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7 Tips for Hiring the Right Person for the Team

Ron Edmondson

One of the most important decisions a leader makes is adding to the payroll. In the church world, it’s often difficult to remove someone once they are added. That’s somewhat of a pet peeve of mine after spending much of my years in business, but that’s another blog post.)

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Overcoming The Leadership Stupid Gene

The Leadership Advisor

Let’s face it. So many organizations are running on bare minimum numbers and everyone has a lot on their plate.

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How to manage after a sleepless night

Chartered Management Institute

How to manage after a sleepless night by Professor Jim Horne, of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Is Friendship a Leadership Quality?

Linked 2 Leadership

If you had asked me ten years ago if “friendship” is a leadership quality, I doubt I would have given it more than a second before declaring this: “No!&# Friendship is not and should not be part of leadership! I would have added “In fact, being friends with people you work with can often cause [.].

Book Review: The Third Screen

Chartered Management Institute

The book traces the development of mobile devices and how consumer behaviour has changed over a very short time-span which is a fascinating story. The most significant consequence for customers is that of their empowerment which has released them from being passive recipients to businesses’ marketing blandishments. Review by Andrew May FCMI. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

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How a misunderstanding about Chinese characters has led many astray

First Friday Book Synopsis

For years, I have believed — and often referred to — what may well be a misconception that the Chinese character for &# crisis&# has a dual meaning: “peril&# and “opportunity.&# Here is an excerpt from an essay by Victor H. Mair, professor of Chinese language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania, with contributions [.].

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Book Review: UnMarketing. Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.


First off, I am definitely not qualified to review a book on social media. I’m still learning a lot, make lots of mistakes and am still trying to figure it out along with everyone else. So I’m approaching this review from the perspective of a business leader looking to learn more about how best to embark into online social networking endeavours. And UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging is well worth the read.

3 Areas Your Organization Must Align

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Alignment simply makes things easier. When people and processes are in sync, it takes less time and energy to go from A to Z. Here are three areas [.]. Bob's blog entries "We Can't Agree to Disagree" 3 Areas Your Organization Must Align Harvard Business Review. HBR newsletters Management Tip of the Day Nilofer Merchant

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Church Marketing Designs that Work and are Affordable: d2designs

Ron Edmondson

I first met Paul Loyless on Twitter. It doesn’t happen often, but Paul and I were able to run together at a conference a year or so ago and I instantly fell in love with his heart and vision for the church. Paul heads a marketing company for churches and church plants called d2designs.

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Five myths about how to create jobs

First Friday Book Synopsis

The website of McKinsey & Company’s McKinsey Quarterly continues to feature some of the most valuable material concerning major issues, such as job creation. In the article that follows (first published in February, 2010), James Manyika and Byron Auguste identify and then invalidate five myths about how to create jobs that continue to remain remarkably [.].

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27 July 2011 - Midtown, NYC - Mastering Workplace Performance

Jason Womack

Thank you so much for attending this MWP presentation. One of the most important questions to answer is: "When was the last time you took time to think of how you manage time?" For many people participating in our workshops, this was the first time.in a long time!

What is "contribution?" #management

Management Craft

The primary purpose of management is to enable individuals and teams to do their best work. The contribution that great managers make looks like this: Facilitating beneficial conversations that won't happen without help. Taking the initiative to identify and blast through barriers. Making team members feel special, valued, and important. Providing an inspiring focus for the work. Defining excellence so that everyone can see it, feel it, and know when they are being it.

Guest Post: Success in Collaboration-From an Unlikely Source

Management Excellence

Why is collaboration so difficult? Like that intersection, effective collaboration is governed by rules that may not be clear to the inexperienced. Players come and go, challenges and obstacles can appear from any direction, and no one seems to be in charge – or everyone is. It’s no wonder that many managers approach collaborative assignments with apprehension, fear and a white-knuckled grip on the wheel. Here are 5 ideas for improving your ability to collaborate.

Here are 3 books you can hear us present this week; Diane Ravitch; Joseph Michelli, Conant & Norgaard

First Friday Book Synopsis

This Friday (Aug. 5), 7:00 am, is the First Friday Book Synopsis. If you live in the DFW area, this provides a great opportunity for networking, with a terrific dose of content, quickly delivered… Karl Krayer will present his synopsis of TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments (J-B Warren Bennis Series) [.]. Randy's blog entries Diane Ravitch Douglas R.

Accepting the Tension Between Vision and Reality

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Earlier this week I was visiting with another Lead Change Contributing Author and Entrepreneur, Shawn Murphy (@shawmu & LeadChange profile). Our conversation quickly reminded each of us that we are not alone as we experience some natural tension between our vision and our reality: How do you balance faith and ownership? When do you seek [.] Accepting the Tension Between Vision and Reality.

How using brain science can help to achieve peak performance by completing the Cycle of Excellence

First Friday Book Synopsis

A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane School of Medicine, Edward M. (“Ned&# ) Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist and the founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health. He was a member of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 2004. He is considered to be one of [.]. Bob's blog entries ADHD ADHD Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People book Answers to Distraction “Dr.

The Book That Will Change Your Travel Life


An interview with Nicholas Kralev, author of Decoding Air Travel: A Guide to Saving on Airfare and Flying in Luxury. Interview by John LeTourneau , Executive Coach, CO2 Partners.

