July, 2011

The Top 10 Things Leaders Should Hear From Their Teammates

Terry Starbucker

All leaders need to get good and consistent verbal feedback from their teammates, but there are what I consider to be the “Golden 10″ pieces of feedback that we really need to be getting to ratify our effectiveness (and our approach to greatness).

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Addictive Personality? You Might be a Leader | NY Times [del.icio.us]

Weekly Leader

Interesting but not so sure. leadership behavior

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How to Begin a Daily Quiet Time in 5 Easy Steps

Ron Edmondson

I often encounter people who want to begin a daily quiet time, but they aren’t sure how. It really isn’t as complicated as we often make it out to be.

Visionary Leadership: the Critical Difference Between Vision and Goals

C-Level Strategies

I continue to meet leaders that confuse the concept of having a vision with setting goals. Our conversations sound a bit like this: Lisa – “So tell me about your vision for the company.&#.

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Do You Have A Psychopathic Organization?

The Leadership Advisor

Before his untimely death, Heath Ledger put together an amazing performance as the Joker. He played a psychopath intent on creating mayhem as a part of his personal agenda in his warped sense of reality. We have developed a fascination with psychopathic behavior.

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Bad Culture Eats Good Vision

Ron Edmondson

Bad culture eats good vision… I don’t know who said it first. I’ve heard it several times. I’d love to give credit for it’s author, but I just don’t know.

Creating 30 Day Challenges For Success

Management 4-1-1

I was recently checking out Ted Talks and came across this short (yet awesome) video clip (3m27sec) of Matt Cutts (Google dude). Matt shares his perspective on setting and achieving goals through 30 Day Challenges.

Four Key Priorities for New Leaders from the Outside

C-Level Strategies

Have you ever led “from the outside?&#. It’s a common occurrence; a family-owned company realizes it’s time to bring in new leadership blood – literally – or a corporation hires a new leader from the outside.

Harry Potter as Servant Leader

Next Level Blog

This past Monday night, my wife Diane and I had a once a lifetime experience. We got to attend the red carpet premiere of the last Harry Potter movie at Lincoln Center in New York. Diane has to be. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs Leadership

How 4 Little Pronouns Can Make or Break Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

It’s amazing how pronouns can tell us so much about the state of a company, and a team. Simple little pronouns. As leaders we do a lot of thinking about what we say and how we say it – we want to make sure our messages and directions are understood. We also want our words to inspire and motivate.

Six Ways Leaders Can Support Team Success

Kevin Eikenberry

Since leaders lead others, usually in groups or teams, any conversation about effective leadership can’t go too far before beginning to discuss how leaders help their teams. People have spent their lives studying the dynamics of team interactions, how teams form and develop, and the skills needed for team members to be successful. When thought [.]. Leadership Learning Teams teamwork

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5 Roadblocks of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

I’ve witnessed many leaders, including myself at times, get distracted from good leadership. Many times it’s a natural occurrence. We aren’t feeling well physically or emotionally. Life struggles distract us for a season. There are unavoidable distractions for any leader.

Why Most Leaders Don’t Understand Their Goals

The Leadership Advisor

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t reach a goal it really annoys me. As much as I don’t want to admit it, there are a number of unfinished goals in my past.

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Leadership Lessons from Heroes, the Bravest of Men

C-Level Strategies

I had the great honor of hearing two recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor speak on Friday at a public event in my small, suburban Chicago community. It was a tremendously moving, probably once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Nurturing the Irritant Into a Pearl


What if we saw those who irritate us as the beginning of creativity, collaboration, or even a thing of beauty; a possibility yet to manifest itself with a little time and attention? Consider the lowly oyster. When an aggravation is presented to its system it creates a lovely pearl, something of great potential and

Google+ And The Doctrine of Mutually Assured Distraction

Terry Starbucker

And now…… Google+ !!!!! Another Social Media platform. I’m now on it (as Terry Starbucker), and learning to use it, like all the other beta test subjects. It’s pretty cool, and is showing early signs of being a formidable competitor with Facebook.

Re-Inventing Brainstorming – Ten Tenets for Better Idea Generation

Kevin Eikenberry

Brainstorming – the creation of new or possible ideas – is a critical part of any problem solving or creative process. We all know it. We know that we must have ideas in order find solutions to problems. We even know that the more ideas we find, the better chance we’ll have of creating the [.]. Creativity Leadership Solving Problems brainstorming ideas possible solution

What if Church…

Ron Edmondson

…was not just about me? Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4.

