September, 2010

Humility and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth News Flash – the phrase humble leadership is not an oxymoron. While many people immediately conjure-up

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Why “Brains on Fire” is a Must-Read for Marketers

C-Level Strategies

I'ma raving fan of the Brains on Fire movement. I had the honor to be invited to join them in July for their annual FIRE Sessions – a day when they bring in marketing experts who are at the leading edge of the marketing discipline to

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Ten Decisions Leaders Make Everyday

Kevin Eikenberry

In the course of your day as a leader you are faced with many decisions. Some come in emails, some in inquiries, and some in meetings. Some you have time to consider, for some you will rely on input from others, and others you must make

Feedback: The Whole Truth (Almost)


Most good leaders appreciate feedback. They want to know how they are doing in the eyes of their stakeholders, and appreciate honest suggestions on what and how they can improve. Many believe that when they request feedback from their

I vs. We for Leaders

Modern Servant Leader


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Book Review: Innovation: Need of the Hour

Managing Leadership

Sramana Mitra is a successful businesswoman who has developed specific and focused ideas on how entrepreneurs can improve their chances, how this can help the economy, and how the economy itself might better be structured to encourage this worthwhile outcome. She promotes this thinking through her consulting, and then spins her carefully organized observations into a series of wonderful books on the theme.

How to Deal with a Complacent Person

Kevin Eikenberry

Leaders sometimes have to deal with complacent people – those people who are seemingly happy with their current position or status or job performance. Mentor Motivate Coach Gather leaders and coaches for any length of time and this

Leadership Quotes for Servant Leaders

Modern Servant Leader

How to Recognize (and Cure) Your Own Hubris

Weekly Leader

Confidence is an attribute that every leader needs to embrace and to foster in others. But when confidence goes too far, it can become hubris. Overdosing on confidence is easy to do. Jim Collins writes about the organizational side of hubris in his latest book, How the Mighty Fall.

Group Problem Solving - Give People a Chance to Talk | Guy Harris.

The Recovering Engineer

Until people talk through their perspectives to the point that they feel heard and understood, they will find it difficult to come to a collective decision that they can all live with and act upon

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Leadership is a Gift. Four Signs You're Worthy | C-Level.

C-Level Strategies

The ability to lead is a rare gift. The opportunity to lead is just as precious. Here are four key indicators that leaders are worthy of these gifts

The Problem With Coaching | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Today's rant has been building inside me for a while now. The text that follows is not going to sit well

Rising to power in business

Tony Mayo

The Economist offers a fascinating summary of the new book by Stanford's Jeffrey Pfeffer, Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't. The key requirement is to get into the right department and specialty

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Leadership, Listening and Love

Kevin Eikenberry

The connection between leadership, listening and love

Your Voice of Encouragement: The Role of Personal Strengths in.

Your Voice of Encouragement

Having strong people skills is absolutely critical to being an effective leader. You've got to know how to give and receive feedback, listen well, and resolve issues that arise between individuals on your team

Communication Tips - Using the DISC Model to Write Better Emails.

The Recovering Engineer

A quick tip for how to apply knowledge of the DISC model to email and other written communication

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More on Tolerance - The Rewards of Diversity

Building Personal Strength

Tolerance isn’t always so easy. Humanity is diverse.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Creating a Winning Culture Current

Orrin Woodward

During the summer at our Michigan residence, my good friend Dan Hawkins recorded a video of me teaching the analogy of culture as compared to a pool current. What is the culture current you ask? By calling the same play and having

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Author Chris Brady's Leadership Blog: Rascal Book Released

Chris Brady

I am pleased to announce my new book Rascal: Making a Difference by Becoming an Original Character, with a foreword by Orrin Woodward, is now available. Being a Rascal is a spirit of willfulness and strength, a dynamic force that

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Psychology of the Glass Cliff: Why Women Lead in Crises | BNET []

Weekly Leader

Statistically women are a rare breed at the top of major corporations, but there is one exception — companies in crisis. leadership women ceo crisis

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Habits Take Time to Ingrain - for Leaders and Everyone Else

Your Voice of Encouragement

There's a reason why athletes spend hours and hours practicing to improve just one small element of their game. Whether they realize it or not, what they're doing is strengthening the neural pathways in their brain so the pattern

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Fulfilling Employee Needs – Ten Critical Issues for Leaders to.

The Recovering Engineer

10 needs leaders should think about fulfilling for employees

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Leadership Fable - The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

Building Personal Strength

Do you remember Aesop's fable about the goose that laid the golden eggs? It goes like this. A man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose that laid a golden egg every day.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Free Enterprise & Economism.

Orrin Woodward

Free Enterprise describes a society that allows each man or woman the liberty of economic choices, permitting the companies that best serve the customers to survive by the good will engendered. Government and private coercion are held

Making Your Holiday Weekend More Valuable

Kevin Eikenberry

In The US and Canada we are about to begin a three day holiday weekend. In the US we will celebrate Labor Day, and in Canada they add a “u” – it's Labour Day. The ideas that follow apply to any three day weekend, in any country during

The Top 11 Signs That You’re a Bad Boss | American Express OPEN Forum (@work_matters) []

Weekly Leader

Simple leadership self test from Stanford GSB prof Bob Sutton, author of Good Boss Bad Boss. leadership bobsutton boss behavior

Listening: The First Step of Encouragement

Your Voice of Encouragement

When you see that someone is discouraged or upset, you may be tempted to dispense advice or try to solve their problem. Neither of these responses is helpful to the other person and could actually result in a negative reaction

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For The Love Of Culture

What Do You Want From Them

We were ordering a feast at an eatery on Lesbos , a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. In broken English, the counter attendant asked if we wanted two of everything. When my dad figured out what the associate was asking, he energetically repeated in German, " Nee, nee  (as in nope).

Leadership Lesson - Showing Up for Work Is NOT the Goal

Building Personal Strength

Sheila had a “problem boss.” He never affirmed or praised the good things she did. Once she asked him, "Did you like the way we closed out that project?" His answer was, "Don't you have something useful you should be doing right now?" Not only did he have poor people skills, he micro-managed.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Restoring the American Dream by.

Orrin Woodward

The American Dream, the yearning for freedom inside of all Americans, no matter what race, creed or color, has lost its luster in recent years. American Dream? How about staying ahead on my bills? Dazed and confused by the endless maize

Culture Trumps Strategy – Not | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Does culture trump strategy? I think not, and I'll explain why. Even though I have seen this phrase quoted

Summarizing the fallacy of individual leadership

Managing Leadership

We’ve covered a lot of ground over the past several years in these pages. We’ve talked about everything from free-market capitalism to history – even physics. But at bottom, it all has been about management and leadership; in particular, how the former is a proper and honorable individual undertaking in an organization, and how the latter is, not to put to fine a point on it, neither.

Why People Often Don't Give Their Best Effort at Work

Your Voice of Encouragement

I once worked for a boss who brought out my strengths. I looked forward to going to work every day because he'd created an atmosphere that inspired my best efforts. At the time, I didn't analyze what was behind my strong motivation

Management Enthusiast

What Do You Want From Them

Geez, if I met someone at the grocery store and he or she told me, "Im a management enthusiast, I would give that person a very funny look. But what is it that makes management so fascinating to me?