December, 2012

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How Leaders Can Avoid Shiny Objects, Black Holes, Fire Drills and Other Dangerous Distractions

Terry Starbucker

One of the greatest challenges of leadership is managing time, a limited resource that has to be used with the utmost care and consideration. Courage.

Leaders: Stop Trying to Be Efficient

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. It’s important to remember leadership is a people business, and people are messy. Thoughts?

Don't Quit While You're Behind

Chris Brady

Achieving something great means going where you've never gone before. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Is Entrepreneurship Worth the Risk? [Infographic]

Women on Business

A new year is just a couple of days away and with the start of a new year comes reflection and resolutions.

Three Ways to Behave Yourself to Better Leadership

Next Level Blog

The late Stephen Covey was fond of saying, “You can’t talk yourself out of a problem you behaved yourself into.” Click headline to continue.

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A Leadership Paradigm Shift

Coaching Tip

Today's successful organizations have transcended the old style management paradigm. Learn how to ask and what to ask. Not telling, asking. “Ask”

Women CEOs and the State of Female Executives [Infographic]

Women on Business

What’s really happening to women executives in the business world? Jump ahead to 2012 and women held a record 20 Fortune 500 CEO positions.

CEO 109

“Leadership is Marketing” – Peter Drucker Said What?

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by William A. Cohen. Peter F. Drucker was a genius. Unlike Sir Isaac Newton he didn’t choose to spend his time observing that an apple fell down rather than up. Nor did he ponder on the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the human mind as did Sigmund Freud. I still consider myself his student today. Not quite.

Starting Points: 6 Important Reminders For The First-Time Leader

Terry Starbucker

It was 1987 - I had just arrived in Los Angeles to start my new job as the VP of Operations for a cable TV company. That’s really the key.

Feeling Pain and Taking Action

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Throughout Connecticut we are in shock and devastated. This is a small state and not as densely populated as many people imagine.

How To Get Everything You Want

Kevin Eikenberry

This week, the world lost a legend; a one-of-a-kind salesman, author and speaker died. Zig is one of the [.].

Mirrors only REFLECT, Not PROJECT

Dave Bratcher

Does your car have a rear view mirror? What about side mirrors? Mirrors are a tool – But a tool for what? ” 2. Happy New Year!

Career Growth: 4 Signs That Your Company Will Give You a Fair Shot

Women on Business

Guest Post By: Rania Stewart, senior product manager with Learn more about Rania at the end of this post. Achievement Reaps Rewards.

7 Ways to Help Children Cope with FEAR

Ron Edmondson

No doubt, the tragic incident in Conneticut has caused fear in all of us. Imagine the fear in the innocent mind of a child. Watch for unusual behavior.

32 Pivotal Leadership Gifts to Improve Performance and Productivity

Lead Change Blog

I venture to guess that the teams these folks work in could be far more productive. Can you find another [.].

Are You Managing Penguins or Polar Bears?

Great Leadership By Dan

"Leadership is about managing energy, first in yourself and then in those around you.". Professor James Clawson , author of Level Three Leadership.

The 12 (Leadership) Days of Christmas

Kevin Eikenberry

Today is the last of the “triple days” (i.e. 12/12/12) we will see for about ten years (2/2/22 is next I think). Hard to realize that when one has happened every year for the past number of years… and we are now entering the Christmas season as well. Putting those things together, and borrowing the [.].

10 Ways to Spot Authentic Leaders

Leadership Freak

Talk isn’t always cheap. Words change lives and organizations. However, when it comes to authenticity, talk is nearly meaningless. Authenticity, like trust, feedback, and empowerment are words tossed around in leadership circles likes nuts at a squirrel buffet. Words apart from practice make you feel you know when you don’t.

Great Leaders Move Us


. The iPad mini has finally drawn me into iPad-world. I click it often. Sometimes, these inspiring videos move me. Let your emotions show. Tweet Thi

4 Reasons Human Potential Should Infect Your Organization

The Leadership Advisor

We keep hearing how competitive the marketplace has gotten. One of the things that is a constant, no matter your strategy. Human beings. A human being.

Best Leadership Books of 2012

Leading Blog

T HE WAYS we have thought about leadership have not always served us well. We have tended to think of leadership as something outside and above the rest. If leadership isn’t among, it will let us down. Hierarchies are still important, but they must allow for freedom to act, think, and experiment in a way that encourages individual growth. Barrett.

Books 73

A Pivotal Message for Women Leaders About Our Feminine Side

C-Level Strategies

My business partner recently brought to my attention a video of Jane Goodall speaking about the power of female characteristics (posted below).

Employee Engagement –It’s Not About Them, It’s About You

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Guest post by David O’Brien. Ray was quite frustrated with his team and their apparent lack of engagement. Assess your leadership.

Life In A High-Performing Company – An Insider View

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by Mark Royal from The Hay Group. What is it like to work for a high performing company? Hay Group’s High Performing Companies Norm provides an insider view. Our High Performing Companies Norm is based on survey data gathered from employees working in approximately 40 companies that are financial performance leaders.

ROE 71

The Gift of Accountability

Kevin Eikenberry

There are just three more days in the 12 (Leadership) Days of Christmas. If you have been following along, don’t stop now!

A New Year’s Wish For Leaders

Linked 2 Leadership

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man or woman.” Benjamin Franklin Oh, if we could all just follow Benjamin Franklin’s advice, what a wonderful world it would be! Questions for 2013 Why must we all find fault with each other while carrying [.].

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Parkinson's Law of Triviality

Great Leadership By Dan

This post was first published in SmartBlog on Leadership on 11/29/2012: Have you ever noticed that committees or management teams tend to spend way too much time in meetings endlessly debating the most unimportant or mundane topics, while at the same time, not enough time on the most important or strategic issues? Here are a few ideas: 1.

3 Studies Prove Servant Leadership Good for Business

Modern Servant Leader

Opponents of servant leadership argue that the concept sounds good, but it just does not work in business. “Show me one study,” they say, “that proves Servant Leadership works for business.” ” I’ll do them two better. Here are three studies that prove Servant Leadership is good for business: Good Company Index.

When Being There is All You Can Do

Next Level Blog

Like so many other people around the world, the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday has weighed heavily on my heart and mind these past few days. At the same time, however, leaders from President Obama on down have done their best to offer solace to the community. Click headline to continue. Current Affairs being there grief


Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf 1934-2012

Leading Blog

Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who commanded the U.S.-led Central Command. In a statement issued through his office, former President George H.W.

The Gift of Questions

Kevin Eikenberry

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me. Four calling birds? That’s definitely a gift worth giving.

Keys to Handling Workplace Conflict with Co-Workers

Managers are Heroes

For many of us, the preferred tactic for dealing with workplace conflict is avoidance. State your case. Silence is key. Know your objective.

How to Expand Your Leadership Capacity

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post By Brian Gast : What’s your leadership capacity? I was 35 and the CEO of one of the fastest growing telecom companies in the US. Show off?

Stopping Gossip in 7 Ways (Repost)

Ron Edmondson

(I’m reposting the top posts of the year.). In my job, I hear far more junk than I care to hear. Will you consider each and take them personal ?