March, 2008

Follow the Monkey 's Advice

Women's Leadership Exchange

These days, it can be dangerous to one's mental state, not to mention one's business, to read the business pages or listen to the news.Bear Stearns going down, Eliot Spitzer, the Dow Industrial tumble, economists saying that the "r" (I refuse to say the word) has arrived, etc. Therefore, I follow the advice of my stuffed monkey (from my childhood), who has recently been featured in a TV commercial traveling around the world in the briefcase of an executive.

Got Leadership?

Women's Leadership Exchange

Got Leadership? Who’s got it? How do you get it? The word “leadership&# has recently been batted about the media, especially as it relates to our current slate of political candidates. Journalists and opinion leaders are asking, “Does she/he have the right leadership style to lead America?&# What exactly are they talking about? I believe many of these reporters have two words mixed up – leadership and management.