Seven Ways to Find Order in Chaos

Leadership Freak

Photo by William Warby If duress, stress, and pressure represent the dark side of opportunity, today’s world offers great opportunity. Dr. Justin Menkes said of today’s business environment, “strategies are only contingencies.” How can leaders bring out the best in themselves and others when the world’s in constant flux? Dr. Menkes’ book, Better Under Pressure, explains [.]. Leading Motivation Passion Stress Book Notes Interview Leadership

How does technology help your commute?

Chartered Management Institute

On a good commute I can relax, listening to my ipod or catching up on a good book on my kindle but on a bad commute I desparately look for new houses in the country on my iPhone, imagining myself anywhere but on a packed train - thank goodness for technology. But how else has technology impacted on our journey to work? And what's next? You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Hilary Brooks Joins WomenOnBusiness.com as Assistant Editor

Women on Business

WomenOnBusiness.com debuted in November 2007 as a labor of love for me. At a time when I found myself spending more and more time writing about business and marketing online, I continually noticed how it was always me and a bunch of men writing about business topics.

Leaders Affect Training ROI

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Best of Blogs Series [link] Kevin Eikenberry (@KevinEikenberry, Web) posted a creative, objective and thoughtful post over on Smartblog on Leadership today entitled 7 Ways Leaders Affect Training’s Return on Investment. Kevin introduces the idea that there are four groups of people responsible for the success of any training and he refers to these as the legs of a chair. [.] Leaders Affect Training ROI. Best of Blogs Series Culture Leadership Responsibility smartbrief Training

Let's Say It With Flowers To the Tea Party Folks

Bird's Eye View

I was wondering last night whether after all the name calling and back biting and nastiness in our Nation's capital over the debt ceiling mess, people will be able to settle their differences and return to some form of civility in dealing with one another going forward.

"Be Happy in Your Work"


Rowan Manahan tells of an executive who believed that having a sizable bank of vacation time meant you could actually take some days off. Movie trivia quiz: The name of this post comes from which film

Why Your Passion for Work Could Ruin Your Career

Harvard Business Review

Every business wants workers who passionately love their work. And for good reason: workers who are inspired are more productive, and passion can provide the energy necessary to fuel engagement, amidst obstacles and setbacks. But while passion seems clearly desirable, recent psychological research suggests that not all forms are adaptive. In fact, some forms can be downright detrimental. According to Robert J.

The Footnote People


With the footnote people, there is always an escape clause. Words are filtered to the point of being meaningless. A yes is a perhaps and a maybe means forget about it. They are often amiable but you sense that is a distraction, much as a magician may flourish a bright handkerchief.


The "real key" to travel

Jason Womack

Sitting here on the second leg of a 2-flight day. It's always interesting watching people respond (react!) to changes in "plans." For years now, I've thought that the travel I schedule is more of a "suggestion" than any kind of a plan. So, beyond the "destination" and right alongside the "journey" (you've heard that one, right?) I have found there is another one.the REAL key to a travel day: Gratitude

Upper Realm and Lower Realm


Steven Pressfield looks at worthy and unworthy thoughts : I’ve been taking classes back home in Mussar (pronounced moo-SAHR), the code of ethics and spiritual discipline developed by the Kabbalistic rabbis in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The teacher is Rabbi Mordecai Finley. He talks a lot about “the upper realm” and “the lower realm.” The upper realm is our higher nature, spirit/heaven/”neshama”/the soul. The lower realm is that ball bearing clattering around in my skull.

Project Management – Implementation Productivity

Strategy Driven

Projects introduce new products and services, processes, applications, and standards to the organization. Regardless of the change, individuals within the organization will not possess the same level of familiarity and proficiency with these new item(s) as they had with those already existing. Subsequently, productivity will drop in magnitude and duration correlating to the change preparation of the organization. The text above is only a small portion of this article.

Because You Need a Cupcake


At Tasty Kitchen : Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Fudge Cupcakes. [HT: HT: The Pioneer Woman


Idea Quota for Innovative and Creative Solutions

Management is a Journey

There is something about setting goals that helps to focus organizational efforts. When we set realistic and challenging goals for ourselves and others, we can often get the results we need. Goal setting has a place in generating innovative and creative solutions in the workplace as well. Using a tool called Idea Quota, we can [.]. Innovation change strategy management organizational productivity strategic thinking

The Raid


Nicholas Schmidle at The New Yorker on the raid to get Osama bin Laden. An excerpt: On April 18th, the DEVGRU squad flew to Nevada for another week of rehearsals. The practice site was a large government-owned stretch of desert with an elevation equivalent to the area surrounding Abbottabad. An extant building served as bin Laden’s house. Aircrews plotted out a path that paralleled the flight from Jalalabad to Abbottabad. Each night after sundown, drills commenced.

Learning Not to Compete

Harvard Business Review

Most of us have grown up in a competitive society. We compete with our siblings for the attention of our parents. We compete with other kids in sports. We compete with fellow students for the best grades to get into the best universities and later to get the best jobs. This sense of competition then carries over into our work life, where we try to outperform our colleagues so that we can get bigger bonuses, faster promotions, and more opportunities.

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Tradition is a guide and not a jailer. - Somerset Maugham


Why I'm Happy Netflix Raised Its Prices

Harvard Business Review

This post is part of the HBR Insight Center Marketing That Works. Recently Netflix announced a 60% price increase in their core DVD mail/streaming service. Many customers were upset, and some took to Facebook and Twitter to declare their outrage and plans to cancel the service. I had a very different reaction. I was glad Netflix raised its prices. That's an unusual reaction for me, because usually I don't like spending money. I drive a 15-year-old car.