September, 2009

Seven Prioritization Tips To Get Things Done In A More Meaningful Way

Self Help Zen

Everybody deals with it. The name of the devil is “Demand” and if its nature is unexpected then it becomes more poisonous. Prioritization is a weapon which serves as a great source of power in dealing with that.

A System for the Soft Side of Leadership


Sitting beside a Cisco Systems manager on the way to Sao Paolo, Brazil recently reminded me how our Enlightened Leadership work fits so well for people who are highly educated in a focused area. I'm talking about areas of formal or

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Take Charge of How Your Community Members Perceive You

Managing Communities

photo credit: mikeporcenaluk I had a conversation with a member on one of my communities the other day. I had sent him a notification to let him know he had violated the guidelines and his reply was fine, he was apologetic, but he said that he didn’t like being “told off.&# And that just didn’t [.].

Twitter Log XV

Tony Mayo

I use Twitter to share brief daily messages. You can have them delivered to your cell phone by text message (SMS) or view them when you visit your free Twitter web page. Create a Twitter account and “follow” TonyMayo

HR managers 'should consider Facebook breaks'

Chartered Management Institute

Following Portsmouth Council's move to ban staff from social networking after they amassed 572 hours on Facebook in one month, a group of experts have suggested that companies should consider introducing Facebook breaks. Related Content: Job hunting - the single most effective thing to do What's in a personal value and what are mine? What would I do?

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The 85% Solution for Happiness at Work

Terry Starbucker

42-16223505 Columnist Alina Tugend is tired of hearing about “finding our passion” in the workplace. She wonders if we are falling into a “trap of believing that our work, and indeed our lives, should always be fascinating and all

Coach as Nudge

Tony Mayo

Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not. Walter Bagehot Founding Editor of The Economist in Physics and

Heads Up! Boots on? Bootist Leadership Retreat #2 around the bend…

Anese Cavanaugh

Our retreat in July was so much fun and got such great feedback that we could hardly wait to do another one. The invitation and the website have just about all you need to know, take a look and if you’re ready to climb on, register fast. Space truly is limited, the group will be cozy to ensure a rich level of engagement and personal attention, and super early bird savings of $500 end on October 2 nd. Invitation here. Leading With Boots On…The Official Bootism Website

More on bridging the PM/Executive communications gap

Crossderry Blog

I hope I didn't scare you off the latest PM Network (September 2009) with my recent lament about a column (my lament is here). The piece assumed that we still needed to convince PMs that they had to be business savvy

Leading by Example

Ravi Pratap Singh


Managing Leadership

We often think that the best managers – or, especially, “leaders” – connect on a deep and profound level with their employees, establishing a mutual understanding and commitment to each other. The sad reality, though, as mentioned yesterday , is that most of us lack the perspective, maturity, and discipline to pull it off. That may seem a harsh claim to make, but if we engage in this sort of thing with colleagues for its own sake, it is inevitable.

It Seems We All Need Anger Management

Women's Leadership Exchange

After writing in my blog about Serena's on-court outburst and post-apology, it seemed everything I read is about yet another celeb or high-profile person flaring up with anger! We all know it started with Joe Wilson on the floor of the house during the President's speech. Then it was Kanye West grabbing the mike and rudely interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech claiming Beyonce deserved to win more. Of course, the media was abuzz about Jon saying he despised Kate, mother of his eight kids.

Coaching vs. Advice

Tony Mayo

There is an important difference between coaching and advice. Coaching is listening to and standing for a person's greatness and the expression of their possibility while inviting the client into new ways of being and seeing that will

Environment, Joy & Leadership…Are Yours In Sync?

Anese Cavanaugh

The past couple of weeks have been very busy over here. First off, I moved into a new office – with an official “client retreat space” – which we’re calling “Bootist Headquarters” Here I can work with my clients and small groups in a very comfortable and productive setting. I’ll also be able to host clients when they come into town for their private retreats with me. (In In fact, the first one is coming in from the East Coast next week!

The unasked change control question

Crossderry Blog

When evaluating change requests, I've seen many of the same questions asked: Do we have the needed budget? Do we have the right resources? Have all the business partners signed off on this change? More sophisticated approaches will also

Ravi Pratap Singh: Reward Systems – Is “Kerr's Folly” Alive?

Ravi Pratap Singh

The chasm

Managing Leadership

One of the key problems with the notion of exceptional individual leadership is that it is inwardly focused. It is all about the individual, and the electric impression he or she is supposed to make on “followers” at all levels. Only then, if at all, does the subject turn to what the “leader” is supposed to do with that.

