof that sales pitches can always go back to the basics

The Human Resource in Thailand – made easy

Talent Technologies

Most CEOs will agree that managing the Human Resource in Thailand effectively is the differentiator of competitive advantage. Easier said than done, however! This is because, first and foremost, the ‘human resource’ is not the responsibility of any one person. It’s an area of shared responsibility among the CEO, his managers and supervisors (direct reports), Global Human Resource Departments, local HR and even, in certain cases, Trade Unions and local government departments.

The Ill-Chosen Silence


The ill-chosen remark receives a lot of attention, but how about the ill-chosen silence? The praise, encouragement, affirmation or defense that should have been spoken may wound as much as any verbal thrust. Silence can be deafening. It can also be hurtful