Fri.Sep 23, 2011

When is the Time to Be Silly?

Kevin Eikenberry

Often the quotations from the ancient philosophers and poets, while wise they don’t always seem very fresh. While freshness doesn’t mean better, I feel freshness in this quotation from Horace. I hope you feel it and don’t lose the profound value in it. Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly [.]. Influence Leadership Quotations Horace silliness

I lived in a world before…

Ron Edmondson

I was thinking the other day about how many things have come along since I’ve been in the world.


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Planning the Sales Call Checklist

Coaching Tip

As leaders we must develop our salesmanship and leadership ability to achieve the success we seek. My career focus has been to coach people to greater self-awareness , purpose , personal strengths and a sense of well-being that often translates into greater compensation, job satisfaction and practical use of skills and abilities.

What Fernando Torres can teach you about management

Chartered Management Institute

This weekend will see the ongoing saga of Fernando Torres played out in the public sphere as his Chelsea side take on Swansea in the Premier League. For those unfamiliar with the story, Torres is a Spaniard who was one of the deadliest strikers in the world whilst playing for Liverpool. In the January transfer window he was bought by Chelsea for a stonking transfer fee, but he has struggled since moving to London, scoring just twice in 22 games for his new club.

Why Leadership Checklists Matter

Coaching Tip

by Guest Author Betty Shotton, author of " LiftOff Leadership ". Before every flight, professional pilots pull out a pre-flight checklist and go through it from top to bottom. Even if they have flown the same plane and gone over the same checklist thousands of times, they never assume that they know it all and skip that critical practice. Professional pilots know that their responsibility to the lives of their passengers is too great to risk by possibly forgetting a critical go/ no go check.

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How to Get Fired in Less Than a Year

Next Level Blog

There are a lot of things you could say about the board of directors at Hewlett Packard but being afraid to pull the trigger is not one of them. With its dismissal of Leo Apotheker, the HP board has. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs executive presence Leadership

Mark Davis Blew This One – You Don’t Ban Books

First Friday Book Synopsis

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Mark Davis is one of the most popular columnists and radio hosts. He regularly contributes to the Dallas Morning News, and you can hear his program on WBAP 820 AM / 98.7 FM each weekday from 8:30-11:00 a.m. He is provocative, insightful, and usually correct. But not this time – [.].

No more gloom please!

Chartered Management Institute

Are there any jobs out there? Are we all about to lose ours? If you went by what the media says you would assume that there are no jobs anywhere for anyone. But is that the case? It would seem not but you need to dig deep to find any evidence of it as the media seem hell bent on talking down the prospects for UK plc, Europe GmbH and USA Inc. Related Content: Get ready for the big push Growth at Last Time at Work New Year. New Brand. New Name. Why does it take so long?

Bottling Customer Experience

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article by Theodore Kinni and featured by strategy+business magazine, published by Booz & Company. In it, Kinni — the co-author of Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service – introduces a lesson in creating product-based customer experiences from The Method Method: 7 Obsessions That Helped Our Scrappy Start-Up Turn an [.].

How to Get Fired in Less Than a Year

Next Level Blog

There are a lot of things you could say about the board of directors at Hewlett Packard but being afraid to pull the trigger is not one of them. With its dismissal of Leo Apotheker, the HP board has. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs executive presence Leadership

How and Why to Disrupt Yourself

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Whitney Johnson for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a subscription to HBR email alerts, please click here. * * * I had just announced to one of my dearest friends that [.].

Photo Inquiry Friday: Realization Prior to Comprehension?

Create Learning

“ Direct awareness always occurs well before any possible linguistic statement of that awareness. ” – Elliot Jaques. I define values as – Values and Commitment (V/C): Those things to which an individual will give priority or wants to do. Values are vectors which direct our actions.

Hillary Clinton And Chelsea In Conversation At CGI

Bird's Eye View

The Clinton Global Initiative is truly impressive. It's grown to about three thousand attendees and I'm sure it could be much bigger if they wishes it to be. As it is, the crowd now is overwhelming. Yet they don't just talk about what can be done.

Future Career Crafting Insights

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

What does it take to craft a career that is likely to stand the test of time? Lynda Gratton has done such a great job defining the current and future challenges associates with our work and life. She defines these five broad trends as the key levers/forces that will drive us into the future.

Closeout for 9.23.11


Every friday we review the posts from LeaderLab contributors that has appeared on this blog and elsewhere online. John Richard Bell defined clout as a corporate strategy (and why companies don’t admit it). Bret Simmons shared new research linking servant leadership and team performance. We tapped (okay pouched) several thought leaders on the Most Overrated Value in Business. David Burkus reviewed a new book on innovation, The Light Prize. Elsewhere.

How Hewlett-Packard Lost the HP Way

Harvard Business Review

Really, Hewlett-Packard? This is what's become of the company of Bill and Dave — not just the founders of HP, but the founding fathers of Silicon Valley? Three CEOs in six years. Two of those CEOs who embarrassed themselves with inept campaigns for elective office. The other CEO who managed to get tossed out of his job by virtue of his (still largely unexplained) fascination with a B-level (and that's grading generously) actress.

Delegation Questions


Do I give this to a committee that may bury it or should it go to a smaller group or an individual? If it is a group, have I designated the leader? Can the person or group do the job? Do I have a clear picture of what is wanted and what is not wanted so that contrast can be conveyed?

Video: What Does Bill Gates Think About Steve Jobs?