Serena Williams Grand Slams An Apology

Women's Leadership Exchange

If you are a tennis fan, you probably didn't miss the surprising scene on the courts of the US OPEN during the women's semi-finals. If you are not a fan, you missed seeing one of the world's greatest tennis players, Serena Williams yell at a lineswoman when she didn't agree with a call at a most critical moment. Serena didn't just yell, she volted electricity right through the TV screen. This morning, the sports page reported Serena's apology. This was good news for leadership.

Perverse Incentive Compensation

Tony Mayo

Paying for performance seems like an all-purpose principal. Daniel Pink argues that it is not. From TED: Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers

Bikram, Bootism & Promises to Self…

Anese Cavanaugh

I was in my Bikram Yoga class this a.m. and as often happens parallels for Bikram and Bootism™ shot up throughout my compressing, stretching, sweating, and breathing. The instructor today said — “If you’re not pushing yourself hard enough, you’re not getting the full benefits of doing the work.” To which my mind went to…”Yes, and if I’m going to spend the 90 minutes doing it, I might as well get the full benefit and push lovingly hard.” (My

PM Quote of the Day — Mike Judge

Crossderry Blog

In order to have a plot, you have to have a conflict, something bad has to happen. Posted in PMO Tagged: Mike Judge, PM Quote of the Day

Ravi Pratap Singh: Positional Power and Personal Power

Ravi Pratap Singh


Managing Leadership

We want to make an end to strife, to balance the warring factions of our lives, of the demands they make of us, and we of them. Just some peace and quiet, please, for once. Why is that so difficult, so fraught with fruitless struggle and seemingly endless failure? Well, one reason is that we tend to focus exclusively on ourselves, on what we want from life.

Where Do You See Leadership Today?

Women's Leadership Exchange

Yesterday, I noticed leadership all around me. Justice Sonia Sotomayor took her seat on the Supreme Court. President Obama gave an inspiring speech to school children. Ambassador to Afghanistan Eikenberry told President Karzai not to declare victory without certification among rumors of vote-rigging. But perhaps the most striking examples of leadership I experienced yesterday was in the "Anatomy of Leadership" class I was invited to attend at the College of Westchester in White Plains, NY.

Recording Meetings and Podcasts

Tony Mayo

Image via Wikipedia The problem is that consumer recording equipment is unshielded; cell phones, florescent lights, etc. radiate energy that can induce a current that becomes noise. My solution is to use professional equipment with

Creating leaders

Lead on Purpose

Some short statements or quotes get right to the point and leave nothing else to be said. The following quote by Tom Peters speaks volumes about leadership: Leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders

PM Quote of the Day — Erma Bombeck

Crossderry Blog

Car designers are just going to have to come up with an automobile that outlasts the payments. Erma Bombeck captures the essence of the planned obsolescence… Posted in PMO Tagged: Dodge Caliber, Erma Bombeck, planned obsolescence

Make Best of It Before It Becomes Outmoded

Self Help Zen

It is a Hard Disk which could store 5 MB of data! On 13 th September 1956, IBM unleashed the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with HDD – It weighted over a ton.

Who cares

Managing Leadership

Most discussions about reconciling one’s person with one’s work – particularly when we wake up one day to find that we’ve been, for decades perhaps, neglecting that little point - tend to start with a reexamination of who we are. What kind of a person are we, or do we want to be, we ask ourselves. As we look back across those unexamined years, can we discern a plot struggling to leave its mark in the otherwise featureless terrain, a trajectory to our lives? What kind of story does it tell?

Can Confusion Lead to Clarity?

Women's Leadership Exchange

Is it just me, or do you feel in the midst of a world of confusion? Nothing seems to be as we believe it should be. Just when you think you may be able to get control, the rug gets pulled out from you. Some economists report that we are pulling out of the recession, yet few are shopping and people's pockets are empty. Small businesses are struggling to stay alive. Even the weather has us off balance - Okay, enough sturm and drang! How do we get clarity out of this confusion and. emotional upset?

Chronic stress damages brain. Relaxation heals it.

Tony Mayo

…chronically stressed rats lost their elastic rat cunning and instead fell back on familiar routines and rote responses, like compulsively pressing a bar for food pellets they had no intention of eating. regions of the brain

Lead with integrity

Lead on Purpose

One of the most important characteristics of leadership is integrity. Integrity is a “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.” It means you are true to your word in all you do and people can trust you because you do what

Why I Don't Want to Be a Tolerant Person | Guy Harris: The.

The Recovering Engineer

Tolerance implies that I "put-up with" another person. I don't want to just "put-up with" people


Explain Each Person's Relevance

Eric Jacobson

Your employees appreciate clearly knowing how what they do each day specifically contributes to your company's or organization's success. So, it's important that you explain the relevance of each person's job. Help each employee or team member to understand how what they do makes a difference. Answer their questions about the significance of their work.