February, 2010

Are you letting conflicts fester?


In July of 2006, ELSolutions referenced a Cornell University study, as reported in FSB (Fortune Small Business) Magazine, suggesting that a key deterrent to organizational performance is “Letting Conflicts Fester

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Fundamental Management is Fundamental Psychology

Tony Mayo

People have three basic wants that make them susceptible to social influence. First, people have a hedonic motive, or a desire to experience pleasure and avoid pain. Second, people have an approval motive, or a desire to be accepted and

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Decision Making 101 – Check Your Emotions Before You Decide | Guy.

The Recovering Engineer

How we feel when we make a decision one time can impact how we make a similar decision in the future

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Freedom Only to the Degree of Self Mastery

Chris Brady

Are you ready for something insightful and remarkably profound? Steve pressfield. Ever wonder why many people appear so happy to be enslaved, to one degree or another? Ever wonder why some folks seem to search out mundane jobs and then

Your Voice of Encouragement: Are You a People Pleaser?

Your Voice of Encouragement

Young children love to get attention and approval from their parents. If you're on a playground, observe how many kids yell, “Watch me go down the slide, Mommy!” And then they wait for the positive look or exclamation from her once they

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Better Relationship Tips For Task Oriented People: Redefine Your.

The Recovering Engineer

How you view or define a task can cause you to struggle in your relationships. Try redefining the task to stay focused on the other person

A Life That Risks the Wasting of Itself

Chris Brady

Success doesn't happen by accident, and if it does, it's not really success and it won't last. True success happens on purpose. It results from the accumulation of enough of the correct things done properly, over time

Flexibility - Adapt to unexpected developments

Your Voice of Encouragement

It's hard to switch gears when you're charging hard to implement your plan. But adapting to changes that happen along the way, rather than resisting them, can lead to an even better outcome. Brian Tracy's advice is on-target: "Be clear

AWARENESS - Never Misplace Your Glasses or Car Keys Again

Building Personal Strength

The other day I was in my office working on an article when I heard a loud crash from the other side of the house. I bolted out of my office to see what had happened. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a pan lid and some forks on the floor. We have three cats, but none were in sight.

Does bullying in the workplace reveal deeper issues?

Chartered Management Institute

The news has been abuzz this week with stories of alleged bullying at No 10, with talk of Gordon Brown manhandling staff and generally being somewhat brutish towards them. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Positions Ponder. People Purchase.

Tony Mayo

I hesitate to share the details of my first breakthrough in selling because I once thought I was the only salesperson with this problem and, to put it bluntly, the reason for the problem makes me look like a jerk

The Positive Runs Out

The Recovering Engineer

This afternoon, I recorded a webinar on employee motivation techniques. During the webinar, I discussed a model of human behavior that helps to explain why people do what they do. The main learning point from this model is that people

Move or Lose

Chris Brady

There are two reactions people exhibit when confronted with challenges. The first is the most common. It involves the wearing of a long face, the art of moping, and the self-protective mechanism of retreating into one's shell

Your Voice of Encouragement: Integrity - Keep Your Word and Honor.

Your Voice of Encouragement

It's not always easy to do the right thing, especially if no one's watching. But it's always worth it. Trust hangs in the balance. You can destroy relationships quickly when you show a lack of integrity, so it's critical that what you

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The Unconscious Magic of Music

Building Personal Strength

I recently watched the movie, "Finding Forrester," starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown. The Connery character is a well-known but reclusive novelist (hints of J. Salinger) who reluctantly mentors a young basketball player who has literary talent.

0102 | Daniel Pink


Daniel Pink is the author of several New York Times best-selling books including his new release, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. In Drive , Dan explores new research that suggests that our traditional ideas about motivation may be way off. 0:00 Introduction. 1:19 What is motivation 3.0? 3:50 Talk to us about some of the research you explore in the book. 6:40 What advice can you give organizational leaders on how to use this research?