Management is a Journey

There have been many thoughtful articles written about Steve Jobs as he moves into his retirement including my Editor’s Pick from the September Management Journey Carnival. I like everyone else wish Steve well in this next phase of his life. I have long been a fan of Apple even when they suffered through their long [.]. Leadership Videos leadership

The Dinner Party Question: A Variation


All of us have heard of the dinner party question: If you could invite anyone in history to a dinner party, who would be on your guest list? Here is a twist: If you could pick anyone in history to serve as executives in your organization, who would make the list? Let's limit the count to seven

Retaining and Developing Talent that Represents the Future

Women on Business

Jill is an African American woman with ten years of experience in consulting. She is certified and versatile in the areas of practice in which she might contribute now and in the future. She has deep community roots in the major metropolitan area in which she works and she has shown great promise in promoting the organization in the market. She has demonstrated ability to target in on very valid and significant business development opportunities.

Bruce The Shark


Entertainment break from " Finding Nemo


Turn Off Email Notifications in Outlook - And Get Some Work Done

Six Disciplines

If you're like most of us, you're in Outlook all day. And few things are more distracting than seeing email notifications in the lower right corner of your screen - every time you get a new email. Get some real work done, and turn off those annoying email notifications. Here's how: In Outlook 2010. Click on the File tab to access the Backstage View. Click on Options. Click on Mail.

HP Headed to Hotel California?

Women on Business

HP has made some controversial decisions lately, but is Meg Whitman a great strategic move or the kiss of death for this once great tech company? HP announced Whitman’s appointment on September 22, 2011 but given the public comments, customers seem to think it’s a bad choice. It’s my stance that HP usually leaps before it looks and I am not sure that I am sold on Whitman as the new CEO. So let’s look. at some of their past strategy choices and follow the yellow brick road.

How and why asking the “ultimate question” can create the ultimate competitive advantage

First Friday Book Synopsis

I have read and reviewed all of Fred Reichheld’s previous books and thus was especially interested in reading his latest, The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer Driven World, co-authored with a Bain colleague, Rob Markey. It is a revised and expanded edition of Reichheld’s previous book (The Ultimate Question: [.]. Bob's blog entries and Lasting Value Loyalty Rules!

The One Page Business Plan and Why it Works

Women on Business

The Business Plan; sometimes the most daunting task of starting a business. It is often thought of as a lengthy document, meant to map out every possible second, expense, possible issue your business could encounter…ever. As times change, so does the business plan, and many people are now proponents of the one page business plan. This is meant to be something you actually look at, a tool you use to help you keep moving forward.

Motivate your employees

Bud to Boss

By Kendall Martin. The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work. Agha Hasan Abedi. As a manager it is your responsibility to motivate and inspire your people. If you make your people feel like they count, then they will work for a higher level of success. When you leave them feeling more confident about their work and their abilities, they are better able to break through their own self-imposed limitations.

Quote of the Day


The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense. - Tom Clancy


The Progress Principle - Particles move faster than the speed of light

CEO Blog

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. It is interesting that scientists seem to have broken the speed of light throwing into question the basic laws of physics. Thinking they will take my engineering degree back(although I have not done any real engineering for years anyways). So is that progress? Speaking of progress, I read a book - The Progress Principle - Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement and Creativity at Work by Thereas Amabile and Steven Kramer.

Did Hewlett-Packard CEO's Boldness Get Him Fired?

Harvard Business Review

The criticisms of Léo Apotheker as Hewlett-Packard's CEO are easy to list. The company's share price declined by close to 50% on his brief watch. He killed WebOS devices, which were supposed to let HP compete with Apple on tablets, before they had a chance to succeed. He announced the spinoff of the PC division too soon and without enough thought. He paid way too much for enterprise search company Autonomy.


Facebook Changes Upend Advertiser and Agency Models

Harvard Business Review

The media is already dissecting yesterday's Facebook event, where the company unveiled major new changes to their platform. Par for the course, really. Drama always accompanies any change to the Facebook site or platform. But I see drama brewing in a place unaccustomed to it, and involving a different kind of media — the media buying agencies that wield most of the money spent on advertising on the Facebook platform and the companies they represent.

Is Copyright Enforcement Censorship?

Harvard Business Review

While Congress is considering the PROTECT IP Act (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011), there is a philosophical divide regarding the best way to deal with online piracy. Option #1: Uphold the status quo. Accept that virtually any movie, TV show, or musical album can be pirated with a few clicks by just about anyone who knows how to use a search engine.

The Dangers of Delegating Discovery

Harvard Business Review

Delegation is a necessary survival skill for senior executives. But when executives delegate their discovery-related innovation tasks, the odds of them finding the surprising insights that often spur transformative-growth businesses decrease dramatically. This thought crossed my mind as I participated in a review session for an interesting new growth business that a large company was considering. The session seemed innocent enough. Senior executives actively participated in the discussion.

Capitalism at Risk

Harvard Business Review

Dutch Leonard and Lynn Paine , Harvard Business School professors and coauthors of Capitalism at Risk: Rethinking the Role of Business , describe how corporate leaders are responding to the forces challenging the free market. Economy Global business Recession

It Is Time to Fix Our Boardrooms

Harvard Business Review

As board members we are living in interesting times. For years, we have conducted our business in a black box well away from public scrutiny. Now a hot light is shining upon us and it makes for deeply uncomfortable viewing for both directors and those outside the boardroom. From Yahoo we get descriptions of a weak and indecisive boardroom that could never get its act together.