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Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 … Andy Stanley

Ron Edmondson

Andy Stanley was the first session speaker. Andy began by saying, “ My favorite pastor is present today. He was my pastor the whole time I grew up. ” He was paying tribute to his father Charles Stanley. I love when he does that.

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Are Leaders Born or Made?

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By Guest Author Jack Zenger. Few things in my life have the consistency of the following exchange. . Stranger: “So what do you do for a living?”. Me: “I’m involved in the leadership development profession. We usually work with large organizations in developing their leaders, using a variety of programs and instruments.”. Stranger: (Pause) Mmmmm. “ So do you think leaders can be made or are they born that way ?”.

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7 Characteristics of the Bottleneck Leader

Ron Edmondson

Leaders should aim not to be a bottleneck in the process of building a healthy and growing organization. In manufacturing, a bottleneck is defined as “A point of congestion in a system that occurs when workloads arrive at a given point more quickly than that point can handle them.”

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Patient Intolerance

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Posted in Change Management Leadership Development Self Leadership Leadership, at it’s core, is about successfully managing the gap between our expectations and our experience. Leaders look into the world with a conflicting sense of idealistic passion and frustrated discontent. There’s a problem to solve, a need to meet, a hill to climb, a job to be done, a world to change - and [.] Patient Intolerance.

Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Francis Chan

Ron Edmondson

Francis is passionate about God and His glory. Anyone having ever reading his books or listened to his messages would confirm that fact. Francis started with a confession. He struggles with being present. The theme of this week’s conference.). Has that ever been you? (I’m

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Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Judah Smith

Ron Edmondson

Ben Reed is a note-taking genius. He’s also one a great small groups pastor, leader and friend. He writes a great blog too! Check it out HERE.



Last week I posted an article reflecting on the Latin phrase e pluribus unum. I observed that organizations and the people of our country are rich with diversity, but we do not effectively leverage that diversity toward becoming greater together.

Notes: Catalyst Atlanta… #Cat11 – Jim Collins

Ron Edmondson

Notes from Jim Collins , the best-selling author of “Good to Great”, talk at Catalyst: Jim says he loves young leaders and is excited to share findings from his newest book “Great by Choice”, which was produced after 9 years of research.

Leadership: Burning Bright Or Burning Out

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Life is full of change. And change is going to happen whether you chose to accept it or not. Change resonates with each of us on an individual basis based on our experiences and with the seasons of life. I like you, have had to make adjustments in my personal life due to change. Change [.]. Conflict Management Leading Change Servant Leadership Board Governance Burnout business Conflict leadership Management

Tamara Erickson - Managing Across Generations

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Still live at #WBF11. The speaker now is Tamara Erickson who is speaking about what happens at different ages. The 11-15 year old time period tends to influence the lifetime. We are influenced by the news, our parents, our national context, our religion etc. Because we share the same national/news context then people of the same age share a lot of commonality. EG - people born from 1928-1945 saw the birthing of suburbs, increased availability of consumer goods, new technology.

Who was Steven P. Jobs?

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If you had listened to Steven P. Jobs' presentations over the years, he came across not as the creator of a product so much as its very first fan--the first person to digest its possibilities.

When a Member of Your Online Community Dies

Managing Communities

photo credit: !efatima efatima My mind is in a certain place today. Communities are about people and people, unlike databases and forum posts, have a finite existence on Earth. One of the hardest things we will deal with in our life is death. When a person dies, their death impacts everyone who cared for them, from [.]. Managing the Community Thinking

Stimulus Package 4 - Free Book: Up, Down, or Sideways

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Here’s a stimulus package to get you thinking. It’s a package designed to serve as a catalyst to help you to find ways to make things work and get things done. While you might think of it as a piece of good fortune, don’t think of it as a bailout. You’ve still got to do the inside work. In partnership with Mark Sanborn, we are giving away three autographed copies of Up, Down, or Sideways : How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad, or In Between.

Give your star their standing ovation

Chartered Management Institute

At football matches it's common for a star performer, say one that has just scored a hat-trick of goals, to be substituted a few minutes before the end of the game in order for that individual to receive a standing ovation before the end of the match. It's designed to let the crowd show their love for the player on his own rather than with his team mates. I couldn't help think of that when hearing of the sad news of Steve Jobs dying.

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Creating Strategic Disadvantage

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Should the potential benefits of overcoming difficulties motivate leaders to intentionally create strategic disadvantage? That’s the question Malcolm Gladwell introduced yesterday in an unplugged session during the World Business Forum. It’s been bouncing around in my head ever since. see yesterday’s post: Useful Disadvantage) Disadvantages create difficulty. Difficulties make us. On the other hand, ease [.]. Leading

Steve Jobs Tribute: Stanford University Commencement Speech

Management is a Journey

Steve Jobs left us too soon and like everyone else my thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family. Having worked in business both before Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution and after Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution, his passing was sad for me. I saw the impact of his vision [.]. Videos change strategy leadership strategic thinking

Heather Oldani and "Emotion Is The New Black"

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As Director of US Communications for McDonalds, Heather Oldani knows a thing or two about connecting with customers. She tweeted on August 31 that for brands, "being human is the new black." That pronouncement has evolved into "Emotion is the new black." .

Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.

Is the recession making workers healthier?

Chartered Management Institute

A new report from Aviva Heath has found that two in five (41%) employees say they’ve too much work to do and nearly a third (30%) are working longer hours. But to combat the stress employees are making lifestyle changes. Far fewer employees are adopting unhealthy behaviours despite feeling under pressure. Only 19% of employees say that they eat unhealthily to help them deal with stress compared to 34% in Aviva’s 2009 research. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Thanks Steve




Steve Jobs' Legacy: Design Your Own Life

Harvard Business Review

While there are many things worth celebrating of Steve Jobs' life, the greatest gift Steve gave us is a way to design our own lives. Steve Jobs was known for being a design god who sweated experience, and pixels and, well, everything. Design," he once said , "is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But, of course, if you dig deeper, it's how it really works. You have to grok what it is all about.". In our society, thinking for ourselves is not highly valued.

Keep in Mind: Trust and Care


I believe it was Harvey Mackay who said that one of the most powerful messages in business is "We'll take care of that." He also noted that in order for it to be believable, there must be a relationship of trust. That is Trust with both the "can do it" and "will do it" components

Why Good Leaders Pass the Credit and Take the Blame

Harvard Business Review

A few years ago my colleague Flemming Norrgren and I asked a long-tenured European CEO how he came up with the idea for his company's radical and new strategic direction. "Oh, Oh, that's an interesting question," he said. "I I never thought about it in that way. Certainly it was not only me. I had a big role, but it was not me, me, me. This is not an American organization.".


Steve Jobs – A Great Innovative Leader

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Sad news today that Steve Jobs has passed away. He was not only one of the great innovative leaders of our time but of all time. His leadership has literally changed the world, how we communicate and how we behave – some feat. Future articles on this site will cover innovation leadership in more depth [.]. Uncategorized Innovation Leadership

New Research Busts Myths About the Gender Gap

Harvard Business Review

The glass ceiling, a phrase popularized in a 1986 Wall Street Journal article, has been invoked for years as the barrier keeping women from reaching the executive ranks in numbers paralleling men. It makes for a compelling image, especially given the stagnation in the representation of women in the executive suites of the largest companies despite their growing presence in the lower ranks. But does it really tell the whole story?

Just Don't Name It "Hal"


From The Technium : The seven stages of robot replacement


Steve Jobs's Bicycles for the Mind

Harvard Business Review

Steve Jobs logged off too soon. He was a serial innovator whose illness cost the world a bright talent who was also a great company leader. I hope that the music from the hymns of praise sung to him in his waning days is playing on his iPod as he ascends into the firmament of the greatest American business leaders. If there were a Nobel prize for business, surely he would have won it. He did what he set out to do and more.

A Day at a Time


Why read a blog named A Simple, Village Undertaker ? Because it is about life

Gary Hamel - The Future of Management

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Still reporting from #WBF11. The sessions are awesome and inspirational. I had lunch with the people putting on C2-MTL , a creativity conference being held in Montreal in May of next year. Their program looks great. Cohosted with Circ du soleil so should be inspirational. Hopefully they will ask me to join them as either a blogger or presenter. Listening to Gary Hamel - visiting professor of Strategic and International Management at London Business School.

The Old Man and the Wasteland


I read Nick Cole's " The Old Man and the Wasteland " the other day and was especially drawn in because so many of the scenes are in Arizona. The story takes place around forty years after a series of nuclear attacks have turned the few survivors into salvagers or predators. Much of the action takes place in the Picacho Peak and Marana area near Tucson. If you like post-apocalyptic tales, the book is an absolute bargain on Kindle. It's a quick and enjoyable read. Pure entertainment.

Behind the accolades for Steve Jobs

The Organized Executive's Blog

Visionary. Genius. The Thomas Edison of our times. Today, the world is remembering Steve Jobs for his many accomplishments. The Organized Executive always focuses on the ideas that will make you a more effective leader, so we offer these brief thoughts: Exercise ruthless focus. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he slashed the number of products in development. Have you mapped everything your team is working on and cut it to the essentials? . Hold your team to high standards.

Catching the Spirit: Crazy Ones and 1984


At Cultural Offering , two classic commercials from Apple


Women Think Differently…

Women on Business

This article ( [link] ) gives an interesting and intriguing take on a recent Harvard Business Review issue. The article refers to higher ambition and leaders being able to turn companies around. Sasha, the author, feels the leaders, and the new leadership philosophy, is something that women have been doing forever and comes instinctually.

When Tributes Matter Most


My friend, Dave, married a woman from France and the distance made visits to his in-laws more difficult and expensive than they might have been otherwise. When his father-in-law became ill, Dave's wife wanted them to go and visit, but Dave demurred. Then his father-in-law called. Would you come for my funeral," the father-in-law asked. "Of Of course," said Dave. Then come now, when I can enjoy it." Wally Bock reminds us of a powerful truth