Happiness is simple–and subtle

Tony Mayo

Novelist Amy Bloom surveys the literature on happiness for the New York Times and distills these five essentials. I have recently rediscovered the importance of number 2. The Fundamentally Sound, Sure-Fire Top Five Components of

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Get Over Yourself To Develop Effective Communication Skills | Guy.

The Recovering Engineer

Your communication style can get in your way. Get over yourself to develop better communication skills

Hire your replacement

Lead on Purpose

Leaders at successful companies focus significant time and resources to hire the right people. The money and effort they spend pays big dividends as the company progresses and matures. The companies that excel at hiring the right people

Thoroughness - Examine all the related issues and information.

Your Voice of Encouragement

When you're excited about starting something new, you may want to jump in with both feet before attending to the details. Taking time to study the facts and evaluate your options will lead to wise decisions. You'll be less likely to act

JACK CANFIELD - The Success Principles

Building Personal Strength

For those of us who write, the story about how Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen turned the "Chicken Soup" books into a legendary success is great inspiration. In this five-minute video, Jack talks about the aspects of his life that contributed to his amazing success.

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But God.

Chris Brady

Birds-on-wire-evening-manzanar-relocation-center-1943. Days begin, bright and clean, Little is known, most just shown. We don't remember, maybe none can, When we first realize something is wrong. But God

Hsee's Happiness Heuristics

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo reports evidence-based, academic research on happiness form Chicago Booth

Conflict Resolution Lessons From A Lifeguard: A Drowning Man Doesn.

The Recovering Engineer

Communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and parenting can, at times, resemble working as a lifeguard

FAQ 60

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Quick Thought on Leadership and Subordination to a Cause. If you are a manager or leader, you are very likely to have followers whom we commonly refer to as 'subordinates.' In an organizational context, subordination refers to a lower

Your Voice of Encouragement: Compliments Are Free.So Why Don't.

Your Voice of Encouragement

In the course of a typical day, we encounter a lot of people – at home, at work, and everywhere in between. And during those instances, we have many opportunities to compliment, thank or praise someone, yet we don't

Evan Lysacek - A Good Affirmation and a Gold Medal

Building Personal Strength

In the February 19th San Antonio Express-News sports section, the headline read, "Evan Almighty." American Evan Lysacek edged Russian Evgeni Plushenko for the Olympic gold medal in men's figure skating. Woo-hoo!

Caption Contest 2010.3

Chris Brady

You've waited long enough! It's time for a caption contest. Give it your best shot, and as always, the winner will receive a free, autographed copy of the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today best-seller, Launching a Leadership

Encouraging Peer Acknowledgment


One of the the things we strongly encourage in Leadership Made Simple is analyzing successes your team is having ( we assume every leadership opportunity involves some team, group, or at least another party

How To Get People To Do What You Want

The Recovering Engineer

This week, I have lead two-days of Bud To Boss training and participated on two expert panel discussions at a major trade show. All week, I have been sharing my thoughts and insights on communication skills, motivation theory

A Story on Importance of Processes: From Subroto Bagchi


41TPHE6ERYL._SL500_AA240_[1]. SL500_AA240_[1]. Subroto Bagchi's book “The High Performance Entrepreneur” has shaped up my entrepreneurial thinking to a very large extent. This is one book that helped me understand the business of doing business


What "Fresh Eyes" Can Do for Your Business and Your Life

Your Voice of Encouragement

When my daughter Alison was only three years old, I was getting out a new loaf of bread to fix sandwiches. I asked her if she wanted the end piece as one of the slices in her sandwich. She looked at the bread and said, “Mommy

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The Personal Strength of Compassion - "Pay It Forward" Will Break My Heart Again

Building Personal Strength

I love movies, and I have a DVD collection of favorites. I invest in a DVD when I love a movie so much that I know I'll want to watch it again at least three times in the future. It's been five years, so tonight I'm watching "Pay It Forward" with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osmont.


The Most Rewarding Hobby?

Chris Brady

People are endlessly interesting. Everyone has a story, a history, a network, a past, and a future. Each one of us was a cute little baby once, and we've all also had our uglier moments. May I suggest a way to entertain yourself