Elegant Design

Leading Strategies

We all know there’s design … and then there’s D E S I G N ! From beautiful houses and buildings to boats – you name it – design makes all the difference in a great or just-ok outcome. Organizations are no different … design matters … a lot. So what are some ways to maximize the chances of great organizational design? Here are 4 keys to success. Think like the customer. Resist excessive department specialization (silos). Promote the most inclusive metrics possible. Make money.

When Leadership Means Leaning On and Letting Go

C-Level Strategies

Last week I experienced a very difficult, watershed day. It was the kind of day where you experience just about every emotion known to man and wish desperately that you had the power to turn back the clock. The truth is, I’ll be “going through it&# – the pain and reality of it – for a while.

The Rise Of Organizational Agnosticism

The Leadership Advisor

I used to spend hours upon hours chatting with my grandmother. One of the fondest memories I have of my youth actually. We would talk about everything from t-shirts to politics and back around again. A common theme that seemed to permeate our conversations carried a sense of longevity.

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The Most Used, And Least Successful, Leadership Technique Of All Time (Unless You’re A Vulcan)

Terry Starbucker

“We’re in the dark here&#. “Nobody knows what’s going on&#.

Four Reasons Leaders Should Check Out Google+

Kevin Eikenberry

While I am a social media user and I am probably more active in using social media for business purposes than the general population, I’m not a social media expert, and I don’t know if this tool will replace Facebook or diminish the value of LinkedIn. I’ll leave that for someone else. My purposes for [.]. Change Leadership Learning Google+ networking social media

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7 Ways I Gain Influence with My Team

Ron Edmondson

John Maxwell says leadership is influence. If that’s true, then how does a leader develop that influence with the people he or she leads?

Applying the DISC Model: Breaking Through A Common Frustration

The Recovering Engineer

Today, I led a DISC communication skills workshop that ended with a role-play exercise to allow participants the opportunity to practice the skills we had been discussing.

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Cultivating Goodness


Call me naïve or unrealistic, but I believe that we get what we put out there. When our intentions are pure and meant to serve the greater good, on balance we’ve made a positive ripple in the universe that will be repaid. The best leaders don’t expect something good to come back, but it tends to happen anyway. In other words, when you sincerely express goodness, it comes back to you.

Organizational Agriculture

The Leadership Advisor

Businesses get into business because they expect to be in it for the long haul. I have yet to meet a business owner or CEO who says, “We’re happy to go out of business in 10 years.&#

The Real Reason 50% of US Employees Are Disengaged

Maximizing Possibility

Last month (June 2011) - Mercer came out with a report - One in two US employees looking to leave or checked out on the job. According to the report. More than 2,400 US employees took Mercer's latest What's Working™ survey. The key takeaway: Compared to past surveys, they feel less committed to their employers and less satisfied. One in three is seriously looking to leave; among younger workers, it's four in 10.

Leadership Lessons from The USA Women’s Soccer Team – Just for Kicks

Kevin Eikenberry

I’ve been on vacation, and I’m not the biggest soccer fan in the world. But I know a good opportunity to learn about leadership when I see it. Four years ago the U.S. Women’s soccer team had, well, let’s say team and leadership problems during World Cup play. Soon after that, the coach’s contract expired [.]. Change Developing Others Leadership Learning coaching Pia Sundhage Soccer USA Women's Soccer World Cup

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12 Tips for Making Marriage Fun Again (Revised)

Ron Edmondson

I previously posted this several years ago, before we were empty-nesters. I believe more in it today than I did then. Sadly, as someone who studies marriages, I see more and more marriages that are just going through the routines of marriage without really enjoying the journey.

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Why Google+ Spells Trouble for Facebook

Modern Servant Leader


Three Signs That Your Slide Deck Stinks

Next Level Blog

Earlier this year, I was with an executive who was proudly showing me the Power Point presentation he had prepared for an upcoming strategic offsite. We got through three slides and he turned to me. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Books executive presence Random observations

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Leadership: The 8 Qualities Test

Linked 2 Leadership

No matter what you read on the subject of leadership, the question of what qualities a leader should have usually comes up. Regardless of source, it seems there’s a consensus that makes most everyone’s cut. So, here are eight key qualities – in alphabetical order – that good leaders should possess (or develop), and utilize: [.]. Leadership Lessons Learned Organizational Health Practical Steps to Influence Professional Development business leadership Management

Your Leadership Walk

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development We are all on a walk. It is the journey we take each day as a leader. We move through our day, going from one task to the next, one meeting to the next, one problem to the next. We have conversations and interactions; some small, seemingly inconsequential others lengthy and potentially memorable. Each of [.] Your Leadership Walk. Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development effective leadership Leadership model remarkable walk